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The Dissonant Interval: Part Two

43min - The Magog attack has dire consequences. The Andromeda is destroyed, Trance and Dylan are presumed the only survivors and Dylan escapes into the route of ages.

The Dissonant Interval: Part One

43min - Andromeda rescues a ship returning from peace talks with the Magog.

Time Out of Mind

43min - The Abyss kills Beka's friend, and the crew must figure out what information they killed for.

A Symmetry of Imperfection

43min - Rommie has become too emotional; the Andromeda cuts off her access and runs a full diagnostic, disabling many of the ship's resources.

Trusting the Gordian Maze

43min - An emissary from Tri-Gemma arrives, claiming that she is still on the crew's side, despite the current circumstances. Is she telling the truth or is she after something?

Abridging the Devil's Divide

43min - Dylan, Harper and Rhade are captured by Templars. Beka, Trance and Rommie track down a smuggler.

Lost in a Space That Isn't There

43min - An experimental cloaking device drops Dylan in an alternate universe.

Fear Burns Down to Ashes

43min - Rev Bem says he knows of a weapon against the Abyss; he will only show Dylan in person.

The Others

The Andromeda encounters two ships from a planet where they have been fighting for as long as anyone can remember.

The Warmth of an Invisible Light

When Dylan activates an experimental cloaking device, he gets swept into an alternate dimension.

The Spider's Stratagem

Andromeda captures a smuggler with a shipment of bioarmor. They try to track down the origins of the armor, but there's more to the armor than they first realize.

The Torment, the Release

The Collectors now control the Commonwealth. Dylan and the crew are put on trial.

Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter

The daughter of a king is kidnapped by a ruthless renegade. But when the crew finds her, she says her father tried to kill her, and the renegade is actually a hero.

Machinery of the Mind

When one scientist is kidnapped and others are killed at a conference on dealing with the Magog threat, the crew must figure out who is responsible. Meanwhile Dylan is kidnapped by the Collectors.

Conduit to Destiny

The Andromeda receives a distress call from a Commonwealth prison experiencing a riot.

The World Turns All Around Her

Soon the Nearing Vortex


Andromeda comes between two Nietzschean siblings. One has a weapon that can eliminate higher brain functions; the other holds her nephew hostage.

Double or Nothingness

43min - The Andromeda investigates the site of a reported Nietzschean attack on a Commonwealth battleship, but find no debris and no sign that any conflict occurred.

Waking the Tyrant's Device

43min - Dylan, sent on a mission by a triumvir, discovers that the moon that is the target of the mission is the base of Kroton, the half-human, half-android genius that created the Magog world-ship.

Pieces of Eight

43min - After the governing body of the Commonwealth votes no-confidence in triumvir Tri-Jema, she sends Dylan visit an augur who is said to be infallible. Dubbed Citizen Eight, the augur aims to take Tri-Jema's place as triumvir and remove Dylan from command of the Andromeda.

Answers Given to Questions Never Asked

43min - Andromeda encounters the remainders of the Commonwealth Fleet, whose leaders went into hiding when fighting broke out. The search form them leads to the All Forces Nullification Point.