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Its Hour Come 'Round at Last

43min - An old memory from the Andromeda is accidentally activated, which sends her on a mission and leaves Dylan and the crew unable to override the command.

It Makes a Lovely Light

43min - Harper overrides some of Andromeda's protocols to fake a reactor meltdown to spring a surprise party for Dylan on his birthday.


43min - A pod carrying a humanoid android escapes a freighter the Andromeda was attempting to protect before it was destroyed.

The Honey Offering

43min - Two Nietchean prides will form an alliance and free two systems if the Andromeda will escort the bride-to-be to her wedding.

The Devil Take the Hindmost

43min - Dylan and Rev respond to a request for aid from Rev's former master.

Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way

43min - While Trance and Harper are out on the Maru, they are surprised to find Gerentex aboard.

The Sum of Its Parts

43min - Dylan and Rev Bem help a peaceful society to stand up to their would-be slavers. They have to be careful because if Dylan teaches them to kill, their kids will be born knowing it.

Forced Perspective

43min - Harper receives the gift of knowledge from a dying Perseid, only to discover that the Perseid was being sought by a bounty hunter who has now turned his attention to Harper.

Harper 2.0

Music of a Distant Drum

The Mathematics of Tears

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

All Great Neptune's Ocean

A Rose in the Ashes

While attempting to get the Arazians to rejoin the Commonwealth, Dylan is arrested for sedition and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Banks of the Lethe

When Andromeda runs experiments on a black hole, Dylan sends a message into the black hole saying goodbye to his loved ones. The message is received by the woman he left behind, 300 years earlier.

The Ties That Blind

Answering a distress call from a Wayist vessel, Beka is surprised to find her brother aboard.

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Trance tries to pilot the Andromeda through slipstream and the crew travels back to a time just before the Commonwealth fell.

Double Helix

When the Andromeda tries to help in a conflict between the Than and a Nietchean pride, Tyr is offered a chance to join with the pride.

D Minus Zero

43min - Confusion about the chain of command causes issues when the crew is attacked by Restorers.

To Loose the Fateful Lightning

43min - The crew find an old Highguard Space Station inhabited by the teen-aged decedents of the original crew. Harper finishes building Rommie, the Andromeda's Avatar.

An Affirming Flame

43min - The Andromeda crew is still learning how to work together as they are attacked by the Restorers.

Under the Night

43min - Dylan finds a space station full of kids who believe he is there to bring peace by killing their enemies.