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Stefan Returns

Laura asks Steve to take more ooze juice to turn himself into the irresistible Stefan Urquelle.

Aunt Oona

Steve's awkward Aunt Oona visits, and chaos erupts when she holds a singing contest.


Steve ends up in a nunnery when he discovers Myra has entered a convent.

A-Camping We Will Go

Chaos ensues when Steve convinces Carl to let him go along on a camping trip.

Opposites Attract

Steve suffers from a severe attack of the hiccups when he is robbed; Laura finds romance.

That's What Friends Are For

Waldo envies Eddie's scholarship; Carl fears a test he must take to get a promotion.

Psycho Twins

Steve and Carl end up in the ring as substitutes against Luke and Butch of the "Bushwackers" wrestling duo.

Father of the Bride

Carl experiences a nightmare in which Steve and Laura are married and have Urkel look-alike children.

Presumed Urkel

When accident-prone Steve is blamed for a chemistry lab explosion, Laura represents him at a school trial.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Eddie needs Carl's help when he is harassed by two cops; Steve wreaks havoc at the dentist.

Like a Virgin

When Eddie is teased by the guys about his virginity, Steve steps in and eases his mind.

Rock Enroll

Eddie decides to skip college in favor of a career in the entertainment business.

Scenes from a Mall

Steve is the center of attention at a mall when Myra begins to flirt with him.

Christmas Is Where the Heart Is

All the Wrong Moves

Steve and Laura reject the affectionate advances of their respective dates at the drive-in.

Car Wars

Laura tricks a disrespectful used-car salesman; Steve is close to ruining Eddie's love life.

Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool

Steve undergoes a personality change when he drinks his secret elixir.


Steve gets a better partner for the basketball tournament after Eddie dumps him. The NBA's Larry Johnson guest stars.

Best Friends

Eddie hires Waldo, who is down on himself, to work at the Mighty Weenie.

Money Out the Window

Eddie's gambling debts earn him a visit from a tough guy.

A Matter of Principle

Obsessive Myra invades Steve's school; Harriette faces a possible layoff.

Saved by the Urkel

The Winslows find themselves indebted to Steve

It Didn't Happen One Night

Steve offers to drive Laura to a cheerleading competition in Cincinnati

Hell Toupee

Steve finds himself the object of romantic attention; Carl considers wearing a toupee.