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Send in the Clone

Steve gets a big suprise when he accidentally clones himself.

A Ham Is Born

Dream Date

Steve tries to make the night special when he and Laura go to the senior prom together.


Eddie and Waldo are in for a shock when they go to a bar where they think the Chicago Bears hang out.

Twinkle Toes Faldo

Waldo takes tap dancing lessons to improve his agility.

Eau de Love

My Big Brother

Steve becomes a big brother to a street-smart fourth grader who can't read.

Swine Lake

Eddie reluctantly signs up to take ballet lessons to improve his basketball skills.

Tips for a Better Life

Random Acts of Science

Steve and Carl are threatened by thugs in the warehouse that houses Steve's experiments.

Life in the Fast Lane

After he mistakenly ingests Laura's diet pills, Steve destroys Carl's garage.

South of the Border

Carl, Eddie and Steve have to bail Waldo out of jail.

Friendship Cycles

Steve must do some fast thinking to go on a senior class bicycle trip with Myra.

Fa La La La Laagghh!

Carl agrees to let Steve decorate the Winslow household for the Christmas season.

Best Years of Our Lives

Steve volunteers to build the senior-class float for the homecoming parade.

Struck by Lightning

Talk's Cheap

Steve, Myra, and Laura join the talk show circuit to discuss unsatisfying romances.

Hot Rods to Heck

Steve tries to protect Laura from a smooth-talking senior by challenging him to a drag race.

She's Back

When Steve goes to Russia, his Southern-belle cousin Myrtle visits the Winslows.

Walking My Baby Back Home

When Eddie is forbidden to see his girlfriend, he asks Steve to arrange secret meetings.

Teacher's Pet

Stefan Urquelle calms an unruly class when Steve tries to substitute teach.


Urkel, fearing Myra's jealousy, hides his attraction to a fellow bug collector.

The Naked and the Nerdy

Laura and Steve have an unexpected encounter in the shower.

Little Big Guy

Steve accidentally shrinks himself and Carl in his transformation machine.

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