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Episode #3.52

25min - Doubt leads to suspicion, then paranoia. A sinister agenda is uncovered as Ebony banishes Bray and Amber from the sanctuary of the Mall as the first signs of labour cause Amber to worry for the safety of her baby. Will the Guardian's prophecy of the true bringers of chaos come true?

Episode #3.51

25min - Alice vows to avenge what happened to Ned. After a chat with Amber, Pride is on a mission to find May. Ebony makes a move to ambush the Guardian with some help from Moz - with Tai San as bait.

Episode #3.50

25min - A madman is on the loose and Tai San is being stalked. May tries to make Pride jealous but is overcome with her own jealousy of Amber. Ellie and Jack are reunited while Luke is given an ultimatum - Ebony wants a right-hand man.

Episode #3.49

25min - Amber has nightmares and Bray feels responsible. In the outskirts of the city, Jack stumbles across Cloe, who tells him of her time as a slave in the mines. Pride needs some space from May and Bray meets with Ebony. Amber is worried - why is he being so gullible?

Episode #3.48

25min - Tying desperately to keep the faith that they will be rescued, Amber and Trudy are terrified when the door opens to reveal the Guardian in all his manic glory. Alice is distraught at the loss of Ned. The election votes are in - and it feels like the beginning of the end.

Episode #3.47

25min - It's payday for Ned as Ebony weaves her magic over the Guardian. Pride believes that the search for Amber and Trudy should take precedence over the election. Bray's speech to the city goes well - until news gets out about the Guardian's escape.

Episode #3.46

25min - Ned gives Ebony an ultimatum - but she is as cool, calm and calculating as always. Sheriff Lex wants cash for his deputies, annoying Luke in the process. Pride is desperate to keep his relationship with May under wraps while things turn nasty for Ellie as she interviews Moz about the election.

Episode #3.45

25min - Welcome to the world of Have and Have nots - it's the class system all over again and Pride is not impressed - but still manages to share a passionate kiss with May. An election is planned and Bray is nominated - but will the city agree with Ebony's chosen candidate?

Episode #3.44

24min - Luke feels ostracised by the others and Ellie is upset. Bray returns to the Mall, leaving a broken heart in his wake. Ned continues to be under constant suspicion as he bargains dangerously with Ebony.

Episode #3.43

25min - Bray hits rock bottom - at the foot of a ravine - and is taken in by another tribe, his wounds tended to by the beautiful Moon. Alice and Ned survey the damage at the farm while the rest of the Mall Rats argue over a new leader.

Episode #3.42

24min - Ebony and Ned come to an arrangement leaving Alice confused by her boyfriend's rollercoaster of emotions. The pressure has finally gotten to Bray and he seeks company - and comfort - at the Casino.

Episode #3.41

25min - Trying to come to terms with the fact that Amber and Trudy may never come back, Bray is comforted by Ebony. Another ransom note is found and brings suspicion as Ned is caught sneaking away. Bray is caught in the wastelands by some looters with evil intent.

Episode #3.40

24min - Andy tries to steal the Guardian's ring but is petrified as he finds that perhaps the Guardian is not really insane - but still very dangerous. Jack tries to reunite with Ellie but not all goes to plan and left alone and heartbroken, leaves the Mall and says his final goodbyes.

Episode #3.39

24min - Alice and Ned's romance deepens but sister Ellie is down about Jack and Luke. Amber and Trudy comfort each other as back at the Mall, Bray keeps watch on the Guardian, who has sunk into the depths of insanity. Or has he?

Episode #3.38

25min - Lex is upset at the tender loving care Tai San is showing the Guardian and questions her loyalty. Ellie and Luke are guilty and Jack is jealous - he confronts Luke and issues a warning. The Mall Rats contemplate the identity of the kidnappers while Pride upsets May by revealing that he will only stay on until Amber is found.

Episode #3.37

25min - With Amber and Trudy missing, the celebration feast is disrupted. Bray is saddened to think that both have followed Pride back to the Eco tribe. May seeks revenge on Lex and Ned finds a ransom note.

Episode #3.36

25min - Luke is given judgement and Ellie is ecstatic - until Jack unexpectedly returns. Amber has an identity crisis when Pride tells her it's time to head home with him. Time to reaffirm allegiance to the tribe, Amber and Trudy are surprised by a mysterious attacker.

Episode #3.35

25min - Determined that justice be done, Luke gives himself up. Amber is tired of playing God and Tai San is angry at Lex's mistreatment of May. Ned and Lex have girl troubles and seek solace at the bottom of a bottle. Bray tries to fend off an increasingly agitated mob.

Episode #3.34

25min - Ned plays Cupid and Alice tries to ignore him - but not for long. An angry crowd, led by Moz of the Mosquitos wants justice served to the Guardian. May wants a future with Pride but he is not so sure and wants to head home.

Episode #3.33

25min - The Guardian descends into unpredictable, dangerous behaviour. Is he truly insane or a strategic genius? Tai San uses her instincts to avert tragedy in the nick of time and is reunited with Lex. Salene is in a state of shock as her world continues to crumble around her. Ellie worries that Luke will not be safe and will need to pay for the Chosen's crimes - but he won't leave the girl he loves.

Episode #3.32

25min - Zoot is calling - and the Guardian is confused by his interpretations of some surreal messages. Love is in the air as May surprises Pride with a kiss and Bray makes sure pregnant Amber stays safe. Ned and Alice take on the guards as the rebels take on the Chosen and the countdown begins as the Guardian descends further into madness.

Episode #3.31

25min - A furtive May is caught by a suspicious Lex who believes she is in an alliance with the Guardian. Luke confesses his love for Ellie, leaving Salene heartbroken again. The rebels set off for the Mall as a marriage ceremony is announced - will this union bring about the One True Destiny?

Episode #3.30

25min - Bray seeks advice from Lex - and is in danger of acting on it. The Guardian reveals his inner demons to Tai San while May reveals her love for Pride. Luke hides with the help of Ellie and Salene. And Amber finally forgives Bray.

Episode #3.29

25min - Losing faith, Salene finds herself on trial with Luke and Tally. Bray broods over Amber and jealousy sets in as she seems more concerned with Pride and helping Trudy convince the tribal leaders to listen to reason. Tai San is shocked to learn she has to help pass sentence at the trial.

Episode #3.28

24min - Though Lex is distraught he has no choice but to remain strong. Bray tries to find out news of Tai San - but is no news bad news? Luke decides that he must help dethrone the mad dictator, the Guardian. Trudy and Amber return with the Eco Tribe, ready to fight for what is just.

Episode #3.27

25min - Lex has gone missing. Concerned, Bray leaves to search for Lex - but has his own pursuer. Tai San has a troubling dream that causes doubt to her own mission, and this time her dream may be a premonition as her life is revealed to be in extreme danger.

Episode #3.26

25min - Lex and Tai San start to see eye to eye again but Ebony is opposed to putting her plan on hold while they work things out. Salene screams out in pain - Luke offers comfort and in doing so, raises the suspicions of the Guardian.

Episode #3.25

25min - Lex is heartbroken to hear that Tai San is the new right hand woman of the Guardian. Bray tries his best to make Ebony understand the hurt Lex is feeling - but has Bray forgotten that Ebony was also once hurt? May sneaks into the rebel camp to deliver a message from Tai San...

Episode #3.24

25min - A new Supreme Mother is about to be crowned and KC thinks this might be the perfect time to make some money. Ellie struggles with her feelings for Luke but tries to listen to the advice of her sister. Alice meanwhile blows her top at Salene - who trips and falls...

Episode #3.23

25min - A supreme offer proves to be tantalising for Tai San. Tally and Andy outscam KC while Pride and May grow close and cause suspicion. Bray, Lex and Ebony save a wagon full of pregnant women destined to pledge their babies to the Chosen.