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Rock Video

The Winslow family makes a music video for a television contest.

Bowl Me Over

The Candidate

Laura helps Eddie run for class president.

In a Jam

Sitting Pretty

The Big Fix

Eddie talks Laura into going out with nerdy Steve Urkel

The Party

The Big Reunion

Baker's Dozen

Man's Best Friend

Laura's First Date

Laura gets more dates than she can handle.

The Quilt

Laura sells a quilt Grandmother WInslow considered an heirloom.

False Arrest


Carl charges an egotistical celebrity with assault after being pushed to the limit.

Mr. Badwrench

Harriette gets jealous when Carl goes on a lengthy stakeout with a policewoman.

Body Damage

Rachel and Harriette wreck Carl's vintage patrol car.

Basketball Blues

Carl and Eddie attempt to install a new shower for Grandma Winslow.

Straight A's

Carl and Harriette are thrilled when Eddie brings home an unexpected straight-A report card.

Rachel's First Date

Desperate for some time alone with Harriette, Carl encourages Rachel to start dating again,

Short Story

Two Income Family

The Mama Who Came to Dinner

Carl is not happy about his mother coming to live in his already crowded household.

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