A Pirate's Life for Me

Steve and Carl travel back to an 18th-century pirate ship in Steve's latest invention.

The Brother Who Came to Dinner

Pound Foolish

Steve has what he thinks is the perfect solution to help his Aunt Oona lose weight quickly.

Flirting with Disaster

Odd Man In

What Do You Know?

Le Jour d'Amour

Beauty and the Beast

Steve's cousin Myrtle arrives with her sights set on winning the local beauty pageant and Eddie's affections.

Father Time

Carl and Steve go back in time together, where Carl ignores Steve's warnings and alters history.

Love Triangle

Revenge of the Nerd

Laura is excited about joining a sorority until she learns Steve has been named the star of its annual geek party.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

The Jury

Carl and Steve serve on the same jury, where Steve's investigative talent comes into play.


Nightmare at Urkel Oaks

Home Again

Karate Kids


Steve is spooked when his ventriloquist dummy comes to life and sets out to torment the Winslows.

Getting Buff

Eddie argues to his girlfriend about her modeling when Steve sees Greta nude in Laura's art class, only for Laura to reveal the shocking truth. Meanwhile, Neidermeyer takes Richie and 3J's football and he refuses to give it back. Nick is soon in for a hard lesson in respecting people's property when he is nearly arrested for trying to break in to his own home.

3J in the House

Movin' On

Paris Vacation: Part 3

Paris Vacation: Part 2

Paris Vacation: Part 1

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