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Episode #2.52

25min - The future of the Tribe is put to the test along with the stability of all sectors and personal choices have to be made. Some prove they are not only willing to live for what they believe in...but to die for it too.

Episode #2.51

25min - Bray shares Lex's concerns about the dangers surrounding the meeting of all the tribal leaders. Throughout the tense negotiations, loyalties and alliances are tested and unexpectedly the Chosen make their move with the Guardian maniacally realising that dominance is within his grasp.

Episode #2.50

25min - Patsy is sure she has seen a ghost as Ebony makes her insidious presence felt with an evil plan to gain control to ensure that power and chaos once again reigns supreme.

Episode #2.49

25min - Salene tries to maintain her distance from Ryan and still hasn't revealed details about her pregnancy. Despite the Guardian's ambitions, the Mall Rats continue to act as a rebel force to try and thwart the Great Crusade of the Chosen and all the oppression that entails.

Episode #2.48

25min - Wedding celebrations are under way. But that happiness is short lived as Patsy reveals information to Ebony which threatens the future stability for not only the tribe but all the inhabitants of every sector.

Episode #2.47

25min - Trudy tries somehow to convince all that she had no option but to assume the role as Supreme Mother. A new vote divides the tribe. A surprise confession is made and a special gift proves to be a steal!

Episode #2.46

25min - Salene wonders if her feeling unwell could actually be due to morning sickness. In the ghostly city May re-surfaces and tries to take cover as a Jackal raiding party tries to catch Salene. Back at the Mall there are unexpected revelations which bring about further conflict.

Episode #2.45

25min - Alice discovers that Tai San is Lex's secret lover. It's not all tears. But not all smiles either. Support is offered from an unlikely source though two and two can never make five. Or can they?

Episode #2.44

25min - Ebony discovers that Jack has placed a bug in her quarters. Bray and Danni's relationship continues to be placed under strain due to Salene's manoeuvring. But in all the sectors there are greater dangers looming.

Episode #2.43

25min - A seduction does not go to plan and other romantic interests become further complicated within the tribe as Dal falls for Ellie. Ebony continues to form an alliance but can she still be trusted or has she more nefarious motives?

Episode #2.42

25min - Lex falls ill and some suspect that he was poisoned. Jack continues spying and Bray and Danni's romance is under strain when Salene pays an unexpected visit to Bray with surprising revelations.

Episode #2.41

25min - The Mall Rats realise that they must never lapse into a false sense of security where the Chosen are concerned. They still pose an enormous threat through their devotion to the Supreme Mother.

Episode #2.40

25min - Ellie scores a front page exclusive for her magazine about the demise of the Chosen and an uneasy alliance exists throughout all sectors.

Episode #2.39

25min - Lex and Tai San realise that a newly rekindled romance might not be for the good of the Tribe. Jack inadvertently finds out that spying isn't a job for the faint hearted.

Episode #2.38

25min - Cloe doesn't trust Trudy who seems to support Patsy regarding anything and everything. The tribal leaders realise to avoid war, compromise must be made. Old flames and loyalties are hard to extinguish.

Episode #2.37

25min - Bray and Danni see a chance for peace and try to lobby the support of all the tribal leaders. Back at the Mall, a cosy dinner for two bewilders one. Enough's enough...or is it?

Episode #2.36

25min - Is love one-sided or will it be reciprocated? And if so, by the right person? Salene's jealousy of Danni overspills as Bray and Danni's romance flourishes.

Episode #2.35

25min - Much to Lex's unease he realises that it wasn't just speculation and gossip that Alice has fallen deeply in love with him. But as head of tribe security detail, he has more to contend with as other tribes inflict danger and oppression on other sectors.

Episode #2.34

25min - Bray suspects Ebony is motivated more by power struggles than love. Ryan struggles to come to terms with Salene's reaction to insistence that she doesn't want to bring a child into this godforsaken world. A bust-up reveals a hidden secret, resulting in disappearance and great danger for Lex amidst the swirling dust.

Episode #2.33

25min - Not everyone rejoices as Trudy unexpectedly returns to the Mall. Passion envelops the triangle between Dal, Patsy and Cloe but beneath all the romance, the Mall Rats discover that danger is lurking.

Episode #2.32

25min - Ebony can no longer deny or resist her feelings of longing which brings about further conflict, heartbreak, anger and disgust - and more than a few tears.

Episode #2.31

25min - Lex struggles with memories of his beloved Zandra during a dance party which reveals further jealousy in all corners. Ryan is thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father but is devastated to discover that not everyone is ready for parenthood. At the height of the celebration, passion proves hard to resist.

Episode #2.30

25min - The close friendship between Patsy and Cloe is put under strain as they vie for the attentions of Dal. Others in the Mall are more concerned as the Chosen and Guardian build and consolidate their hold over most of the sectors.

Episode #2.29

25min - Peace and Progress or Power and Chaos? All at the Mall are optimistic at the possibility of a better future but for some there are still concerns and regrets that the future will be no better than the past - especially where romance is concerned.

Episode #2.28

25min - An angry mob descends upon the Mall believing they were duped regarding the antidote. Lex taunts Ebony believing that she is the cause of her own demise and deserves all the heartache and sorrow which will be coming.

Episode #2.27

25min - Tai San brings about a different dimension to her role as the Tribe's philosopher and medicine woman when she reveals that she has foreseen a vision whereby Ebony's life is in danger.

Episode #2.26

25min - Horrifying memories for some, love for others and a vivid dream reveals potential danger.

Episode #2.25

25min - Bray and Danni's dream of a united society seems to be coming to fruition. Jack finds himself left in the shadows as Ellie takes her investigative reporting to new heights - only to resign as editor of the Amulet - and considers Tai San's revelations that they are more spiritual rather than material reasons. Propaganda is only one of them.

Episode #2.24

25min - Ryan and Salene's contentment about being in a relationship is put under strain when Danni reveals more details about her father in the old world. The future of the new world proves equally uncertain as all ponder the frightening implications of genetic engineering.

Episode #2.23

25min - The market opens for trade and Danni tries to dissuade Jack and Ellie from continuing their investigation. But they remain sure that there is more to Danni's story than meets the immediate eye.