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Episode #9.24

43min - An energetic entrepreneur from Key Biscayne, Florida, believes he has the best men's swimwear; inventors from Alhambra, California, present their "better" version of a popular beauty trend; an entrepreneur from Pinecrest, Florida, pitches the Sharks his solution for eating pasta without the guilt; and an entrepreneur from Kingwood, Texas, has the cure for the dreaded hangover. PITCH: Bermies Bermies is a lifestyle swimwear brand which combines style and adventure with a concern for the well-being of our oceans. Learn More: PITCH: Lace Your Face DERMOVIA presents Lace Your Face Mask, the only facial treatment featuring Clinical Compression to effectively deliver serum to instantly repair, restore, and renew the skin. The blend of stretch lace and the patented ear hook chin strap design ensures a snug fit to provide a lifting and firming effect as the skin undergoes treatment. This wearable mask allows for complete mobility and multi-tasking while boosting the skin's absorption of active ingredients resulting in an immediate and visible difference in the skin. Learn More: PITCH: Palmini (O.A. Foods) Palmini is a pasta substitute made 100% out of a natural plant known as Hearts of Palm. When this plant is cut and cooked in the proper way, it's resemblance to regular pasta is remarkable. Palmini contains only 15 calories, 3g of carbs has no sugar and is gluten free. Learn More: PITCH: Thrive+ Thrive+® is a product designed to reduce the negative effects of alcohol in a safe, effective, and socially responsible manner. Simply take three Thrive+® capsules after your last alcoholic beverage or before going to bed. Thrive+® was invented at Princeton University and has both granted and pending patents. With numerous Ph.D's on the team, this startup's vision is to end alcoholism and other alcohol-related diseases. Learn More:

Episode #9.23

42min - Entrepreneurs from Amarillo, Texas, introduce an exciting way to decorate Easter eggs; entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, California, pitch their reusable tape invention; an entrepreneur from West Covina, California, shares his line of transportation devices to help people get around efficiently and save money; and an entrepreneur from New York City presents his digital tool to turn loose change into effortless money. PITCH: Eggmazing Egg Decorator The Eggmazing Egg Decorator is a new, fun and no mess solution to decorating eggs. A fun craft for the whole family! Learn More: PITCH: Hugo's Amazing Tape Hugo's Amazing Tape is reusable, glueless tape that sticks only to itself. it's super strong, self-clinging, extremely versatile and never stops working! Visit our website for all the great ways to use it. It's available in clear and translucent purple. How will YOU use Amazing Tape? Learn More: PITCH: Coolpeds Ampere Motor USA, your 100% electric city sports car for under $10,000 and the amazing briefcase electric scooter! Learn More: PITCH: Coinout CoinOut is a financial technology platform that offers customers a free, digital cash wallet to use at retail partners. Customers can earn cash back from their everyday transactions through the CoinOut app by simply scanning any receipt. At supported locations, customers can also save their change from cash transactions to their CoinOut wallet. CoinOut is the best cash, rewards and transactional experience for big retail. Learn More:

Episode #9.22

42min - An entrepreneur from San Clemente, California, pitches his eyewear design; an entrepreneur from New York City introduces the world to healthy fast food; an entrepreneur from Burlingame, California, shows the Sharks they can cook anywhere under the sun with her portable solar invention; and brothers from Arlington, Virginia, present their all-natural super beverage. PITCH: GUNNAR Optiks GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNAR's premium eyewear defends eyes against short and long-term effects of digital eyestrain and blue light. Our patented lenses add focus, reduce exhaustion, block blue light, help you sleep, and minimize dryness so your eyes can finally relax. Learn More: PITCH: Avocaderia Avocaderia is the world's first avocado bar, based in Brooklyn, NY. Our unique take-out restaurant concept focuses on providing customers with fresh, healthy, and delicious food served quick and casual with an emphasis on nutrition and affordability. All recipes are crafted using organic avocado as the main ingredient. Learn More: PITCH: SolSource SolSource is a solar-powered stove that cooks using only the power of the sun! So, you can save money, save time, and save energy. Our innovative products have won numerous global invention awards and been recognized by MIT, the US National Science Foundation, and the United Nations. Learn More: PITCH: Sunniva The world's first Super Coffee was born in 2015 by three brothers, each a collegiate student athlete. As a freshman, the youngest brother was falling asleep in class after late nights in the library and early morning basketball practices. He refused to settle for the sugary bottled coffees and energy drinks sold in his school store. Using a blender in his dorm room, he brewed an enhanced coffee mixed with protein and healthy fats from coconut oil for all-day energy. Super Coffee worked so well for him that he dropped out of school and hired his two older brothers to share his dorm-room dream with the world. Today, Super Coffee is sold on college campuses nationwide and will soon be coming to a grocery store near you! Learn More:

Episode #9.21

42min - Dog-loving entrepreneurs present their healthy, hydrating treat for thirsty dogs; two outdoorsmen design a portable outdoor fire that is healthy and easy to use; cousins from Vermont turn their passion for the maple industry into a business; entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, California, share their healthy grab-and-go meal concept. PITCH: Petrol Petrol Fuel for Dogs is a delicious, flavorful and refreshing vitamin water for dogs. It contains 100% natural flavorings plus six added vitamins and minerals that are good for dogs' overall health. There are only 8 calories per 12-ounce bottle. And, Dogs love it so much they lap this up 4:1 over regular water. This next generation of dog treat hydrates and fortifies with vitamins and nutrients. Learn More: PITCH: Sap! Sap! makes a line of plant-based superfood sparkling beverages from 100% pure maple and birch sap direct from the trees of Vermont. The products naturally contain antioxidants, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and other trace nutrients that deliver both health and refreshment. Sap! is committed to supporting Vermont's forest economy while providing healthier, natural, great tasting beverages for the whole family. Sap products can be found in a growing number of retail outlets throughout the Northeast and nationally on Sap! was recently named by Whole Foods to their Top Ten Trends List of 2018. Learn More: PITCH: Everytable Everytable is reimagining fast food with fresh, healthy meals everyone can afford. Through their revolutionary model, every meal purchased helps Everytable open locations in underserved communities of LA, where meals are sold at discounted prices. Learn More: PITCH: Radiate Our team at Radiate Outdoor Supply LLC has worked tirelessly to bring you the perfect portable outdoor campfire - Radiate™ Portable Campfire. Its sleek and portable design is made from recycled materials and provides 3-5 hours of burn time. With the Radiate™ Portable Campfire your outdoor campfire experiences will be first-class. Learn More:

Episode #9.20

42min - Health-conscious entrepreneurs introduce the Sharks to their guilt-free sweet treat; three athletes share their magic solution for when a shower isn't possible; brothers from Illinois present their pricing tool that collects spare change to help student loan borrowers; and an entrepreneur presents his patented technology geared toward athletes, which helps secure and swap weights quickly and safely. PITCH: ChangEd ChangEd is a mobile app that rounds up the spare change from your everyday purchases to help you save interest on your student loans. By simply linking your main credit/debit cards, the app will automatically round up any purchases to the nearest dollar and put that change toward your student loans. The faster you shave down the principle, the less interest you pay. The app already has been used to pay down more than $100,000 in student loans nationwide, and an upcoming feature will allow parents and spouses to link their accounts and join the effort. #RIPstudentloans Learn More: PITCH: SnapClips Stop wasting time with those broken down lifting collars that you have you putting in more work just to get them on and off than to actually lift the weights. It's time for the revolution and what better way than to introduce the latest and greatest invention, Snap Clips. Easy to use and more convenient than you could ever know. Throw away those worthless collars and get with the future today. Light and small enough to pack in your gym bag and perfectly gripped to where the weight stays on with absolutely no issues whatsoever. Grab yourself a pair and use them at any gym you decide to train at. Learn More: PITCH: ShowerPill ShowerPill is an active care brand created to ensure that on-the-go fitness enthusiasts have the personal care tools they need to stay on top of their games. The brand's flagship product is the Body Wipe, an extra-thick, disposable wipe that works like a washcloth to clean your entire body when you don't have time or access to a shower. ShowerPill is proven to kill 99.9 percent of germs, while leaving skin feeling clean, fresh and you just stepped out of the shower. Learn More: PITCH: The Dough Bar In 2015, owners and married couple Marquez and Ondrea set out to create a snack designed to satisfy a sweet tooth without sacrificing nutrition. The Dough Bar provides the previously unthinkable: protein packed, guilt-free doughnuts. These (baked, not fried!) doughnuts contain 11 grams of protein, and they're made from a healthy blend of high quality ingredients. They're available for purchase all throughout the U.S. via the company's online shop. Learn More:

Episode 913

42min - An innovative company that is rapidly redefining the art of gifting with the birth of their online platform makes its way into the "Tank" via a trio of entrepreneurs from Orange County, California; two men from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, introduce their coast guard-approved life jacket they feel is easier to use and will save lives; an entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, pitches her online clothing company of products designed and manufactured in Africa; a mom-turned-entrepreneur from Montclair, New Jersey, manages to help create easier lives for parents with her all-in-one, self-protective silicone pacifier. PITCH: Bouquet Bar Bouquet Bar is a luxury, yet affordable, gifting company founded in 2017 by David Yusuf, Alex Amidi and Sal Aziz. The founders aimed to make the gifting experience more meaningful and unique by bringing their vision to life with Bouquet Bar. Now the company is rapidly redefining The Art of Gifting™ with the delivery of luxurious, custom gift boxes and gorgeous floral designs for any occasion and sentiment. Learn all about Bouquet Bar at and get social @TheBouquetBar. Learn More: PITCH: Zuvaa Zuvaa Inc, is a peer to peer platform that uses e-commerce to globalize the African artisan market and connect makers and artisans with consumers globally. We have distribution based model that promotes export and trade between countries on the African continent and the rest of the world. Using content, technolology and distrubution we are revolutionizing the way people shop for goods from the African Continent. Learn More: PITCH: The Wingman The Wingman is the world's thinnest and most versatile inflatable life jacket. It is the first USCG approved inflatable life jacket designed for high performance in water activities like surfing and swimming. The Wingman's revolutionary patented innovations make it the ideal life jacket for kayaking, fishing, stand up paddling, boating, sailing and many more water applications. It features an array of optional compatible accessories that can be customized for specific water activities. The Wingman was created by Hyde Sportswear to increase life jacket usage and prevent drownings worldwide. Learn More: PITCH: The Pop The Pop, from Doddle & Company: the first ever self-protecting pacifier that pops back into a patented protective bubble as soon as it leaves baby's mouth. Parents get to spend more time with their little ones, and less time washing a paci over the sink. Our mission has been simple from the start: To make the day to day realities of parenting easier. Thatʼs right. Thatʼs it. Learn More:

Episode #9.18

42min - A young entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio introduces the Sharks to a dynamic pricing tool aimed at Millennials and their spending habits; two entrepreneurs from Park City, Utah and Alexandria, Virginia introduce their revolutionary cleaning tool that they expect will be in every home in the world; and a brother and sister-in-law pair from Medford, Oregon prove that pouring is boring by sharing their original wine product that makes drinking even more fun.

EPISODE Seventeen

42min - A Brookline, Massachusetts, entrepreneur empowers women to build businesses with her idea; a trio of entrepreneurs from Williamsburg, Virginia, pitch a new way to ease people into water sports; a registered nurse from Carlsbad, California, helps breastfeeding moms find a healthy way to increase their milk supply; and an entrepreneur from Burbank, California, presents her animal-themed pet apparel company. PITCH: ZUP It can be intimidating and frustrating to try to teach someone to ride watersports behind a boat. We invented the ZUP board so that all your family and friends can easily ride with confidence. First pull every pull! And it's even better when you can ride with no stress in unlimited positions. Lay, kneel, stand, surf, be creative! Learn More: PITCH: BOOBIE BAR BOOBIE BAR is the world's first herbal lactation bar custom-formulated by a neonatal nurse and lactation consultant. Before Boobie Bar, breastfeeding moms were forced to sip several cups of nasty-tasting herbal teas or pop up to 15 pills a day in their quest to boost their breast milk supply. Now, with Boobie Bar, nursing moms need only eat ONE delicious, nutritious bar a day to help support their milk supply. Packed with superfood ingredients including moringa, turmeric, shatavari, fenugreek, flaxseed and more, Boobie Bars are designed for busy moms on the go! Learn More: PITCH: Pandaloon Pandaloon is brand devoted to animal lovers, specializing in the cutest pet costumes in the world! The store was founded by an educator and panda lover, with the help of her furry business partner, Huxley the Panda Puppy. They created the viral Panda Puppy videos that garnered over 160 million views online. Pandaloon's mission is to share high quality, innovative pet products with fellow pet lovers, while fostering a sense of community among pet owners and supporting animal rescue and conservation efforts. Learn More: PITCH: Alice's Table Alice's Table hosts flower arranging workshops nationwide to bring women together to learn new skills, and live a social and creative lifestyle. Their goal is to be the bright spot in the modern busy woman's life. Alice's Table is on a mission to empower women across the country to start their own creative businesses through the Alice's Table Event Exec program, which enables women to teach branded workshops in communities across the country. Learn More:


42min - A husband and wife from Atlanta, Georgia, introduce the Sharks to their famous seafood breading mix; an entrepreneur from Birmingham, Mississippi, provides pets and their owners a way to communicate with one another; a re-engineered bathrobe for today's man from an entrepreneur from Roslyn, New York; entrepreneurs from San Diego, California, have what every man with long hair needs in their life. PITCH: DudeRobe Men's robes have barely changed in the past two hundred plus years.  So we re-designed & re-engineered the robe into something guys today will actually WANT to wear…something that's absorbent, looks cool & is pretty badass.  With robe, hoodie, shorts & pants, its loungewear with a streetwear vibe.  It's perfect for After Showers to After Hours…and everything in between.  One thing's for sure...DudeRobe ain't your Grampa's Bathrobe!   Learn More: PITCH: G.O.A.T. G.O.A.T. Pet Products features innovative creations for your furry friend, including gluten-free G.O.A.T. Milk Dog Treats and the G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker. Ever wish your pet could talk? Well, mission accomplished with our clever app-controlled speaker that allows you to give your pet a "voice" and offers many other cool features! G.O.A.T. Pet Products is proud to partner with two important charitable organizations: Project K-9 Hero and Eisenhower Center. Learn More: PITCH: The Longhairs The Longhairs is a lifestyle and grooming brand selling Hair Ties For Guys and other fine products for men with long hair, where $1 from every sale is donated to charity. They publish hair tips and tactics, foster community and celebrate mens long manes with hair whips and high fives. Learn More: PITCH: Joe's Gourmet Fish Fry We are the fastest growing seafood breading in the country. You can find our product in over 1200 grocery stores nationwide. Now, anyone can make the best tasting seafood at home with Joe's Gourmet Fish Fry! We make seafood so good you will get emotional! I am serious we have literally seen customers have an emotional reaction to it. When is the last time you could say that about anything you have eaten? Learn More:

Episode #9.15

42min - An entrepreneur from New York City presents an innovative line of flatware, cups and plates that makes eating more hands-free and carefree; the only airtight, self-sealing zip-top bag in the world made entirely of pure silicone with all the benefits of glass is introduced by an entrepreneur from California; an Arlington, Virginia, entrepreneur hopes to take nap time to a whole new level; an entrepreneur from Pennsylvania is hoping to sell the Sharks on his non-toxic, super hydrophobic spray that repels stains. PITCH: recharj® recharj® specializes in restorative and contemplative practices, such as meditation and power naps to improve resiliency, creativity and performance. recharj® studios feature "best in class" meditation teachers offering accessible and enriching classes from a variety of traditions. recharj® is also a leader in corporate wellness with a variety of "at work" programs focused on stress, sleep, and mindfulness. Learn More: PITCH: stasher stasher is the plastic-free reusable storage bag you can cook in! stasher is revolutionizing how you store and cook food. Easy to use and easy to clean, non-toxic stasher can be used again and again! So go on, stash it all in stasher - the healthy alternative to plastic. Learn More: PITCH: iFork iCup iPlate & the iFork line of flatware is a innovative interlocking system designed to give you a hand free while eating and drinking. Learn More:

Episode #9.14

42min - An entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, introduces an ingenious kitchen tool that solves one of the biggest gripes in cooking – the splatter that sprays your kitchen and clothes anytime you cook; an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida, invented a special stroller that allows caregivers to also fit in a workout; and entrepreneurs from New York City believe they have created the best men's garment out there.

Episode #9.13

42min - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the tank on "Shark Tank" during "25 Days of Christmas." In this episode, a pair of entrepreneurs hope they have the fix for keeping you completely warm during the holiday season; one entrepreneur has taken the Christmas tree to a whole new level; one entrepreneur is hoping the sharks will like his take on covering a Christmas nuisance; and dust off those old records, an entrepreneur may have found a way to bring back those golden oldies. PITCH: Rokblok RokBlok is the world's smallest, wireless record player. Simply place RokBlok on top of any record to instantly listen to your favorite vinyl, anywhere. Rock out to your favorite records with RokBlok's built-in speaker, or wirelessly send your music to any Bluetooth device for an even bigger sound. Learn More: PITCH: The Original Comfy The Comfy is a giant sweatshirt that's really a giant blanket...or is it the other way around? The Comfy was invented by Brian and Michael Speciale, brothers and entrepreneurs (and, as you saw on the Tank, really bad singers) from Phoenix, Ariz. who somehow hatched the idea for the ultimate in warmth and the middle of the desert! Learn More: PITCH: The Christmas Tree Hugger Introducing a simple One-Size-Fits-All product that makes artificial Christmas trees look more realistic. Learn More: PITCH: Modern Christmas Tree Modern Christmas Trees® eliminate the hassle of pine needles from a real tree and the bulky assemble and storage of artificial trees. Bliss' patented product collapses and stores flat and illuminates a room with its LED light casting shadows off the concentric rings of the tree. The tree's design originally from Bliss' engineer and architect grandfather Lawrence "Bud" Stoecker who created the tree for his family in the 1960's. Since then, the trees have been displayed on every continent, in homes and businesses all over the world bringing with it a new and special holiday experience. Learn More:

Episode #9.12

42min - In this episode, an entrepreneur with a "hate connection" app hopes to match with the Sharks; coconut water is all the rage, and one entrepreneur looks to bank on that with their new invention; one entrepreneur is hoping to help you reduce chronic disease by doing your own lab work; and an entrepreneur duo may have just found your favorite breakfast on the go. PITCH: Coco Taps Coco Taps is a made in the USA Coconut company that allows you to drink right from the coconut by turning nature's packaging into a resealable container. Now being Called the "Tesla" of coconut water Coco Taps has created a Zero Waste Beverage system. Created by Eco inventor CocoVinny and his Coco Dream Team, Coco Taps is encouraging people to Drink Different by Tapping into the source and eliminating single use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans and landfills. Learn More: PITCH: Mush Ashley and Kat are the creators of MUSH, the first ever, all natural, 100% ready to eat overnight oats product. After spending time in finance, the duo became frustrated with the lack of fresh-snacking options for on-the-go lifestyles and made it their mission to bridge the gap between health and convenience. By creating MUSH, these dynamic entrepreneurs are shaking up the food industry with a product that doesn't cut corners and is accessible to everyone. Ashley and Kat envision a marketplace free from added sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and inconvenient prep methods. MUSH might just be the ticket. Learn More: PITCH: Hater Hater is the dating app that matches you with people based on what you hate. Make new friends who hate the same stuff as you. Available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Learn More: PITCH: Everlywell EverlyWell believes easy-to-understand lab tests should be available at home with a single click. Founded in 2015, EverlyWell offers a suite of physician-reviewed at-home lab tests without a lab visit or an in-person doctor referral. The EverlyWell platform empowers consumers to purchase and understand their own physician-reviewed lab tests with the goal of improving health and wellness. Today, the company offers more than 15 tests kits that range from Vitamin D to Fertility testing, and are covered by HSA and FSA plans. Learn More:

Episode #9.11

42min - Two firefighters and entrepreneurs from Pembroke Pines, Florida, introduce their healthy, smoked fish dip; a hair- and beard-cutting template from an entrepreneur in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; two entrepreneurs from Vancouver, Washington, who created a unique hybrid of a stuffed animal and blanket for families on the go; and a device that chills an entire bottle of wine in just 30 seconds from an entrepreneur in San Francisco, California. PITCH: Reely Hooked Reely Hooked Fish Company creates fresh and healthy smoked fish dip whilst retaining the age old traditions of authentic Florida. Learn More: PITCH: Prontobev Pronto Concepts is a San Francisco based startup led by innovator Alexander Simone. His invention, ProntoBev, chills a bottle of wine to the perfect temperature in just 30 seconds! ProntoBev's dishwasher-safe stainless steel interior and embedded trade secret ProntoGel makes it ten times faster than the competition. As the only rapid chiller with a built-in thermometer for temperature control, ProntoBev is the best way to properly enjoy wine. ProntoBev is also great for chilling coffee, tea, liquor, juice, water, or just about anything! Learn More: PITCH: Slumberkins Slumberkins are cuddly creatures with intention, designed promote positive life skills. Each Slumberkin has an accompanying Sleepytime Rhyme board book and keepsake Affirmation Card. Our vision is to become a household name of children's educational products that parents use as tools to guide their child's development. Learn More: PITCH: Cut Buddy At 13 years old, this Saint Lucian inventor created a tool to help him trim his hair without mistakes. Many years later, The Cut Buddy became the first multi-curve hair shaping tool for all types of hair and beards. Learn More:


42min - A U.S. Air Force fighter-jet machine-gun mechanic from Columbus, Ohio, introduces a high-performance problem-solver; an entrepreneur from Queens, New York, hopes the Sharks bite into a DNA test that aims to aid and optimize medical research; a Dallas, Texas, entrepreneur duo hopes to lure the Sharks with their high-tech solution for a common household chore; robots and drones are all the rage with boys, but one Bethesda, Maryland, entrepreneur is hoping to encourage more girls to get into coding and technology. PITCH: Robin Auto Pilot Robin Autopilot is the worldís first robotic lawn service. Through our system of franchise owners, we combine proven robotic mowers with professional lawn care crews that handle additional services like edging, weeding and trimming to deliver the most eco-friendly, reliable, and affordable lawn care solution available. Learn More: PITCH: Smartgurlz SmartGurlz is a brand new line of friendly coding robots and action dolls that engages girls ages 6 and up in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Learn More: PITCH: DNAsimple DNAsimple is the online matchmaker that pays you to participate in research studies that you qualify for, all while remaining anonymous. With DNAsimple, researchers are no longer limited to getting samples from one specific location and donors across the country can participate in studies to help scientists find cures to diseases from the comfort of their home. DNAsimple is also helping to bring genetic testing to the masses by offering low cost ancestry and genetic testing to families. Learn More: PITCH: Grypmat "Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor. I remember someone called me an inventor and I said that I haven't sold the product yet. They said you're still an inventor, just not a successful one. I've envisioned myself being on this show for years now. Making it on this show makes me feel like a successful inventor." stated Tom Burden Grypmat Inventor and President. "Often times when I think I can't, I think of the ones who can and I realize they are no different from me." Learn More:

Episode Nine

42min - An automatic dog potty system that wraps and then seals the waste to maintain a clean and odor-free home from an entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois; two entrepreneurs from Phoenix, Arizona, designed an app to make tipping easier; twin entrepreneurs from Sacramento, California, hope to make the world of pickup basketball much simpler; and an invention that absorbs moisture and deodorizes sweaty sports gear from an entrepreneur in Ashburn, Virginia. PITCH: Glovestix Glovestix and ShoeStix are invented by a Mom who was sick and tired of the horrendous odor in her sons athletic gear. They work as an odor management solution designed to neutralize the odor in your Sports Gloves, Shoes, Boots, Bags and more. They will absorb moisture, deodorize and inhibit 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth, on the product surface, in 24 hrs. Completely non toxic, they neutralize odors… safely. Learn More: PITCH: BrilliantPad Tired of handling messy, smelly puppy pads? BrilliantPad, the world's first self-cleaning dog potty, does the dirty work of cleaning and replacing pads for you. BrilliantPad handles #1 and #2 then wraps and seals pet waste to keep your home clean and odor free. Messy and smelly is replaced with clean and fresh. Regular dog pads just don't do that! Learn More: PITCH: BRAVO BRAVO is the simplest way to pay and get paid on your mobile device without exchanging personal information, such as phone numbers or email addresses. BRAVO uses proprietary technology to privately connect users based on proximity and GPS. Recognized in Silicon Valley as the Audience Choice winner at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco – BRAVO began as a simple gratuity mobile app in Arizona and is now beta-testing a blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform. BRAVO's mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play store. Learn More: PITCH: Hoopmaps Hoopmaps is a mobile app that allow people to find pickup games in their area. Hoopmaps was created by twin brothers Donte and Dominic Morris from Oakland CA.


42min - A woman from Nokomis, Florida, dives into the “snark” tank with her brand of teas, which include ingredients laced with attitude; some Sharks are shocked when two ladies from Los Angeles, California, reveal that all women share a common hairy problem; parents from Albany, Oregon, solved the problem of babies touching the mess during diaper changes; and the Sharks think an entrepreneur from Aurora, Colorado, may be overvaluing his technology that can improve sleep and reduce stress. In her Shark profile, Bethenny Frankel shares how she learned a lot about business by spending time with her father at the racetrack and how she always intended to use her reality-show stardom as a platform to become a business phenomenon by creating Skinnygirl, one of the most successful liquor brands in history.

Episode #9.7

42min - An entrepreneur from Santa Monica, California, introduces the world's first all-electric, free car-sharing service; a monthly membership that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book and attend family activities at an affordable rate, from an entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois; a Cambridge, Massachusetts, entrepreneur invented a product that can turn any regular bicycle into an electric bike in under one minute; and a digital baby journal that captures memories through text message, from an entrepreneur in Auburndale, Massachusetts PITCH: Pearachute Pearachute is a family activity club that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover the best classes and events in your city! Learn More: PITCH: Qeepsake Qeepsake, the text message baby journal, is the easiest way for parents to capture and preserve memories about their children. Created by parents of five, Qeepsake is already being used by over 100,000 parents to create heirlooms of memories, one text message at a time. Learn More: PITCH: GeoOrbital The GeoOrbital wheel converts any bicycle into a pedaling-optional electric bike by simply replacing the front wheel. Installation takes under a minute and the built-in throttle works like a gas pedal - the harder you press the faster you go. Made with a flat-proof tire and a powerful 500W+ motor the GeoOrbital wheel can get you up that hill and around the block without any sweat or even needing to pedal. Learn More: PITCH: WaiveCar WaiveCar is the worlds first all electric and FREE car-sharing service. Learn More:


42min - A graphic designer and a patent attorney from Olympia, Washington, have a high-tech way to make children's story time more magical, but the Sharks are skeptical of their business model; a father from Brooklyn, New York, has a brand of functional paternity clothing for new dads; parents from Salem, Utah, bring in their five daughters to showcase a solution to hairy drain problems in the shower and bathtub; and a former pro football player and his business partner pitch a better version of a workout device.Also, a profile on Sara Blakely, the founder and sole owner of the category-defining company, Spanx, and how her brand was born from a simple goal. She is an advocate of empowering women to be whatever they want to be in order to build successful businesses and create economic opportunity in their communities.

Episode Five

42min - Millennials from Detroit, Michigan, hope to tailor a deal for their line of premium shirts for men 5'8" and under; two Los Angeles, California, photographers can make anyone look beautiful with the technology behind their high-end photo booth; a police officer and former Marine from Cumberland, Rhode Island, hopes the Sharks won't leave him hanging with his no-drill, no-hole curtain rod brackets; and two men from Coconut Creek, Florida, invented a personal flotation device with multifunctional options. Also, a follow-up with Cyndi Lee from Houston, Texas, and her multi-use kitchen tools, Safe Grabs, which Lori Greiner invested in during season eight. PITCH: Kwikhang Kwikhang creates speedy solutions to hang window treatments on wood trimmed windows, saving your walls and wood work from damage as well as valuable time and aggravation! Kwikhang is the fastest, strongest and simplest way to hang your curtains. Simply tap the brackets into the top of your wood trim with a hammer and you're done! Learn More: PITCH: mirmir mirmir™ produces photographic activations and products that focus on quality, uniqueness, and social outreach via Photo Booth, GIF & custom solutions. Learn More: PITCH: Ash & Erie Ash & Erie (formerly Ash & Anvil) makes everyday clothes for shorter guys. We're the premier menswear brand for men 5'8" and below, offering premium casual shirts, dress shirts, jeans, and more. We offer the best fitting clothes for guys our size and provide an easy shopping experience with free shipping, exchanges, and returns. Learn More: PITCH: Human Bobber H3o Sports proudly introduces our line of Human Bobber multipurpose personal flotation devices that are designed to make the time you spend on the water more enjoyable. We invite you to relax, unwind, and float away your day in one of our multi-functional products that offer flexibility and comfort for both social and active water recreation. Learn More:

Episode #9.4

42min - Chris Gronkowski from Colleyville, Texas, his brother Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots, and the rest of the Gronk brothers bring an insulated sports bottle to the Tank. Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez offer sage advice to a 17-year-old from St. Louis, Missouri, who devised a tool to quickly soothe foot pain; an entrepreneur from Phoenix, Arizona, with a nutrition and culinary background, has a sweeter way to eat a popular snack; and a man from Los Angeles, California, hopes to lock up a deal with his innovative way to keep belongings safe. PITCH: Benjilock BenjiLock's purpose is to redefine the personal security experience using hybrid technology with the consumer in mind. The simplicity of this particular invention is that it can go beyond the traditional padlock and be embedded in multiple forms and ways of hybrid security solutions that would be extremely beneficial to a wide array of industries, inspiring future Americans and keeping the U.S. at the forefront of global innovation and technology. BenjiLock is showing the world that disruption and innovation, if done right, can create a positive impact to America's society. Learn More: PITCH: Ice Shaker Ice Shaker is an insulated kitchen grade stainless steel shaker bottle that does not absorb odor and holds ice for over 30 hours in a 75 degree room. Learn More: PITCH: Solemender Unlike traditional foot rollers and massagers on the market today, the Solemender® uses an innovative design to treat painful foot conditions. The all-inclusive device utilizes a removable and re-freezable roller to simultaneously cool and massage the sole and the heel. The patent pending Solemender® offers both recommended cold therapy and stretching to treat foot pain in one portable unit. Learn More: PITCH: Delighted by Hummus Delighted By Hummus is home of the original dessert hummus - a dip made from chickpeas, in sweet flavors! Founded by a Holistic Nutritionist, you can enjoy our dessert hummus as an alternative to processed desserts. Dip it with apples, graham crackers, pretzels, or by the spoonful for a delightful, healthy treat! Learn More:

Episode THREE

42min - The Sharks debate if the solution to make coffee taste even better from two entrepreneurs from Cedarville, Ohio, is too much of a niche product; an entrepreneur from Woodland Hills, California, is at the forefront of a hot trend for those who need to increase their focus while decreasing stress; a high-energy mom from La Center, Washington, has a product that will make kids love brushing their hair; and two men from Midvale, Utah, surprise the Sharks about the danger of something they wear every day. PITCH: Third Wave Water Ever notice why your coffee doesn't taste the same at home as it does in the coffee shop? We did too so we created a solution to provide that cafe experience in the kitchen at home by helping you create the perfect water to brew your coffee. Introducing Third Wave Water; minerals for your water, flavor for your coffee. Learn More: PITCH: Fidgetland Fidgetland manufacturers and sells discreet, durable, school and office appropriate fidgets that help reduce stress and increase focus. Learn More: PITCH: Tangle Pets Tangle Pets are a brush in a plush! A high quality hair brush placed inside an adorable plush character. Brushes are available in several characters, each with their own set of positive affirmations. To turn hair brushing into quality time reminding your kids how awesome they are! The brushes are easily removable from the plush, which is machine washable. Learn More: PITCH: Enso Rings Enso Rings are the stylish choice for safe, versatile silicone rings. They're durable, flexible and engineered to take a beating and adapt to your active lifestyle. Enso Rings are made to be worn in circumstances where you normally take off your wedding ring or metal jewelry. Perfect for work, play, fun, swimming, the gym, and the outdoors! Learn More:

Episode TWO

42min - Entrepreneurs create the ultimate survival kits to get through the first 72 hours of an emergency; parents from Crested Butte, Colorado, create a thriving business that is disrupting the snack chip industry; an entrepreneur from Cary, North Carolina, has a wireless microphone that you can throw; and a recent college grad from Hamilton, New York, designs an app that takes the guesswork out of navigating big airports. PITCH: The Seventy2 We are a group of adventurists, world travelers, philanthropists, professional athletes and entrepreneurs who believe in making the world a safer place. Our mission is to develop products, education and services to keep people safe. The Seventy2 is expert designed and critically acclaimed. The world's finest complete 72 hour survival system. Learn More: PITCH: Jackson's Honest Jackson's Honest is a mom-and-pop snack food company on a mission to bring real fats back to the food chain. We offer potato and tortilla chips cooked in organic coconut oil that are mouth-wateringly delicious. Jackson's Honest is based in Crested Butte, Colorado and founded and run by a mother of four. Learn More: PITCH: Qball Throw your voice with the Qball! The wireless microphone you can toss, drop, and roll. The Qball transforms any group discussion into a fun, interactive experience that gets everyone involved. It's perfect for classrooms, events, online meetings, and even karaoke! The Qball system is plug and play and works with any existing speaker or speaker system. Go to to find out more.. Learn More: PITCH: Trippie Trippie is a mobile app that takes the guesswork and turbulence out of navigating busy airports. The app allows travelers to explore a detailed interactive map of the airport and immediately get a lay of the land. Trippie displays menus, reviews, hours, and more, and also calculates how many minutes it will take to walk to a restaurant or store. Frequent flyers no longer need to visit buggy apps and webpages for every airport they visit. More airports coming soon!  Learn More:

Episode ONE

42min - Sir Richard Branson appears as a guest Shark.

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