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The Heart of the Journey: Part 2

43min - A warlord convinces his followers that the approaching destruction of the outer planets is a plot to make it easier to loot their planet.

The Heart of the Journey: Part 1

43min - Rommie is rebuilt to help evacuate the Seefra system.

Chaos and the Stillness of It

43min - The crew finally makes it out of the Seefra system and discovers Dylan is the last Paradine.

One More Day's Light

43min - Dylan, Rhade and Beka work together to rescue Trance from Methus-2 and Harper from General Burma.

Quantum Tractate Delirium

43min - As Trance's sun closes on Seefra-9, Doyle rebuilds Rommie to help evacuate the planet.

Totaled Recall

43min - Dylan is gravely wounded in a lab accident, but wakes up in the bar with Harper telling bad jokes.

Saving Light from a Black Sun

43min - When the blinking sun of the Seefra system goes dark for an extended period of time, Dylan takes the opportunity to study the workings of the artifact in hopes of finding a way to fix it.

The Opposites of Attraction

43min - While Harper develops a way to save the Seefra system from its impending doom, a spy has slipped aboard the Andromeda.

Past Is Prolix

Harper discovers a program built into the Seefra system that can destroy eight of the planets. Dylan begins plans to evacuate the eight planets, but is interrupted by a new arrival through the Route of Ages.

Moonlight Becomes You

While Beka, Harper, Rhade, and Doyle are searching for Vedran treasure, they find a door that is rumored to reveal a test that if passed will yield great wealth, but if failed will cause madness.

Pride Before the Fall

Beka's new boyfriend turns out to be more than she suspected.

Through a Glass, Darkly

The Test

After Rhade, Harper, and Beka each have dealings with the Stranger, he is murdered. Now they're all on trial for his death.

What Will Be Was Not

A bar fight spills out into the streets and a remark from Rhade aimed at Dylan drives Trance over the edge, causing her to leave the Andromeda.

So Burn the Untamed Lands

Harper discovers a new weapon in the system that is powered by a crystal, which Harper feels will be able to power the Andromeda.

Attempting Screed

The return of Flavin sparks a conflict between two rival gangs over who gets his ship and the bounties within.

When Goes Around...

A new woman arrives in town seeking Dylan's aid. She reveals that she was a Commonwealth scientist before it fell and that she is trapped in a time loop.

The Eschatology of Our Present

Beka receives a message from Virgil Vox, the radio personality, concerning a secret from her past.

Decay of the Angel

43min - Doyle is plagued by nightmares and half-remembered dreams of life on board the Andromeda, but she was never a member of the crew.

Phear Phactor Phenom

43min - Dylan finds Harper, but Harper's not happy to see his former boss; he's adjusted to life on Seefra.

The Weight: Part 2

43min - Beka is dumped on Seefra after the Andromeda is stolen, and Dylan must prove the ship is his.

The Weight: Part 1

43min - Dylan ends up on Seefra, where the superstitious population has no technology. Rhade is there, none too happy to see Dylan.