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Episode 22: Finale Part II 

42min - The final battle for the Known Worlds begins as the Nietzscheans move on Tarazed while The Abyss pursues the Andromeda and her crew.

Episode 21: Finale Part I

42min - Trance's (Laura Bertram) family of avatars has declared war on the Abyss, but at the cost of every life in the three galaxies.

Episode 20: Chaos and the Stillness of It

42min - The crew scrambles to rescue Trance (Laura Bertram) and Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett) against the ticking clock of the Vedran sun.

Episode 19: One More Day's Light

42min - The evacuation of Seefra-5 faces deadly peril when religious fanatics resist the crew's efforts to save them.

Episode 18: Quantum Tractate Delirium

42min - Rommie (Lexa Doig) turns on the crew after she is rebuilt to help evacuate Seefra's planets.

Episode 17: Totaled Recall 

42min - Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) finds himself trapped after an explosion sends him into an inter-dimensional loop.

Episode 16: Saving Light from a Black Sun

42min - The crew embarks to the core of Seefra's sputtering sun on a treacherous repair mission.

Episode 15: The Opposites of Attraction

42min - A woman from Dylan's (Kevin Sorbo) forgotten past returns to claim him at any cost.

Episode 14: The Past is Prolix

42min - Trance's (Laura Bertram) sun looms on the edge of the system, threatening to destroy all of Seefra unless the Vedran design can be mended.

Episode 13: Moonlight Becomes You

42min - Trance (Laura Bertram) discovers her counterpart, a man that could destabilize the entire Seefra System.

Episode 12: Pride Before the Fall

42min - A deadly enemy from the past returns with plans to create an elite warrior race.

Episode 11: Through A Glass Darkly

42min - An old friend who Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett) thought was dead returns to help the crew in a battle for Seefra-5.

Episode 10: The Test

42min - The crew is tormented by a mysterious stranger who accuses them of murder.

Episode 9: What Will Be Was Not

42min - Trance's (Laura Bertram) misadventure into Seefra-1's tunnel system exposes the guardian of an ancient Vedran secret.

Episode 8: So Burn the Sacred Lands

42min - Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) and Rhade (Steve Bacic) fight to free indentured slaves from a cruel labor camp.

Episode 7: Attempting Screed

42min - Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) begins to learn the extent of his new powers as a Paradine.

Episode 6: When Goes Around

42min - Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) is pursued by a mysterious stranger who holds the link between the past and Seefra's troubled present.

Episode 5: The Eschatology of Our Present

42min - Beka (Lisa Ryder) is offered a mysterious prize and a vision of her past by Seefra's elusive Virgil Vox (Dena Ashbaugh).

Episode 4: Decay of the Angel

42min - Doyle (Brandy Ledford) learns her real identity with the help of a mysterious visitor.

Episode 3: Phear Phactor Phenom

42min - The crew reunites with Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett) when they confront a scientist bent on controlling the system.

Episode 2: The Weight - Pt. 2

42min - Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) and Rhade (Steve Bacic) pick up a distress signal from Beka only to find her scheming with a trade mogul who has claimed Andromeda for himself.

Episode 1: The Weight - Pt. 1

42min - Upon discovering the truth of planet Seefra-1, Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) must free its people and reunite his crew.

Episode 0