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Episode #5.52

25min - Amber calls a meeting at the Hotel to discuss options and they decide to evacuate the city. Ram seeks help from his student, Mega who admits he can help disable the Zoot AI. The Mall Rats go ahead with their plan to evacuate the city. But will they make it in time? The only question is, if they are leaving this godforsaken land, where they will go?

Episode #5.51

25min - Ram attempts to convince the Zoot AI to restore power to the city. Mega offers Lex additional help under the agreement he keeps quiet about Lex's role in his escape. Jay tries to resolve his relationship with Trudy. Ram makes the disturbing discovery that the Zoot AI sees human kind as a threat and plans to wipe them out.

Episode #5.50

25min - Ram is shocked to find himself digging a hole that cannot be filled as the Zoot AI becomes self-aware. Ellie is upset when Jack is more interested in helping Ram than being with her. The Mall Rats plan a party to celebrate their victory and freedom. Slade confronts his brother and reveals the true history of why he left.

Episode #5.49

25min - Lex encourages Ebony to delete Mega but they are stopped when Amber and the rebels arrive and take Mega to the Mall. Ram returns to the city with Ruby and Lottie. Amber is upset that Jay's memory still hasn't returned. Ebony is furious with Slade after he reveals that Mega is his brother. Jack and Amber catch Ram working on a new AI software with ominous potential.

Episode #5.48

25min - Slade welcomes new allies to Liberty to join the battle against Mega. After the memory deletion process, Amber fakes forgetting everything but is shocked to find that Jay truly has forgotten everything. Ruby angrily confronts Slade. Mega increases defences at the Hotel in preparation for the impending war.

Episode #5.47

25min - Salene comforts a guilty Trudy who blames herself for Jay and Amber's capture. May sneaks back into the city. Slade apologises to Ruby about Ram's lie about his illness. Ram and Jack work together to hack Mega's computer systems before Jay and Amber's memories are erased.

Episode #5.46

25min - Jay renounces the rebellion live on CityNet. Slade blames Ram for making Ruby believe he was dying. Mega throws Trudy out of the Hotel. May confronts Salene about her alcoholism. In an attempt to impress Gel, Sammy passes out with alcohol poisoning. Mega sentences Jay and Amber to have their memories deleted.

Episode #5.45

24min - Amber and Jay are held captive at the Hotel by Mega, who tells Amber that Trudy led him to Jay. After finding Salene passed out, Ellie attempts to find May. Ebony is shocked when Ruby reveals to her that she is having Slade's baby. Mega has deep suspicions about Ram.

Episode #5.44

25min - Lex and Jack search for a way out of the city. May attempts to talk to Salene about her feelings. Mega continues to comfort Trudy in an attempt to find out information. May reveals that she has decided to leave the Mall. The virtual reality program continues to offer an alternative to the world that has descended into darkness.

Episode #5.43

25min - Trudy and Brady seek refuge at the Hotel under Mega's care. Ebony and Slade continue their attacks against Mega's defences. Gel and Sammy continue to speculate about who May's letter was for. Mega opens up to Trudy in an attempt to get her to trust him. And Jack loses Mega's trust after stealing software for Lex.

Episode #5.42

25min - Trudy leads an assault on the rebel hideout after the Technos find it. Gel finds a letter May wrote not knowing it was intended for Salene. Ebony leaves Liberty to take action on Mega. The rebels return to the Mall and notice Jay and Amber's odd behaviour. Salene is surprised when she finds out May's letter was about her. A distraught discovers Amber and Jay are an item.

Episode #5.41

25min - Amber arrives at the rebel hideout to meet Jay, Darryl and Lex to deliver a message over CityNet to the city telling the truth. Ruby is shocked when she brings Slade breakfast only to find Ebony had spent the night with him. May comforts Trudy on the rooftop. Ruby and Ebony squabble over Slade.

Episode #5.40

25min - Tensions continue to rise between Jack and Ellie as they fight over his work and she destroys Mega's last camera. Jay reveals to Amber that Darryl was acting as Zoot. Ellie visits Mega and gets herself in trouble. Lex gives Sammy girl advice. Ellie is announced as the first contestant of the Pain Game.

Episode #5.39

25min - Lex struggles to cope with news of Siva and Java. Amber reluctantly appears on CityNet. Sammy agrees to sell bootleg games. May finds Salene drinking at an illegal bar and saves her from the Technos. Ram decides now is the time to make his move.

Episode #5.38

25min - Ruby reveals her plan to have Slade's baby to Siva. Ellie calls Jack a traitor for working with Mega. Sammy is upset after Gel's departure. Ram returns to Liberty with Java and the three sisters are reunited. May and Salene discuss their relationship. Lex takes bets on the fight between Ebony and Java.

Episode #5.37

25min - Ruby gloats to Ebony after spending the night with Slade. Lex hassles Jack and reminds him to get the software he needs. Mega is unhappy with Jack's progress on his work. Tensions rise between Jack and Ellie. Gel seeks out May and Salene for relationship advice. Amber refuses to promote Mega's punishment game on CityNet. Ram escapes Liberty.

Episode #5.36

25min - Ruby and Slade spend the night together. Ebony is surprised to see Jay in Liberty. Jack returns to the Mall but is reluctant to tell the Tribe what Mega has in store for him. Lex tries to persuade Jack to get the software from Mega's computer. Ebony and Ram decide that Slade will lead their alliance.

Episode #5.35

25min - Lex returns to the Mall and reveals news about Liberty. Salene defends May's right to stay as a member of the Mall Rats. Mega offers Jack a job at the Hotel. Gel is happy when Lex accepts her dinner invitation. Jay is restrained by Slade and Siva when he explodes in anger seeing Ram.

Episode #5.34

25min - Java reassures Mega that Jay and Ebony won't join forces. Ebony arrives at Liberty and is happy to see Siva. Amber dreads her first broadcast on CityNet. Ruby is upset when she finds Ebony - in Slade's bedroom. May insists Salene returns to the Mall but Salene refuses to go without her. Lex heads to the city to steal Ram's software. Jack and Ellie prepare to deceive Mega. Lex sends Jay to Liberty.

Episode #5.33

25min - Mega is upset with Java after Jay and Ebony escape. Ruby catches a thief, Lottie, in her saloon but takes her under her wing. Java and her men search the Mall. A terrified Trudy panics about whether or not Jay will be okay. Ruby confronts Lex over his efforts to hide his profits. Ram asks Lex for better software from Mega's hard drive.

Episode #5.32

24min - Trudy confronts Mega about what he has done with Jay, who is being tortured through a series of virtual reality environments created by Mega. Amber and Jack work together using Mega's last bug to manipulate Mega. May tries to find antibiotics to help Salene as her injury gets worse. Slade warns Ebony to get out of the city.

Episode #5.31

24min - Amber fears about losing her son to Mega. Mega instates new security regimes on the city after Ebony's attack on the supply truck. Salene cuts her hand on rusted barbed wire. Ebony continues her siege regardless of the bounty on her head. Ruby is furious when she discovers Lex's casino scheme. Amber visits Mega to accept the presidency.

Episode #5.30

25min - Amber isn't happy after being named President and confronts Mega, telling him she isn't interested. Jay and Trudy argue when she wants to have a picnic with Brady. May has trouble finding food on the street. Lex and Darryl pitch Ram a casino scheme. Ebony leads an attack on a supply truck. Salene attempts to re-enter the city.

Episode #5.29

25min - Ebony and Mega prepare for war. May goes back to living on the streets. As refugees from the city arrive in Liberty, Ram lays low. The Techno's confiscate the Mall Rats' food supply. Ebony visits her sister in prison and threatens to feed her to the lions. Trudy anguishes, torn apart by guilt over her relationship with Jay.

Episode #5.28

25min - Jay feels bad for letting Mega take over the city. Salene and Mouse reach the Eco tribe. Java waits for Mega to contact her. Java informs Ebony the Zoot scam was Mega's idea but Ebony continues to pretend to believe Zoot is really returning. Slade brings Darryl to Liberty. Mega spies on the Mall Rats with hidden cameras.

Episode #5.27

25min - The Mall Rats decide to lay low and go along with Mega. May is upset and feels shut out. Salene and Mouse journey to the Eco tribe. Jack attempts and fails to hack into Mega's computer. Java voices her concerns to Ebony about Mega double crossing them and wants them to unite against him. Jack tries to resist Ellie to focus on his work. Slade and Darryl attempt to escape the city.

Episode #5.26

24min - Ebony is shocked when Slade takes her to the hospital to meet Darryl. Siva warns Ruby about Ram. Trudy is surprised when Jay tells her of his plan to share the power of leadership with Amber. Mouse prepares to leave the Mall again. The Mall Rats send May back to Mega as a double agent.

Episode #5.25

24min - Amber meets with Ebony outside the safe zone and learns that Mega and Java have been working together. Slade keeps Darryl at the hospital. Java suspects that Ebony is becoming insane. Lex and Siva journey to Liberty and Siva is shocked to find Ram there. The Mall Rats confront May after Jack and Ellie learn of her spying.

Episode #5.24

25min - Now aware of her manipulation, Ebony continues to act the part for Java. Amber confronts Mega over the mistreatment of work parties. Siva joins Lex as a prisoner at the Zoo and the pair scheme a plan to escape. The Mall Rats panic when they discover Mouse has left.

Episode #5.23

25min - Mega queries Java on who Siva has been meeting. Ellie and Jack set up a camera after becoming suspicious of Gel using Jack's computer. Salene is caught drinking on the street, Siva tries to convince Ebony that Java is lying to her but is taken away by Java's guards. Mouse wants to live with the Eco tribe. Lex attempts to escape his prison.