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EPISODE Twenty-Four

42min - Franchised art studios; a notebook that sends writing wirelessly; hair products infused with pheromones; a recap highlighting the Sharks' inspirational stories.


42min - Two entrepreneurs from Placentia, California, pitch their solution to underarm sweat marks and stains; brothers from Walnut Creek, California, believe their belt buckle that doubles as a wallet is the most convenient way to carry your essentials; U.S. Army veterans from Chicago, Illinois, hope to empower farmers by helping them cultivate and harvest saffron; and a former executive chef from Colorado Springs, Colorado, thinks his multi-purpose mixing bowl will become the next go-to kitchen gadget. PITCH: Thompson Tee The Thompson Tee Inc. created and patented a special undershirt guaranteed to block underarm sweat, preventing embarrassing wet marks and yellow stains! Proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A., the Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield Sweatproof Technology is restoring confidence around the world! Learn More: PITCH: Wallet Buckle The Wallet Buckle is the quickest, most convenient, and secure way to store and access your cards and ID!! Learn More: PITCH: Rumi Spice We are former Army officers who served combat tours in Afghanistan. Since leaving the military, we cofounders feel we still have unfinished business to support Afghanistan and its people. We founded Rumi to work directly with Afghan farmers to import exceptionally high quality saffron. In Afghanistan, we've hired 384 Afghan women to become the largest private employer of Afghan women, stood up three processing facilities, and partnered with over 90 farmers. Rumi saffron now graces the tables and kitchens of the best restaurants and retailers across the nation. Join us in laying a foundation for peace and prosperity through business, one saffron flower at a time! Learn More: PITCH: Peoples Design As a chef, I started my business Peoples Design, and created the ScoopingBowl to help create spectacular dishes faster, cleaner, and more efficiently! The ScoopingBowl will remove ingredients with its patented Spatula assembly with one easy motion. This go to kitchen product can also be used as a colander, egg separator, or to serve two dishes at once.Declutter your kitchen by using the ScoopingBowl!  Learn More:


42min - A fitness apparel line that caters to women; no-spill, portable, stem-less wine glasses; rescue signal; slash-proof and water-resistant backpacks; PRX Performance follow-up.


42min - Two entrepreneurs from Chicago, Illinois, bring a live guard llama into the Tank; two entrepreneurs from Irvine, California, deliver a safer take on the bicycle by innovating the brake system; a trio from Seattle, Washington, have an app that helps shoppers and diners earn free parking in exchange for their business; and business partners from Santa Clarita, California, hope to convince the Sharks to take a shot with their free photo-printing service. PITCH: Guard Llama Guard Llama gives you the power to summon the police to your side at a moment's notice, 24 hours a day, without ever picking up the phone. Simply press the button on our small Bluetooth remote which is paired with our app on your smartphone, and emergency services are dispatched to your exact GPS location. This isn't just about safety. This is about freedom. We believe everyone is entitled to freedom from fear no matter where they are going or what they are doing. With Guard Llama you never, ever walk alone. Learn More: PITCH: Guardian Bikes We believe in accident-free biking. We developed Guardian Bikes in order to bring our patented SURESTOP Brake System to the world. Similar to anti-lock brakes in cars, SURESTOP reduces stopping distance and prevents braking related accidents including head-over-handlebar and front wheel skidding. Our mission is to make SURESTOP a safety standard on millions of bicycles globally. Learn More: and PITCH: Validated Validated is a free mobile app that lets shops and restaurants pay for your transportation. Shop and dine at businesses listed in the app and earn credits for car-share, ride-share, bike-share, mass transit, parking, and more. Stop staying in and missing out: download Validated and explore freely. Learn More: PITCH: Flag Flag prints free photos and puts ads on the back of them. When we say free we mean it. No shipping, no handling, no need for a credit card. Flag offers advertisers the simplest print ad program in the world. You can create a print ad from your phone using a template. Ads can be targeted to people's address, location information and through clues about their lifestyle embedded in their photos. Flag values privacy above all. Advertisers never seen any Flag users personal information or photos. If you don't want your photos scanned for information opting out is easy too. Just choose to pay for your prints instead of getting them free. Learn More:

Episode 20

42min - A former pet food company salesman creates a wine for cats; a soccer dad shares his gut-wrenching story about how he designed a portable shelter that ensures you're covered wherever you go; an architect and environmentalist uses his skills to design a way to make anyone a gardening guru; and an entrepreneurism teacher pursues her own business idea of a reinvented chopstick. PITCH: Apollo Peak In early 2015, Brandon Zavala decided that he wanted to enjoy a glass of wine with his cat Apollo and created the first all natural cat wine to hit the U.S. Originally Located in Denver, Colorado, Apollo Peak set the foundation for a new niche market - designer beverages for cats and dogs. Starting with The Pinot Meow in October 2015 - the company slowly expanded its presence across pet stores in Colorado and launched several new "wine" beverages for cats (alongside several variations of Dog Wines). The company has since expanded from its small production site in downtown Denver to a larger brewery/production facility in Golden, CO. Learn More: PITCH: Under the Weather I'm Rick Pescovitz. My wife Kelly and I are typical mid-western sports parents. We love watching our kids compete! Unfortunately though, our kids chose to play Outdoor Sports. After years of being smacked in the face by bone chilling temperatures, blustery, frigid winds and torrential rains, we'd had enough. That's when we designed the Under The Weather Sports Pod. Each Pod weighs less than 7 lbs and pops up and fold down in seconds. The water proof & wind blocking properties inherent in our fabrics, combined with the science of Thermodynamics, are able to help increase the ambient temperature inside the Pod by as much as 35 degrees warmer than outside. Learn More: PITCH: Seedsheet Seedsheet is an Agtech startup helping people take control of their food, by merging innovative new materials with software to revolutionize agriculture and make growing good food easy. The Seedsheet features a weed-blocking fabric embedded with dissolvable pouches which contain nonGMO seeds. Simply place the Seedsheet on top of soil, add water, and watch as the pouches dissolve, the seeds sprout, and your windowsill, stoop, yard, or roof is converted into your own personal farmers market. Seedsheet kits include everything you need to take control of your food, and grow it yourself. It's not meal delivery, it's farm delivery. Learn More: PITCH: Cropsticks Cropsticks is an innovation on a 4000 year old utensil. It's chopsticks that come with a built-in rest made from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo's a fast growing crop, hence the name CROPsticks! Learn More:

Episode 19

42min - A product that takes the love of wine to another level; an ophthalmologist creates a special tool to help women; products made from recycled billboards; lozenges that prevent overeating; a profile of Robert Herjavec.

Episode #8.18

42min - In a special episode featuring millennial entrepreneurs, one will make the deal that takes the award-winning "Shark Tank" across the $100 million threshold of deals made in the Tank.

Episode 8.17

42min - A subscription service that teaches children to code; an app that allows children to use a plush toy to send and receive voicemail; software that automates plant care; an app and website that allows customers to book a day room at a hotel.

Episode 8.16

42min - Durable bags made out of the material that protects on the front lines of firefighting; a vibrating mat that helps calm babies; an ointment made from essential oils; a natural snack made with acai.


42min - A cooler that keeps multiple drinks separated within one cold container; stylish baby mats; portable pressurized shower kit; folding smart-cart; follow-up with the owners of the Tom & Chee grilled cheese business.


42min - Entrepreneurs rent tiny houses in the woods; snack chips made with cricket flour; earplugs for listening to music filter out damaging levels of sound; a modern version of a favorite childhood toy; a profile of Barbara Corcoran.


42min - A single mom from Texas, believes her eco-friendly grease disposal method will be enough to cook up a deal; a 21-year-old from Ukraine and now living in New York, makes the Sharks speechless with his epic display of block toys and his knowledge about the toy industry; a mother from Pennsylvania, zealously pitches her stylish apparel for breastfeeding moms; and a yoga enthusiast from New York, admits she has limited fashion or business experience, yet hopes the Sharks will want to invest in her modern take on legwarmers. PITCH: Grease Bags Grease Bags are a eco-friendly, convenient way to dispose of used cooking oils and animal fats in homes. They are completely compostable! Plus, they absorb that grease so it will never leak again! No more mess in the trash and no more containers full of grease that you can recycle instead. Throw out the grease the "green" way, with Grease Bags! Learn More: PITCH: Pinblock Pinblock® is a building system which reinvents construction sets by making every block exactly the same shape. Without requiring a restricting manual, and with its unique design, Pinblock building blocks unleash the creative potential of a child making it the perfect STEM toy. Learn More: PITCH: Mama's MilkBox Mama's MilkBox is a nursing apparel subscription service for the modern, breastfeeding Mom. We strive to support all Moms on their breastfeeding journey by providing stylish and highly functional breastfeeding clothes. Learn More: PITCH: Nicepipes Apparel Nicepipes apparel is a womens activewear line that specializes in performance fabric leg warmers and arm warmers, the only premier athletic warmer developed for top performance and designed for the fit and fashionable.  Founded by Lisa Binderow, a yoga teacher and fitness fanatic, her performance fabric pipes solves the "cropped pants and cold shins" workout wardrobe problem. Learn More:

Episode 8.12

42min - A couple from Homestead, Florida, create a line of dolls; a cat-loving couple from Portland, Oregon, pitch their innovative cat companion products; a husband and wife team from New York have an online shop for replacing men's outworn undergarments; and a former Navy SEAL from Austin, Texas, looks for a deal to take his coffee business nationwide. PITCH: Naturally Perfect Dolls Naturally Perfect is dedicated to creating a line of dolls that represents the full spectrum of beauty.  We want young girls everywhere to have a beautiful doll that affirms their own natural beauty and helps them to learn how to care for their natural, curly hair. We want kids to feel proud of how they look while having fun. Learn More: PITCH: PDX Pet Design At PDX Pet Design, we create products your pet would design if she could. We believe in the superior nature of our furry friends and strive to offer them thoughtfully designed products that truly enhance their lifestyle while strengthening the human-pet bond. In 2015, PDX released SHRU – The Intelligent Cat Companion to stimulate kitties both mentally and physically while the humans are out for the day. SHRU was the first-ever intelligent cat toy and continues to delight feline friends all over the world. LICKI Brush was launched in 2016 as an act of love, enabling humans and kitties to engage in the dearest form of bonding between mama cat and kitten – licking. With an innovative approach to animal behavior, you'll want to keep an eye on what PDX Pet Design comes up with next. Learn More: PITCH: Basic Outfitters Basic Outfitters is an online destination where men can refill their drawers with high quality basics at affordable price points. Their flagship service is called Create-a-Drawer, which allows you to refill all your basics including socks, underwear, tees and joggers for only $60 (a $120 value). Basic Outfitters is making it so easy for men to buy new basics, that they no longer have any excuse not to. Learn More: PITCH: Victory Coffees We are a Veteran owned Company with the sole mission to DELIVER you our 5-Star "Award winning" coffee. Start your day with a VICTORY! Learn More:

Episode ELEVEN

42min - An entrepreneur works with Santa Claus to reply to children's letters to the North Pole; an 83-year-old Ironman triathlon competitor and his business partner present a more functional winter glove; a profile of billionaire Mark Cuban.

Episode TEN

42min - The team behind an electronic skateboard returns to the Tank; human-quality pet food business; chewable coffee products; gourmet home-cooking product; a follow-up with the makers of the Simply Fit Board.

Episode NINE

42min - An entrepreneurial couple from San Francisco ply the Sharks with adorable puppies in hopes of getting them to invest in their subscription service for puppy products; a woman from Boston is passionate about popularizing algae as a nutritional health supplement in America; and an avid fisherman from Hudson, Wisconsin, peddles his fishing line cutting tool. PITCH: Barbell Apparel's Barbell Apparel makes casual wear that fits and performs like high tech athletic gear. Built with a tailored athletic fit and engineered for performance, their clothing will make sure you handle whatever your day demands. Best known for their flagship Athletic Fit Denim, they also offer Chinos, shorts, dress pants, and more. Learn More: PITCH: EnergyBits ENERGYbits® is the first company to build algae into a national brand for active consumers and athletes - making it easy to understand, easy to take, stylish and fun. For the last fifty years algae has been endorsed by NASA and the United Nations as the most nutritionally dense food in the world and the answer to many nutritional deficiencies and health issues. Yet it has remained virtually unknown outside of Asia. ENERGYbits® is changing this by bringing this 3 billion year old nutritional super food into the spotlight.  Have you had your bits yet today?   Learn More:  PITCH: LineCutterz Vance Zahorski discovered his love of fishing as a little boy fishing Lake Chetek, Wisconsin with his grandpa catching sunnies, bass, walleye and northern pike. He fished year round including ice fishing in the Wisconsin winters. As he got older he expanded his love of fishing to include ocean fishing and kayak fishing. After 35 years of fishing, and countless times cutting line with his teeth or fumbling for scissors and knives, Vance thought there had to be a safer and more convenient way to perform such a simple task. He immediately began designing his now patent-pending line cutting ring for cutting fishing line. In this way, he can enjoy a quick, convenient cut and get back to doing what he loves doing best - catching fish! After using this ring, Vance considers this one of his ultimate fishing essentials. using this ring, Vance considers this one of his ultimate fishing essentials. Learn More:  PITCH: PupBox PupBox is changing the way people raise their puppies. We deliver all of the toys, treats, accessories and training information a new puppy parent needs on a monthly basis. Puppyhood is hard, PupBox makes it easier. Learn More:

Episode 8

42min - A Dallas, Texas, real-estate broker's pitch leads to a battle of billionaires about his business model for a technology that makes house hunting more convenient; an impressive 10-year-old kidpreneur from Broomfield, Colorado, creates a lemonade-stand business to help other kids start their own businesses; and a mother from Allen, Texas, designs Made in America multi-functional covers for infant car seats. PITCH: Chi'Lantro BBQ Chi'Lantro BBQ was born in 2010 as a food truck out of sheer dedication and pennies in the bank, and has grown to an institution on the Austin,TX food scene, specializing in Korean BBQ-inspired comfort food and sincere hospitality. Learn More: PITCH: Jack's Stands Jack's Stands & Marketplaces offers young entrepreneurs who have quality products the opportunity to have their inspirational stories told and products for sale in great retail marketplaces, malls and farmers markets across the country.  Jack's Stands also provides kids and their families the opportunity to operate drink stands and marketplaces in great locations to learn about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, develop social and life skills; while making money and having fun! Learn More: PITCH: Milk Snob Milk Snob is a lifestyle brand for the modern parent. Our Milk Snob Covers fit on any infant car seat within seconds. They are breathable, light-weight and also provide full 360 coverage when used as a nursing cover. Learn More: PITCH: Toor TOOR is a platform that consists of a smart lockbox and app. The lockbox securely grants access to property with or without a realtor with the approval of the lockboxes owner, making for faster and more convenient showings. The TOOR lockbox and app are also perfect for Airbnb hosts and guests, by granting a non-permanent yet secure way to transfer and access keys. Learn More:

Episode 7

42min - Two men from Sausalito, California, pitch a technology to test mercury levels in a piece of fish; a former corporate executive from Houston, Texas, has a platform to help people pursue their passions and brings in World Cup soccer winner Kristine Lilly and extreme sports expert Travis Brewer to convince them; and a millennial from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is looking to finance her fashion brand geared toward the social media generation. PITCH: #Besomebody #Besomebody is a worldwide motivational movement turned Experience Marketplace that now reaches over 10 million people in 180 countries. The new #besomebody app, launched last year, enables users to learn anything they are passionate about by booking experiences with talented people around them. Users book experiences on the app, and then meet up in person for hands-on, peer-to-peer learning. The hosts of the experiences, called "Passionaries", get paid to teach. Learn More:  PITCH: Eco Flowers  Eco Flower is a startup company based out of Ogden, Utah specializing in floral bouquets created with sustainable and recycled materials.  In addition to gift bouquets, the company also offers home decor items, wedding packages, wholesale flowers, and monthly subscriptions boxes.  Flowers come scented in a variety of fragrances such as raspberry and banana.  Eco Flower's mission is to provide customers a gift that requires no water and to turn junk into beauty, one bouquet at a time.  Flowers can also be left unscented for those with allergies. Learn More:  PITCH: Safe Catch Tuna Safe Catch tackled the mercury problem in tuna by inventing breakthrough technology to test every single fish for mercury. The two founders, based in Sausalito, CA wanted to make tuna great for pregnant women, kids, athletes and everyone. Safe Catch Elite is the lowest mercury tuna of any brand. Safe Catch is the only brand that tests every tuna for mercury. Safe Catch tuna has better purity, nutrients and taste. Learn why and buy at Available in stores nationwide. Learn More: PITCH: The Style Club  The Style Club is a multi-platform shopping experience targeting the younger consumer. Shop The Style Club exclusive brand, Watch fun style videos and Share them with your friends! All in one place! Learn More:

Episode 6

42min - Business partners from Carrollton, TX, pitch a business that delivers an unusual twist to a common vegetable; a Shark loves the taste of a unique barbeque sauce inspired by the mother of two sisters from Philadelphia, PA; two millennial entrepreneurs have an idea to alleviate the hassle of luggage and packing when travelling; and a biochemist from Chapel Hill, NC, can make the invisible visible with a device ensuring one is always protected from the sun. PITCH: Joyce's LuLu Bang Joyce's Soulful Cuisine, home of the Lulu Bang Sauce is a veteran and certified women owned business that specializes in catering and food manufacturing. Jorrae Beard, originator of Joyce's LuLu Bang, decided she was exhausted with her sauce options and decided to create a sauce of her own. Together with her eldest sister, Kelly Beard, the two turned amazing sauces into a business that would revolutionize the way people experienced food. Joyce's Lulu Bang breaks the mundane use of condiments by unapologetically creating a whole new category of food, having its own platform on the realm of flavor. People from all around the US have declared that Joyce's Lulu Bang has become a household name when it comes to taste distinction and satisfaction. Joyce's Lulu Bang products are currently available on retail shelves across the US. Learn More:  PITCH: Potato Parcel Potato Parcel is a fun and quirky alternative to the traditional card. We allow our customers to send custom messages..on a potato. Thinking of sending a Happy Birthday, Congrats, or Get Well Soon card? Forget that and send them a potato instead! Learn More: PITCH: Sunscreenr  Sunscreenr is a patent-pending viewer that lets anyone easily see sunscreen on their body.  Sunscreenr literally makes the invisible visible and finally lets every sunscreen user answer the question "Am I covered?" Look through Sunscreenr and protected skin appears dark, unprotected skin appears light.  No more missed spots and, more importantly, you will see exactly where to reapply.  Sunscreenr is rugged, waterproof and shockproof.  Though it's no bigger than a granola bar it gives you the super power to see the invisible so you can enjoy your time outside knowing that you and your loved ones are protected. Learn More: PITCH: unPack unPack delivers curated apparel and gear to destinations so travelers can pack less and discover premium products that make sense for their trip. Selected by Business Insider as 1 of the 50 Coolest New Businesses in America, our users enjoy the freedom not to pack and the thrill of trying out great products. Learn More:

Episode 5

42min - A mom from Milwaukee, Oregon, has a stylish clothing line for little ones; an 18-year-old from Canton, New York, hopes the Sharks can help spread his maple syrup products to tables across America; a woman from Houston, Texas, risks everything for her multi-use kitchen accessory; and a young man from Milwaukee, Oregon, creates a new type of tags for dog lovers. PITCH: Parker's Maple An 18 year old year old entrepreneur pursuing his passion of changing the way people eat real maple. Learn More: PITCH: Safe Grabs Have you ever burned your fingers trying to grab a HOT dish out of the microwave?!!  FEAR NO MORE, SAFE GRABS  will solve that problem and MUCH MUCH MORE! This simple ergonomically design for an easy grab and will change your kitchen forever. There's so many uses:  Splatter Guard, Trivet, Placemat, Jar Opener, Pot Grabber, Food Cover, Utensil Rest, Funnel, Kids Plate, Sink Drain Cover, Turntable Protector… HOW WILL YOU USE IT? Learn More: PITCH: SandiLake Clothing We are a modern and unique clothing brand; designed by a mom, inspired by littles, and made for the whole family! Learn More: PITCH: SiliDog SiliDog make the World's Best Pet Tags. Made out of 100% silicone, SiliDog Tags are Silent, Never Fade, and even Glow-in-the-Dark! Learn More:

Episode 4

43min - Two sisters from Memphis, Tennessee pitch body sprays and lotions for tween and teen girls; a third-generation chocolatier from St. Augustine, Florida has a family business that manufactures chocolate candy with a toy inside; a veteran food entrepreneur from Austin, Texas has a device that turns a stick of butter into spray; and two entrepreneurs from New York plug their invention that makes high heels more functional and comfortable. PITCH: Angels and Tomboys® Angels and Tomboys® is a beauty and bodycare company for 'tween girls created by sibling Kidpreneurs Madison Star & Mallory Iyana. Pop open your Angels and Tomboys® product and you'll not only smell good but, you'll feel good too. By girls for girls. Learn More: PITCH: Atlantic Candy Company Atlantic Candy Company is a family owned business from St. Augustine, Fl that produces millions of confectionery articles a year. They make chocolate products that contain surprise toys inside. Learn More: PITCH: The biēm Butter Sprayer Cooking, home entertaining, and baking just got infinitely easier with the creation of the biem butter sprayer, a first-of-its-kind kitchen tool that lets users convert a stick of real butter from solid to liquid spray in seconds.  The new handheld device gives users a much more efficient way to use and enjoy real butter that was never possible before!  The biem does so by using its proprietary touch-controlled design, motion-detecting technology and without any chemical propellants.   Learn More: PITCH: Solemates Solemates is a brand of women's shoe solutions, known for their flagship line, the High Heeler, a patented heel cap that prevents high heels from sinking into grass and getting stuck in cracks.  Monica Ferguson & Becca Brown are the co-founders of Solemates, and invented the product after being sick of ruining their high heels at weddings and outdoor events.  Solemates offers a comprehensive line of shoe care and accessory items and are sold in major retailers such as Nordstrom, DSW, David's Bridal, and on the company's website (  Solemates are proudly made in the USA and headquartered in NYC. Learn More:

Episode 3

42min - Cookie legend Wally Amos hopes his new brand of cookies duplicates his past success; two sisters from St. Cloud, Florida, share an emotional story while pitching their swimsuits for moms; two men from Broomfield, Colorado, drop their own cell phone into a toilet to prove their invention can save damaged tech devices; and a bidding war ensues among the Sharks with a married couple from Orlando, Florida, who stumbled upon the bright idea to put safety light clips on running shoes. PITCH: Cookie Kahuna "Wally Amos is, "The Caretaker of the Taste."  He's the William Morris talent agent who took his Auntie's recipe for chocolate chip cookies, opened the world's first gourmet cookie store, and became a famous and beloved figure in American pop culture.  Wally Amos declared that all products should be made from the finest and PUREST INGREDIENTS; the taste became renowned. Then Wally famously lost his company. Subsequent corporations changed the ingredients, and the ORIGINAL RECIPE seemed lost. But people remembered the TASTE. Wally has gone back to his original recipes and techniques and now the cookie that you have always remembered is back under Wally's new brand name, THE COOKIE KAHUNA." Learn More: PITCH: Night Runner Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights safely light the way to run, walk, bike and hike from dusk until dawn. With no headbands, belts or straps, Night Runner is great for urban running, trail running, hiking, cycling and walking. Our tag line, 'See More \ Do More' embodies the vision of Night Runner to promote a healthy, safe and active lifestyle long after the sun has set. Learn More: PITCH: Raising Wild Raising Wild is a swimwear line for real women.  Founded by native Floridian sisters who are also young mothers, Raising Wild swimwear empowers women of all shapes and lifestyles to get out of their beach chairs and confidently enjoy their own adventure. The design of the suits allow women to move freely without compromise on fit, fashion or function. Learn More: PITCH: TekDry Every year, 22 MILLION people in the U.S. get their cellphones wet. TekDry provides a miracle service that can erase that grueling mistake in just 30 minutes and can be found at select Staples stores nationwide.  If you get a wet phone, DON'T PLUG IT IN and contact TekDry immediately. Learn More:

Episode 2

42min - A man from Reno, Nevada pitches a line of heat and eat paleo meals; a father and son from Louisiana show off a high-tech device for catching fish; and an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida sells the Sharks on how he can turn a suit jacket into a tuxedo. PITCH: GoodHangups GoodHangups turns you wall into a magnet board and is perfect for hang poster, prints, photos, cards and more. Learn More: PITCH: Ice Age Meals  Frozen Paleo meals that taste great? Believe it. Meet Ice Age Meals - nutritionally on point, crazy good, and ready whenever you are. Learn More:   PITCH: The Lapel Project The Lapel Project has created the third option in men's fashion with a patent-pending application that converts a suit into a tuxedo, branding and/or marketing tool! Learn More: PITCH: The TactiBite Fish Cal The TactiBite Fish Call helps you catch more fish! It's not magic - it's science! Fish are curious and head towards the sounds and vibrations it produces in search of their next meal! And yes, it really works. Learn More:

Episode ONE

42min - Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown drops by as the Sharks hear about a unique shoe slide, an anti-cyberbullying app and an at-home beer dispenser.

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