Streama, hyr eller köp

Episode 24

43min - Entrepreneurs include Motor City millennials with shirts for shorter guys and photographers with a high-end photo booth.

Episode 23

42min - The Sharks take a look at a reinvention of the bicycle wheel and an electric car-sharing service that operates on ad revenue.

Episode 22

41min - The Sharks listen to a variety of pitches, including men's swimwear, a hangover cure, improved beauty masks and a pasta "game changer."

Episode 21

42min - Entrepreneurs pitch a less messy way to decorate Easter eggs. Other pitches include reusable tape and a line of portable transportation devices.

Episode 20

42min - The Sharks hear pitches on an avocado bar that serves healthy fast food, glasses that reduce digital eyestrain, a solar cooker and a "super beverage."

Episode 19

41min - Two cousins hope to turn their love of syrup into an empire. Outdoorsmen pitch a portable campfire and two dog lovers talk up a hydrating treat.

Episode 18

42min - A health-conscious couple pitches guilt-free sweets. Three, former football players present a showerless solution to stinky odors.

Episode 17

41min - An entrepreneur pitches the Sharks on body-enhancing clothes for guys. A new cleaning tool and an online shopping tool go under the microscope.

Episode 16

42min - A man pitches his hands-free flatware. An entrepreneur shares her self-sealing bag. Other pitches include a stain repellent and a new way to nap.

Episode 15

41min - The Sharks debate the merits of a tool that could change cooking, a workout-friendly stroller, and what may be a revolutionary men's garment.

Episode 14

41min - A man shares his idea for an automated dog potty system. Twins pitch their plan for improving pickup basketball. Two entrepreneurs talk tipping.

Episode 13

42min - A trio shares their idea for redefining gifting. Later, two men pitch their new life jacket and an Atlanta woman pitches clothing made in Africa.

Episode 12

41min - The Sharks are pitched by an Air Force mechanic, an entrepreneur with an innovative DNA test and another who hopes to get girls interested in coding.

Episode 11

41min - The Sharks hear a variety of pitches, including a community for empowering women, an invention to help ease people into water sports and more.

Episode 10

41min - In this holiday episode, the Sharks hear pitches on a shirt/blanket creation, a product to make fake Christmas trees look real and more.

Episode 9

42min - An entrepreneur hopes to turn the Sharks into "haters." Also on the docket: a coconut water system and a DIY lab-testing product.

Episode 8

41min - A married couple gives the Sharks a look at their seafood breading business. Other pitches include a pet communicator and a re-engineered bathrobe.

Episode 7

41min - Two firefighters pitch their smoked fish dip. Also, an entrepreneur shows off a quick wine chiller while another pitches a hair cutting contraption.

Episode 6

41min - Pay attention: This man's got a pitch for a product to increase focus. Other ideas include a rugged ring and water that improves the taste of coffee.

Episode 5

41min - Bethenny Frankel joins the Sharks as they listen to investment pitches on a hair removal product, sleep improvement tech, teas with 'tude and more.

Episode 4

42min - Ever wondered what you'd do in a disaster? These entrepreneurs have. Other pitches include a snack chip, a wireless mic and an app for airports.

Episode 3

41min - Richard Branson and the Sharks hear pitches on everything from innovative skateboards and wingboards to camping gear and meditation apps.

Episode 2

41min - The Sharks have thoughts about a family's radical reading idea. A dad pitches a line of paternity clothes. Parents try tossing an idea down the drain.

Episode 1

41min - An entrepreneur from SoCal makes a sweet pitch. A teen offers a foot pain solution. An NFL star pitches a bold new bottle with his bros.