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Episode #1.52

25min - During the travel to Eagle Mountain the tribe are ambushed and outnumbered - but an unlikely guardian angel in the form of Ebony saves the day. Relief is short-lived when in the fortress bunkers of Eagle Mountain - a voice from the heavens provides a sinister and frightening message.

Episode #1.51

25min - For all the romance, conflict and rivalries, all are agreed on one thing, having come to the conclusion that there is only one hope for survival as the Tribe decides to take the risk and travel to Eagle Mountain, unsure of what fate and secrets might be held in store.

Episode #1.50

25min - A computer code is cracked...finally. But what does it really mean? Rather than a formula for the antidote, the Tribe discovers that they are actually map co-ordinates for the enigmatic Eagle Mountain.

Episode #1.49

25min - Ebony proposes that the Mall Rats join forces with the Locos - but can she be trusted? Amber suspects Ebony has other motives, not only for the Locos to dominate but in her never-ending quest to win the heart of Bray.

Episode #1.48

25min - All are heartened by a glimmer of hope after Jack believes he can crack the secret service computer codes which will shed light on the mystery surrounding not only the antidote but the virus. Nostalgia, temptation and flirtation abound. But not everyone is full of hope.

Episode #1.47

25min - Lex negotiates a deal with Ebony for his freedom. Meanwhile, a surprise attack that should save the Mall Rats doesn't bode well in reality. Have the Tribe lost all hope of survival? And is the enemy really within?

Episode #1.46

25min - Lex is taken prisoner by the Locos. Stumbling upon intelligence, the Mall Rats prepare themselves for the impending invasion which has been planned by the ominous Tribe Circus.

Episode #1.45

25min - Lex awakens in the ghostly city, determined to follow Tai San's holistic cure and rid himself of the dreaded virus. Tribe Circus is sick of clowning around. And a new relationship causes tension for all in the Mall

Episode #1.44

25min - Lex is terrified by the prospect of accelerated old age ... but doesn't trust the untried antidote. In another sector, Tribe Circus follow their ringleader's plan - which to some - as with their leader - seems to be totally insane.

Episode #1.43

25min - Inside the Hope Island Research Laboratory, the Tribes violation of top-secret computer files has triggered a complete facility shutdown. They're trapped! With their future remaining unclear, Bray and Amber accept that the time for romance is now.

Episode #1.42

25min - Lex struggles while spending time in decontamination. Tai San questions the merits of science and prefers the remedies of the natural world. Other members of the Tribe realise that they are running out of time.

Episode #1.41

25min - Amber, Bray and KC search for answers in what was once the Ministry of Health. Zandra supports her old friend, Glen who falls dangerously ill but discovers she has got herself in way too deep and is starting to get more than a little uncomfortable.

Episode #1.40

25min - The Tribe face the very real threat of extinction - and discover that information is the key to survival. New buds of romance begin to blossom and Bray and Amber work closely together. Isolation is too much for some to handle.

Episode #1.39

25min - A trial by jury seems to be heading rapidly out of control. A visitor brings the past to the Mall. But the mystery is fuelled by the need to find an antidote to the virus which caused the pandemic, which stirs the imagination of conspiracy theorists.

Episode #1.38

25min - All is not what it seems. Childish innocence proves to pose a real danger for Patsy. While back at the Mall loyalties are stretched as the Tribe try and introduce a judicial system which is fair and just in an uncivilised world.

Episode #1.37

25min - Lost love plays hard on the mind and a birthday brings tears as reality sets in - but where has the cake gone? A blossoming friendship causes jealousy and a night time vigil reveals what could be hope for all in the Tribe.

Episode #1.36

25min - Ryan and Salene are equally shocked to see each other. Bray informs Trudy that he might not be around for much longer. The younger ones are devastated to discover their beloved pet could be on the menu by the bully, Lex.

Episode #1.35

25min - Salene struggles with her eating disorder. And all discover that in this lawless and unpredictable world - there is always a price to pay. And it's not solely a price for survival. Love puts a hold on reality for more than one couple.

Episode #1.34

25min - The Mall is a wreck in the aftermath of the wedding celebrations, but nobody's volunteering to clean up in a hurry. Amber suspects that due to all the conflicts and betrayals, the Tribe is starting to tear itself apart.

Episode #1.33

25min - Diamonds prove not to be a girl's best friend. On the eve of Lex and Zandra's wedding, Lex buries the hatchet with Bray during the drunken, raucous bachelor party. But for all the male camaraderie, Ryan is left heartbroken.

Episode #1.32

25min - On a scouting expedition, Dal, Bray, Lex and Jack discover that farm girls prove to be hard to handle. Back at the Mall, Sasha seizes his opportunity to pursue romance with Amber.

Episode #1.31

25min - Bray has a close and dangerous encounter at the Demon Dogs' headquarters. Back at the Mall, a hidden treasure is too much temptation for one thief who exchanges what little self-respect is left for the goodies.

Episode #1.30

25min - Celebration for some leads to jealousy for others. Is there a thief on the loose? Guilt is overwhelming one of the Mall Rats. Sasha's attention and interest in Amber causes Bray concern.

Episode #1.29

25min - Trudy confronts Salene about bingeing. Ebony won't give up Dal without a fight. Weary after the tribal gathering, at least one member has been returned to the fold but dark secrets lurk in the shadows of the Mall.

Episode #1.28

25min - Demon Dogs, Locos, Roosters, Mall Rats and many more tribes explore a potential peace treaty and fragile alliances are put to the test of all the warring tribes. A close encounter at the gathering with their past leaves one Mall Rat fighting for his future.

Episode #1.27

25min - Lex is sent on a quest to prove his love for Zandra. And although escape is on the cards for some - others try to escape pressures in an entirely different way. An upcoming tribal gathering is met with excitement and suspicion.

Episode #1.26

25min - The Locos extend their dominance by invading new sectors which causes concern to all in the Tribe. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as Zandra is intent on revenge. Ebony has her own agenda...

Episode #1.25

25min - Bray and Amber can no longer hide their true feelings. Lex claims Tai San has been responsible for his spiritual awakening. But reality bites and not everyone is happy about it. Amidst all the turmoil it's clear that something more menacing is on the horizon.

Episode #1.24

25min - Blissful ignorance for some and confusion for others. Rude awakenings and startling reactions - is the grass really greener on the other side? Certainly not for Trudy and Dal as they encounter the slave-trading Nomads.

Episode #1.23

25min - 'Things' keep going missing - including Tribe members! Trudy and Dal decide to search for new beginnings elsewhere. A newcomer is taken under the wing of a trouble maker.