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Episode #4.52

25min - The Mall Rats gather for a council of war but Lex thinks they are all walking into a trap. Patch and Dee exchange good luck charms as the Mall Rats assemble for battle. Tai San confronts Mega about his treacherous plan and Ram is furious his fun may be spoiled. An eery quiet descends as the battle ends - and someone is calling Ebony's name. Who is the victor? And who is the defeated?

Episode #4.51

25min - Frantic, Trudy wants to rescue Brady. Jay and Mega meet and plot against Ram. Trudy is shocked at the unexpected appearance of a familiar face in a Techno uniform. Do Mega and Ram have the Mall Rats where they want them? Or will power and chaos return?

Episode #4.50

25min - Jay, Ebony and Amber return to an eerily quiet city. Patch tries to talk to Dee but loses his nerve. May broods as Pride and Salene's romance rekindles. Encouraged by Lex, Siva delivers an ultimatum to Ebony. But Ebony has her own victory plans firmly in mind.

Episode #4.49

25min - Jealousy and hurt cause injuries as Ebony decides to join Jay and Amber on their mission back to the city. With Ram boasting of his achievements with the Paradise software, Mouse and Sammy consider if they prefer it to reality. The Technos cause more trouble as they raid the Eco camp and Pride reconciles with Salene, causing May heartbreak.

Episode #4.48

25min - Trudy cautions Amber over Ebony, who is determined to start a new life with Jay. Pride and May reignite their romance while Salene feels like a new woman. Up to his old tricks, Lex hawks Paradise fantasies. Jay's conscience eats away at him and he leaves with Amber to save Ved from Ram's manipulating ways.

Episode #4.47

25min - Surrounded by Ecos, Jay and Ebony are taken back to camp, causing jealousy as Jay is united with Amber. Pride and Salene break up and Patch tries to seduce Dee. Ranting at Mega, Ram is ravenous for revenge and he believes he can live forever.

Episode #4.46

24min - Ram returns to command and Java widens the search for Jay and Ebony. Techno vehicles enforce a curfew. Mouse is found just in time as Ram lets slip the dogs of war. Others speculate if the romance between Jay and Ebony was real or if they were using each other in a power struggle.

Episode #4.45

25min - Loyalties are questioned and havoc ensues both inside the city and out as Ram's rage turns to silence and he calls off the game, retreating to his beloved virtual world. Lex is pleased to have warrior woman Siva back after she rescues May but Pride is not welcomed with open arms by the Mall Rats as he apologises once again for his virtual reality addiction and behaviour.

Episode #4.44

25min - Morbid imagery leaves the Mall Rats questioning what is fact and what is fiction while the city may have already made up its' mind as Jay is hotly pursued through the streets of Sector 9. Dee and Patch's romance blossoms while Pride saves Lex and Salene from the violent colour gangs. Ebony gives a message to Ram as she kisses Jay in front of a webcam.

Episode #4.43

25min - As Jay is captured, Patch manages to escape and makes it back to the Mall resulting in a war council. Lex suspects Ebony of defecting. Suspicions arise with the disappearance of medical supplies, which Pride denies knowing anything about. Addictions are confronted and the game gets dangerous as May hunts down Pride in virtual reality.

Episode #4.42

25min - As Salene reassures Pride she still loves him, Pride and May instigate a lockdown on reality space headsets. But they could be too late as Ram sinks further into his own version of his pre-virus childhood home - and he wants others to join him there - forever. Jay confronts Java - he thinks Ram's reign is over.

Episode #4.41

25min - Chaos in the streets spills into the Mall causing mayhem. The game seems all too real as Siva wants to reveal to Salene the extent of Pride's addiction. Rumours circulate of Ram's death but he makes an appearance on CityNet looking as real as ever. Ebony isn't fooled and decides she has n choice but to return to the Hotel. Does she have romantic or power aspirations?

Episode #4.40

25min - Back with the Mall Rats, May is given extra attention from Pride, whose anger shocks Salene as he bungles an ambush on the Techno's. Dee is worried as Patch has disappeared - his medical skills are put to use by Ram, who is seriously ill. Jay and Ebony make up as she reveals the fake fantasy that Ram had fooled her with.

Episode #4.39

25min - Salene is concerned that Mouse is missing and Pride uses this as an opportunity to play the game. Sheriff Dee gets caught in the middle of a fight between the Blue and Red teams. Lex grows suspicious of Jay and Siva's chats and Ebony realises she has made a terrible mistake in marrying Ram.

Episode #4.38

25min - As Ram begins the next phase of his plan and attempts to put his loyal fans to work, turf wars rage in the streets. Players of the game are upset that they must now earn credits to play and Sammy and Mouse find themselves in the mines. Lex complains that there are no scams left to run in the city while Siva settles in to the Mall.

Episode #4.37

25min - Ebony is angry that Ved and Ram are going to fight in virtual reality space - with the safety turned off. Sickness spreads throughout the Hospital. Is there enough medicine for everyone? Salene visits Pride, but he's not in his room.

Episode #4.36

25min - The city may be wrapped around his finger but is Ram satisfied? The Mall Rats seek to counter his rise to power and Sammy becomes a victim to a deadly game designed by Mouse. Perhaps dreams can't come true. But that won't stop the Mall Rats from trying.

Episode #4.35

25min - With the facade of entertainment sweeping the city, vulnerability becomes evident and guards are let down. Is there truly free will? Or is everybody a slave to the game? Jay joins Java for a drink in the casino which proves to be his biggest gamble when she tries to seduce him.

Episode #4.34

24min - Pride and Salene's relationship is under strain as Pride seeks refuge in virtual reality and seems to be addicted. Ram's fourth phase begins as power and chaos returns to all sectors. Lex and Siva decide to escape all the dangers away from the city but will it be far away enough?

Episode #4.33

25min - Tensions rise within the Mall as loyalties are questioned and motives are unclear. Will the tribe live to fight another day? Wedding celebrations are underway between Ebony and Ram. But many suspect that there is no future for them together and they ponder on the world they will inhabit and their own futures.

Episode #4.32

25min - With a new leader and the return of running water in the city, some celebrate while others remain cautious. Are things too good to be true? Ebony accepts Ram's proposal. And there are hints of an attraction between Patch and Dee.

Episode #4.31

25min - A date at the beach seems to go well but is not welcomed by all. Disorder and disagreement spreads throughout the tribe. Will they remain united to defeat their enemy? Or will it be too late? And what is the effect on all the sectors with the power grid being switched off and all the inhabitants coming to terms with losing their escape from this hellish world via virtual reality.

Episode #4.30

25min - Lex pleads for forgiveness from Siva but she has already been plotting her revenge. Pride, Salene and Mouse put up anti Techno posters in the city but not everyone agrees that reality-space is a bad thing. When Ram discovers the real reason Ebony refuses his proposal, it leads to devastating consequences for the entire city.

Episode #4.29

25min - When Ebony refuses Ram's proposal, she is banished from the program and realises she is playing with fire. Siva finds Lex and Kandy together in bed - it seems Lex has really taken to his celebrity status. Java storms the Mall looking for Amber and the rebels.

Episode #4.28

25min - Disturbing imagery haunts Sammy's mind and Amber decides that the city needs to know the truth about the Technos and their crazed leader, Ram. But manipulating an image of Amber, Ram wins this particular game. Java, Techno guards and a reluctant Jay raid the rebel locations - will Jay do the right thing?

Episode #4.27

25min - Celebrity status and crazed fans surround Lex who relishes in his new found fame. Rallied by Amber, the Mall Rats have a war council meeting and Cloe sets a trap for Ved. Sammy crawls through the air ducts of the Hotel and comes face to face with the living dead.

Episode #4.26

25min - With Ram acting like Caesar, Lex fights in the virtual coliseum with terrifying consequences - if he loses, he won't come back. The Mall Rats and the entire city have their eyes glued to CityNet screens. Pride and Salene reveal their true feelings.

Episode #4.25

25min - Widespread propaganda causes fascination for the imminent broadcast of CityNet. The tribal leaders turn their backs on Pride, having seen the benefits of the Techno invasion. Cloe bravely tells Ved that she could be pregnant...

Episode #4.24

25min - While Lex is held captive by the Technos, Dee finds herself in charge of security. Ebony learns that Jay has been making visits to Amber and fumes. Two Western gunslingers give Lex a very real beating.

Episode #4.23

25min - Under arrest in a bare hotel room, Lex is horrified to discover he is a new guinea pig for Ram's tests. Jay breaks the bad news to Ebony that Ram never forgets. Amber agrees to meet with the tribal leaders - but then she is determined to head 'home' to the Eco tribe and her baby.