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I Should Have Done Something

The Good, the Bad, and the Urkel

Skip to My Lieu

Steve tells anyone who will listen that he plans to go steady with Laura.

Finding the Words

The unexpected visit of a mysterious person from Harriette's past leaves Carl speechless.

Taking Credit

Steve and Carl both learn a lesson about when to take credit for their achievements.

Fight the Good Fight


Steve and Eddie visit a gambling hangout to raise money after Eddie wrecks the family car.

Life of the Party

Aunt Rachel rescues Steve when his punch is spiked at a party.

High Hopes

Do the Right Thing


Eddie's fight with his father disturbs the whole family.

Ice Station Winslow

Carl contends with Lake Wannamuck's frigid waters while on an ice fishing trip.

Have Yourself a Very Winslow Christmas

Lonely Steve puts his fondest Christmas wish in a note addressed to the Winslows.

Fast Eddie Winslow

Eddie finds himself in a pinch with a hardened pool hustler.

Requiem for an Urkel

Steve amazes everyone when he stands up to a bully in school.

The Science Project

The unlikely pair of Steve and Laura team up on a science project.

Dedicated to the One I Love

Laura is jealous when Steve pays attention to another girl.

Cousin Urkel

Steve's cousin, the Belle of Biloxi, sets out to win Eddie's love.

Dog Day Halloween

Carl must save Steve and Laura who have been taken hostage during a Halloween robbery.

Boxcar Blues

Carl is trapped inside a railroad boxcar with Steve.

The Crash Course

Steve takes the blame when Eddie crashes the car into the house.


Carl plans to dance circles around a fierce rival at an upcoming contest.

Marriage 101

Steve and Laura get married in a class project.

Torn Between Two Lovers

Rachel surprises Steve with an invitation to a candlelight dinner at her restaurant.

Rachel's Place

Rachel plans to open a restaurant when the local burger hangout burns down.

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