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Tunnel at the End of the Light

43min - With fifty parties on board, Dylan hosts the signing of the New Commonwealth charter, but soon discovers there are intruders intent on stopping the signing.

Immaculate Perception

43min - When the Knights of Genetic Purity start attacking a cluster of Nietchean prides, Andromeda tries to stop them.

The Knight, Death and the Devil

43min - A mythological space monster tries to eat the Andromeda.

Belly of the Beast

43min - Andromeda investigates a mythical beast that eats planets. They soon discover it's real and are promptly swallowed by the beast.

The Fair Unknown

43min - The Andromeda finds a Calderan ship ravaged by what appears to be a Vedran, the creator race of the first Commonwealth.

The Things We Cannot Change

43min - While investigating a black hole, the Maru suffers a hull breach with Dylan on board. He wakes up to find himself in bed with his wife.

In Heaven Now Are Three

43min - Beka leads Trance and Dylan on a quest for the Engine of Creation.

Dance of the Mayflies

43min - Andromeda encounters a vessel badly damaged in a Than attack and rescues the survivors. The causalities from the vessel come to life and try to infect the crew.

Be All My Sins Remembered

Beka receives news of a former crew-mate's death and that she was named as next of kin in his will. As they travel to claim his belongings, Harper and Beka tell Dylan about their comrade.

Lava and Rockets

Attacked while buying supplies, Dylan and Tyr separate. When Tyr escapes on the Eureka Maru, Dylan must find another way back to the Andromeda.


Bunker Hill

The Sabra-Jaguar pride goes to war with the Drago-Kazov, pulling Dylan and the Andromeda along with them.

The Prince

With his dying breath, King Florin of Ne'Holland appoints Dylan and Tyr as his son Prince Erik's co-regents.

Into the Labyrinth

While the Andromeda is hosting a diplomatic conference, Harper encounters a reporter who offers to remove his Magog larvae in exchange for the information that had been downloaded into his brain.

Home Fires

The crew gets news of a colony that was formed when Dylan's fiancee escaped the fall of the Commonwealth.

Una Salus Victus

In an effort to allow the Andromeda and the unarmed fleet she is escorting to pass through a Drago-Kazov controlled system, Dylan and Tyr assault a base controlling old High Guard turrets along the route. Bekka takes the Maru to search for a ship that is separated from the convoy.

All Too Human

On a mission to find out about a weapon being developed, Rommie is discovered to be an AI. Her contact becomes wary because the AIs on his planet had revolted against their creators.

Last Call at the Broken Hammer

The crew searches for people to organize the new Commonwealth.

Pitiless as the Sun

43min - Andromeda helps when a planet's cargo vessels are attacked by unknown vessels. On the planet, Trance is interrogated about her past.

A Heart for Falsehood Framed

43min - Dylan Hunt is moderating negotiations between Doge Miskich and the Than Hegemony, which are complicated by Doge's possession of the Hegemon's Heart, a gem which is a sacred Than relic.

Exit Strategies

43min - Under attack from Nietzscheans, the Maru, bearing parts for the repair of the Andromeda, crash lands on an arctic planet.

The Widening Gyre

43min - Dylan and Rommie must rescue Tyr, Harper and Rev from a Magog World ship.