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Farewell, My Laura

A short story comes to life when Steve writes about Johnny Danger and a plot to silence Laura's aunt before she talks.


Steve, Waldo, and Eddie appear on a television dating show; Carl's birthday attracts little attention from the family.

Robo-Nerd II

Urkel's robot double fights crime; a new shampoo changes the women.

The Urkel Who Came to Dinner

Steve succeeds in alienating the entire family when he becomes a guest in the Winslow home.

Stop in the Name of Love

Love and Kisses

Steve hires singer Johnny Gill to serenade Laura; Carl and Harriette take a second honeymoon.

Woman of the People

Laura runs for student council president with Steve's help; Harriette becomes the neighborhood watch person.

My Broken-Hearted Valentine

Food, Lies and Videotape

Steve takes a cooking class that leaves everyone rolling in the dough; Carl's new video camera gets crushed.

Brown Bombshell

Steve's prison pen pal mistakes Carl for Steve when she comes for a visit; Eddie learns about family history.

Jailhouse Blues

A Test of Friendship

Steve reluctantly agrees to help Eddie cheat on a chemistry test.

Choir Trouble

When Rachel becomes the new church choir director, Steve sings off-key and the choir rebels

A Pair of Ladies

Steve looks for revenge after he is set up by Carl's boss in a poker game; Harriette helps out at the restaurant.

Old and Alone

Laura dreams about the future after telling Steve to get out of her life.

The Love God

Rachel makes drastic changes in her life when she meets a charming stranger; Carl goes under cover as a woman.

Born to Be Mild

Making the Team

Steve tries out for the basketball team; Laura is ignored by the other cheerleaders on the squad.


Steve builds a robot that looks and talks and chases after Laura--just like him.

Citizen's Court

Steve acts as his own lawyer when he sues Carl over the death of a pet beetle.

Daddy's Little Girl

Laura's behavior suddenly changes when she meets Carl's new partner; surf's up for Steve.

Words Hurt

Steve visits a hypnotherapist who takes him on a journey through his subconscious mind.

The Show Must Go On

Steve looks forward to kissing Laura when they act as Romeo and Juliet in the school play.

Brain Over Brawn


Steve steals an orangutan from a science lab; Carl steps on a treadmill booby-trapped with a bomb.

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