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Episode #7.29

42min - A woman from Boston, Massachusetts, hopes the Sharks will make a deal and sink their teeth into her chocolate treats that are perfect for women who want to satisfy cravings; a season four entrepreneur from Aeworth, Georgia, returns for a second chance to pitch the Shark's his new business, a line of men's hair products; a man from Telluride, Colorado, who is desperate for capital, plans to warm the Sharks' hearts with an app that allows users to electronically send handwritten cards; and a man from Boston, Massachusetts, believes he has created a unique way to break bad habits with self-zapping wristbands. Also, recaps and updates featuring the various entrepreneurs that appeared during season seve.

Episode 7.28

42min - A former business analyst aims to bring back the nostalgia of sleep-away camp for adults; two business partners pitch a product that will protect a car from extreme weather conditions; a 15-year-old entrepreneur creates redesigned lacrosse equipment; and a man presents a video game version of the classic pinball machine for the home.

Episode 7.27

42min - A woman demonstrates her hair products by cutting her own hair; a baker with a healthy frosting creation; a sister and brother duo pitch their jewelry business

Episode 7.26

42min - All-in-one early education solution; fashion networking mobile app; umbrella entrepreneurs; a way to get kids to eat healthier.

Episode 7.25

42min - Two high school freshmen from Denver, Colorado, pitch a tasty way to improve the ice cream cone; an entrepreneur from Bend, Oregon, presents a reinvented kid stroller with an athletic twist; a woman from Austin, Texas, hopes to make the lives of parents easier with her line of child products; and an update on Gameday Couture, a fashionable women's gameday apparel that Mark Cuban invested in during season six. ---------- PITCH: KidRunner KidRunner is the world's first and only pull style kid jogger. It is hands and arms free, multi-terrain and high performance. It is safe for kids and their parents, reduces running injuries and brings back the joy and freedom of running and exploring with your kids. KidRunner has been designed, tested and used on trails, roads and competitive races. Run. Explore. KidRunner. Learn More:   PITCH: Jarrett and Raja Direct from the great casinos of the Las Vegas Strip and billed as “The Magic and Piano Guys,” JARRETT & RAJA have entertained audiences worldwide with their amazing and unique blend of magic, music and comedy. Learn More:     PITCH: InchBug InchBug® makes innovative children’s products that parents trust. Their line of products began with the invention of Orbit Labels.   These are widely used for personalizing baby bottles and sippy cups to aid in preventing bottle mix-ups and minimizing germs.  Their latest creation, MyDrinky is a two-piece adjustable juice box holder that helps stop the accidental juice box squeeze.      Learn More:   PITCH: Drip Drop  The Drip Drop is an edible "ring" made out of waffle cone ingredients that protects ice cream drips from getting on your hands and clothes. The inventors and CEOs of The Drip Drop are 14-yr olds Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald from Denver, Colorado. Learn More:

Episode 7.24

42min - A man from Los Angeles has an innovative way to check your pet's health with your phone; a couple from Monarch Beach, California have a lot riding on a deal for their hand-held surf boards; two men from Encinitas, California provide female consumers a stylish way to listen to music on fashionable headphones; and an entrepreneur from Mountain View, California has an idea that makes the most of the unused space on the backside of cell phones. ---------- PITCH: Slyde Handboards Slyde Handboards is an entirely new, innovative, and design-driven brand exclusively centered on the sport of handboarding.   We collectively use our design and technology backgrounds, to create beautiful, perfectly shaped bodysurfing handboards for increased lift, speed, longer rides and more fun for all ages and skill levels! Learn More: Visit   PITCH: popSLATE popSLATE's Smart Second Screen puts the back side of your phone to work with an e-Reader, smartwatch & battery case all-in-one super thin case. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Petnostics Petnostics helps pet parents keep their pets happy and healthy through a line of at-home urine test products. Using the same diagnostic test strips that vets use in their clinics, pet parents can check their dog or cat’s health instantly with the Petnostics app and be alerted to potential health issues such as urinary tract infections and diabetes. With results easily shareable to vets and at a fraction of the cost of a vet visit, Petnostics makes healthy living easier for pet families. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: FRENDS FRENDS is the premiere brand for designer audio accessories with a purpose to make life beautiful through our products, while inspiring other dreamers to never settle with our approach towards innovation and design. Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.23

42min - Two former advertising guys in New York try to sell the Sharks a cure for cell-phone addiction; emotions rise when entrepreneurs from Orlando, Florida talk about the inspiration behind their wireless cuddly toy that tells science and math stories to children; two pet lovers from Austin, Texas design and customize accessories for the most important member of the family: your one-of-a-kind pet; and two men from Huntington Beach, California hope they can lock up an investment deal with their high-tech "smart" tool box. Also, Lori Greiner takes 10 of her entrepreneurs – whose combined sales now total $188 million — to the Orgill Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, on "Shark Tank," FRIDAY, APRIL 8 (9:00–10:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

Episode #7.22

42min - A product that keeps beer cold longer; a new twist to the vending machine; pet-safe bug repellents; vegetable smoothies; an update on Wombi Rose and LovePop.

Episode 7.21

42min - A motion-activated LED light that attaches to toilet bowls; an alternative to traditional beer; vibrant fashions with unique flair; interactive and innovative pet toys; an update on the Lose 12 Inches workout program.

Episode 7.20

42min - A Las Vegas woman pitches a product that can help relieve back pain; a brother and sister who call themselves the "Ice Siblings" talk about a cool way to reduce muscle inflammation; a mechanical engineer from Emeryville, Cal., demonstrates his high-tech bike lock; and the Sharks are served gourmet tea shots. Also: an update on a Philadelphia duo's all-natural deodorant invested in by Barbara during Season 7.

Episode 7.19

42min - American entrepreneurs present products that include a fire-starting solution, and space-saving workout equipment; checking in with Three Jerks Jerky.

Episode 7.18

42min - A teenage environmentalist has the answer to plastic bottles; a former soap opera actress seeks a deal for her one-piece swimsuit; exercise playlists; exposing what is lurking inside a mattress; checking in with Signal Vault.

Episode 7.17

42min - An entrepreneur from Philadelphia hopes the Sharks don’t take a bite out of him while pitching a smart plate containing food-recognition technology that could solve all your dieting problems; two energetic women from Minneapolis, MN and Waco, TX have created a sweetener that tastes just like honey, but not made by bees. The Sharks crack up at the sight of a Houston, TX-based entrepreneur’s unique spa business for babies; and a perhaps too-confident Stanford grad from San Francisco, CA believes he’s at the forefront of where high tech meets fashion for men’s custom shirts. In a follow-up on Ilumi, the company in which Mark Cuban invested in during Season 5, we see how their wirelessly controlled LED lights have illuminated the business world. ---------- PITCH: SmartPlate SmartPlate is the only intelligent plate that instantly analyzes your entire meal with the highest degree of accuracy.  It's available for pre-order now at for just $119. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Bee Free Honee Business information coming soon.   PITCH: Float Baby Float Baby offers unique water exercise and massage for infants as young as 2 weeks old.  Float Babies often sleep better and eat more after a Float! It improves muscle tone, provides digestion and constipation relief, promotes familiarity with water and most importantly helps with early right/left brain development. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: MTailor MTailor sells men's custom clothing by measuring you with your phone's camera. We are scientifically proven to be 20% more accurate than a professional tailor. MTailor is the first easy and accessible way to experience the luxury of custom clothing. At the same price as many mainstream off-the-rack clothiers (e.g., J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren) and with the convenience of an app, you can get clothing made to fit you perfectly, instead of clothes made to fit someone else. Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.16

42min - Military members and veterans present products, including handbags made of upcycled materials.

Episode 15

42min - A college student who earned a perfect score on the SATs wants to help others increase their scores; sports bra; high-tech backpack company; a cooling appliance for outdoor use; an update on Chapul Cricket Bars.

Episode 14

42min - Guest judge Chris Sacca returns; a device for babies and their parents; easing the pain of paying for college; a tech solution to parking tickets; checking in with Rugged Races.

Episode 13

42min - A dual-use breath freshener; a functional placemat for children; a subscription service for ugly produce; checking in with the Houston-based founders of LuminAid.

Episode 12

42min - Equipment for people who want to run a crane or crush a car; a protein-filled pancake mix; keeping ties looking sharp; checking in with Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac of Cousins Maine Lobster.

Episode 11

42min - A Christmas-decorating aficionado from Grand Haven, Michigan has a high-tech way to deck the halls with his animated glow balls and synchronized musical trees; a Los Angeles entrepreneur has whimsical knit hats, complete with detachable facemask, transforming wearers into santas, vikings, trolls and other characters; two Harvard grads from Boston, Massachusetts have a line of ornate, pop-up greeting cards for all occasions; and two women from Philadelphia, PA demonstrate their all-natural deodorant made from activated charcoal. Plus, Daymond John gives a workshop to the principals of four of his companies – Bombas Socks, Sunstaches, Myself Belts and Cozy Bugs – and brings out chef Rocco DiSpirito to provide some delicious inspiration. ---------- PITCH: GeekMyTree About the Company: GeekMyTree, located in Grand Haven, Michigan, produces innovative, high-quality holiday decorations that bring the fun and excitement of extreme outdoor light shows inside to the family Christmas tree. The company's premiere product is Animated GlowBalls, featuring a wide spectrum of colors that dance across the tree. Over 100 patterns are available with more coming. Animated GlowBalls are available in sets of 80 or 160 lights. Their unique design allows for brilliant colors that shine in 360 degrees. From box to light show takes about 10 minutes. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Beard Head About the Company: Beard Head is a novelty headwear brand specializing in fun and functional hats and beanies with hand-knit detachable beard facemasks. Beard Head’s award winning beanie designs are sold in hundreds of stores worldwide, and have been featured in major magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and even a feature film! The company is based in Los Angeles, CA, where they are constantly working on new designs, finding fun new beard styles, and discovering innovative materials to make the next great Beard Head! Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Lovepop About the Company: More than just a greeting card, our signature lovepops are an unexpected gift. Each card features an intricate laser-cut, hand-crafted 3D pop-up sculpture that redefines expectations for what can be sent in an envelope. Go ahead, tell them you really care. Send a lovepop. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: PiperWai About the Company: PiperWai is a uniquely effective natural deodorant for both men and women. Created by two best friends in Philadelphia, PiperWai's innovative charcoal formula is tough on stink and gentle on sensitive skin, making die-hard converts from even the most active individuals who swore they could never give up their clinical strength antiperspirant. With PiperWai, natural deodorant doesn’t have to stink! Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.10

42min - An entrepreneur from Mill Valley, CA uses an unique labor force to create her product; the Sharks go on a crazy ride when a college student from San Diego, CA brings a grown-up version of a favorite childhood toy; and beauty industry experts from New York City bring innovations from the secret epicenter of beauty. Also, an update on Happy Feet, the whimsical plush slippers designed by Pat Yates from Goshen, KY, that Robert Herjavec invested in during Season 5. ---------- PITCH: Leaux Racing Trikes About the Company: The Leaux Racing Trike is new spin (pun intended) on an old favorite. With three wheels and a reclined seat, it's the classic tricycle platform, but the rear caster wheels and steering handle make it anything but ordinary. With just a flick of the handle the rider can take tight corners, drift, and even spin 360 degrees! Leaux Trikes started out as a crowdfunding project when Tyler Hadzicki was just 17 years old. After raising almost $50,000 to produce the first units, it became a full fledged business. Leaux Trikes is on Sharktank with the hopes of bringing the trikes to a wide audience and raising capital to produce more inventory. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Glow Recipe  About the Company: Glow Recipe is a platform to help women all over the world to look more beautiful by identifying, curating, and bringing to market best-of-breed products and skincare secrets from Korea, the modern epicenter of beauty innovation. We have our e-commerce,, where we curate the best of natural Korean beauty, and we also have a brand incubator vertical and work as a US hub for new brands to launch and grow at major retailers in the US. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Sarah Oliver Handbags About the Company: Sarah Oliver Handbags offers elegant, designer purses, clutches and shoulder bags with a twist: every exquisite bag is made by The Purlettes, our unique knitting team comprised of talented seniors. Fabulous finish work and our meaningful story make every bag a favorite. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Trunkster About the Company: Trunkster is unconventional luggage for the modern, discerning traveler, featuring a revolutionary sliding door for zipper-less entry and uninhibited access. Additionally, Trunkster boasts USB charging, a built-in digital scale, and worldwide location tracking. Conceived by Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchet, these two world travelers set out to reinvigorate the stagnant luggage industry by introducing the first major update to the core design of luggage since wheels were added over half a century ago. Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.9

42min - When an entrepreneur from Ft. Lauderdale, FL brings in an imaginative, new recreational sport to the tank, the Sharks get a chance to suit up and ram into each other with reckless abandon; two brothers from Athens, GA designed a fashion brand enabling the wearer to do good while looking good; a husband and wife team from Portland, OR have a traditional Brazilian staple they believe will become a popular American snack; and a couple from Rockford, IL have a solution to the frustrating mystery of the missing sock. ---------- PITCH: National Association of Bubble Soccer About the Company: Advanced Sports Technology, Inc is a precision-driven, boutique-style product development firm specializing in niche product concepts within the sports industry. Its flagship products include the National Association of Bubble Soccer and the AquaArm Hands-Free Hydration System, with additional concepts currently in phase-one development. Advanced Sports Technology is a registered Florida corporation. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Umano About the Company: Umano is a fashion brand on a mission to empower kids to unleash their creativity. We showcase a kid's drawing as Artwork on elevated fashion basics designed around our freakishly-soft, signature fabric and with every purchase, we give a backpack full of school supplies to empower a kid. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Brazi Bites About the Company: Brazi Bites is introducing Brazil’s most popular snack food to the U.S.: Brazilian Cheese Bread, or "pao de queijo," in Portuguese. Husband-and-wife team Junea and Cameron founded the natural foods company in Portland, OR in 2011 from an authentic family recipe. Their product line is naturally gluten-free, non-gmo, and made with the highest quality natural ingredients. Great for parties, family gatherings, game day, or just as part of an everyday meal. Swap these trendy, bite-sized gluten-free appetizers for boring pigs in a blanket at your next party! Available in the freezer section of grocery stores nationwide. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: SockTABS About the Company: SockTABs provides a solution to the missing sock! Anyone that has feet and wears socks has wasted time and money looking for and replacing lost socks. Goodbye Sock Monster, Hello SockTABs! SockTABs eliminates the WORST part about doing laundry! No more sorting, matching, folding or searching for the other sock. Stop wasting time matching... Keep TABs on your mate with SockTABs. Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.8

42min - This special episode features all millennial entrepreneurs. A man from New York City hopes to win over the Sharks with a product he believes is essential in every college dorm room; two Harvard grads have developed a special formula to transform shrunken sweaters back to their original sizes and a surfer dude from Newport Beach, California surprises the Sharks with a lucrative proposition. Also, Sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John go to the White House to meet President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, where Daymond John is honored with a Presidential Ambassadorship. ---------- PITCH: AfreSHeet About the Company: AfreSHeet is the world’s first and only fitted sheet with seven soft, waterproof peel away layers. If you soil the sheet, INSTANTLY peel away that layer to reveal a new one below. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Unshrinkit About the Company: Unshrinkit is the emergency sweater saver. Its patent-pending solution unshrinks shrunken wool clothing. Each bottle of Unshrinkit is hand safe, color safe, and sweater safe. Unshrinkit helps rescue cashmere, wool and wool blend garments that fell victim to a washer or dryer mistake. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Grip Clean About the Company: Grip Clean is an all-natural industrial strength hand soap that was created by three-time XGames medalist Bryce Hudson. It is the world's first ever soap to contain dirt in it, as dirt is the best substance in the world at absorbing chemicals, oil, grease, and toxins. But on top of that, it acts as an exfoliant to your skin. So it is able to go deep into the pores of your hand, grab and hold onto that grease that would normally remain, and rinse clean. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: PolarPro About the Company: PolarPro is a leading manufacturer of adventure-inspired accessories for GoPros, drones, and cell phones. PolarPro's products are designed to make documenting your life easier than ever. From action cameras to drones, PolarPro designs products to help capture the most epic content possible. Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.7

42min - In Season 6, Jimmy Kimmel brought his revolutionary, fashion forward idea, Horse Pants, into the Tank. See what new mind-blowing ideas he and security guard Guillermo are back with this time around. Also, a couple from Stamford, CT have discovered a guilt-free version of ice cream with only 100 calories for the entire pint; a husband and wife team from Chatsworth, CA, who are also professional chefs, used their culinary skills to come up with soaps and lotions you could actually eat; two men from New York City have solved the problem of missing deliveries at home, and a mother and daughter team from the Denver, Colorado area pitch a fun and convenient way to stay fit and fight the battle of the bulge with one simple product. ---------- PITCH: Wink Frozen Desserts About the Company: Wink produces a healthy alternative for ice cream that is only 100 calories for an entire pint. All of our products are free of the top 8 most common allergens while being vegan and non GMO certified. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Saavy Naturals About the Company: The most incredible pure and natural body care that is handcrafted by chefs. We craft each one of our products like a work of art. Exquisitely scented with essential oils and plant extracts. Good for your skin and a feast for your senses. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Clean Cube About the Company: Clean Cube is a smart-cabinet kiosk system that sits in a building’s lobby and serves as a digital doorman for residential and commercial buildings. We amenitize buildings (dry cleaning drop off and pick up, package delivery, grocery delivery, key exchange, etc.), allowing owners that care about brand and lifestyle to attract high quality tenants and increase rent rolls, while acting as a 'Last Mile Solution' for On Demand services for busy consumers.  Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Simply Fit Board About the Company: The Simply Fit Board was developed by Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman, a mother/daughter team out of Colorado, and launched in October 2013. The Simply Fit Board, a balance board with a twist, provides a fun, fast, and effective workout to slim your waist, target the muffin top, improve balance and strengthen your core. One of the best parts about the Simply Fit Board is that it's for all ages. This innovative Colorado made product was designed so that everyone can be SIMPLY FIT!  Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.6

42min - Former Google executive and billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, best known for being among the earliest and largest investors in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter, joins the Tank as a Guest Shark. He finds himself in a heated battle with Lori Greiner over a tech education business that's right up his alley, started by two impressive sisters from Claremont, CA. Two sports fans from Chicago, IL have a specialized version of a popular home rental website; an entrepreneur from Bayside, NY has a unique twist on everyone’s favorite hot drink; and an inventor from Portland, OR has developed a revolutionary device that can inflate objects in mere seconds. ---------- PITCH: Rent Like a Champion About the Company: Founded by and for college football fans, Rent Like a Champion provides private home rentals near campus in college towns around the country. Returning to your alma mater is a special experience, and we believe sharing a home with your friends and family makes it all the more memorable. With Rent Like a Champion, you will find amenities that hotels cannot offer - private yards, large communal spaces for your group, and your own kitchen. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: HotShot About the Company: HotShot is the first Grab-n-Go, Ready to Drink, HOT coffee in a CAN. The magic happens with our Hotbox – a Hot Fridge that heats Hotshot cans to 140°F and stores them Hot - 24 hours/7 days a week. You just open the HotBox, reach in and get a perfectly prepared, HOT coffee, that’s ready to drink when you are. Join the coffee revolution and become a Hotshot! Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Windcatcher About the Company: Windcatcher Technology designs and manufactures inflatable outdoor and travel gear products, which use our patented rapid inflation technology to allow them to inflate in seconds, without any power or pumping. Combined with its ability to also allow inflatables to deflate and pack-up in seconds, we believe that the Windcatcher valve will become the standard for all inflatable products. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Stem Center USA About the Company: STEM Center USA was created by sisters Melissa and Lavanya Jawaharlal with a mission to inspire the next generation of technology and STEM leaders. We provide hands-on, engaging education through personalized courses, school programs, and unique products which include the Pi-Bot, The Technical Alphabet, and the Fiat Lux Wearable Electronics Kit. Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.5

42min - In one of the most exciting moments of Shark Tank history, the ante is upped when the Sharks start to bid OVER the asking price for one product and the million dollar offers start to fly. But will greed burst the bubble before a deal is set? Another pitch prompts a brutal brush-off from an irate Shark. Two parents from Salem, Massachusetts pitch their novel idea for managing Trick-or-Treaters' excess candy with a children's book and gifts; two men from Pacific Palisades, California tout their premium beef jerky made from filet mignon which has the Sharks swooning over the taste and the price point; a woman from Sand City, California pitches a full-length mirror designed to build self-esteem, and two men from Sandpoint, Idaho claim they have redefined drones with inventions that fly up to 60 mph and as high as 10,000 feet. ---------- PITCH: Switch Witch About the Company: The Switch Witch LLC brings families a magical Halloween tradition that takes some of the focus away from candy in a way that is easy for parents and exciting for kids. Our keepsake box includes a beautiful children's book with a cute, plush Switch Witch doll and cauldron - all to be enjoyed throughout the days leading up to Halloween. Then... on Halloween night... kids leave some (not all!) of their trick-or-treating candy with their Switch Witch doll, and in the morning they joyfully see that some of their candy has been "magically" turned (wink! wink!) in to a new gift. Kids are happy. Parents are happy. Believe in Switch Witch! Learn More: Visit   PITCH: Three Jerks Jerky About the Company: We are friends, occasional jerks and passionate foodies. Above all else, we love beef jerky.  Yearning for the highest quality, purest and most delicious jerky, we set out to craft the finest meat snack ever created. We’ve spent countless hours experimenting with various cuts of meat and different flavors in pursuit of this holy grail of a snack. The result is an aristocrat amongst plebeians—filet mignon, dazzling flavors and only real ingredients (no nitrates, no gluten, no preservatives) create incomparable beef jerky. To insist that our beef jerky is delectable would be putting it modestly. Learn More: Visit   PITCH: The Skinny Mirror About the Company: The Skinny Mirror offers a subtle slimming reflection (5-10lbs) giving the user a welcomed boost of self-confidence. It gives users the instant gratification of a “slimmer you” while educating that how you “choose” to feel about your body has nothing to do with your actual shape, size or weight. The Skinny Mirror is successfully inspiring positive self-image in both the home and business.  Learn More: Visit   PITCH: xCraft About the Company: xCraft is an innovator in the drone space with a passion to create small, powerful flying machines that change the word. xCraft builds the fastest vertical take-off and landing drone on the market today, the X PlusOne. The unique design of the X PlusOne enables precision hover and fast forward flight, all in one UAV. Perfect for drone enthusiasts and aerial photographers, the X PlusOne captures the excitement of anyone who sees it fly.  Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.4

41min - Pitches include a self-described "dad-trepreneur" from Riverview, FL who asks the Sharks to join his "potty" and invest in a device that helps simplify potty-training; and three friends from Los Angeles hope to start a tasty trend with their baked-to-order brownies and cookies mashup. ---------- PITCH: Table 87 About the Company: Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza - Home Of The Coal Oven Slice. Finally you can enjoy coal oven pizza anytime anywhere, freezer to plate in minutes. From our oven to your table, we're changing up the game in frozen pizza! Mangia a PIZZA! Learn More: Visit   PITCH: EZPeeZ About the Company: EZPeeZ appears and operates as a normal adult size toilet seat but with a simple flip of the lid it converts to a child size seat making potty training as EZ as 1,2...Pee! Learn More: Visit   PITCH: milk + brookies About the Company: milk + brookies is the home of the brookie – brownie-cookie mash-ups that can best be described as brownies topped with cookies or the justification for eating two desserts at once. Although brookies look like cupcakes, that’s where the similarity ends. We’ve been one of LA’s best kept secrets. New York has the cronut, San Francisco has the cruffin, but LA has the brookie.  Learn More: Visit   PITCH: DUDE Products About the Company: In 2012 we launched Dude Products out of our apartment in Chicago, IL. Whether it was some unexpected physical activity or the aftermath of the lunchtime burrito, we realized, as guys, we are destined to smell. Something needed to be done. So we set out to change history and the bathroom forever by creating The Award Winning Dude Wipes. Our flushable wipes will combat stank and put you back on your game wherever or whenever nature calls.  Learn More: Visit

Episode 7.3

42min - Troy Carter enters the Tank as a Guest Shark. A duo from Dallas, Texas pitch their eclectic sock of the month club subscription while standing in their boxer shorts, but will Sharks jump in feet first? Two men from Tulsa, Oklahoma offer the Sharks an investment opportunity in their unique line of wooden bowties, lapel accessories and men's fedoras; an entrepreneur from Springdale, Maryland has a valet and garage parking app that enables users to pay in advance by credit card; and Nashville-based parents tout the benefits of their grippy balm that keeps eyeglasses from slipping.

Episode 7.2

42min - Hummus with a twist; eyelash extension business; edible cups; a solution for forgotten passwords; update on the Red Dress Boutique.

Episode 7.1

40min - Guest shark Ashton Kutcher; a device to make baby's feeding time easier; wearable transportation; drinking vinegars; protecting consumers from hacking; an update on Pipcorn.

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