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The Way We Were: Part 2

The Way We Were: Part 1

Joint Custody

Garrett's son may spell trouble for Edna's Edibles.

Seems Like Old Times

All by Herself

Blair takes away all her cousin Geri's responsibilities in planning a charity auction.

Mother and Daughter

Sparks fly when Tootie and her mother find it difficult to communicate.

Dream Marriage

Blair dreams of the future for herself and her friends.

Star at Langley

Blair has to compete for her boyfriend's attention when a movie star enrolls at Langley College.

Big Fish/Little Fish

Blair can't deal with Jo's increasing popularity.

A Death in the Family

Natalie's father dies unexpectedly.

All or Nothing

Crossing the Line

Next Door

The Chain Letter

The Christmas Show

Blair devises a way to get Jo to take a money gift.

The Second Time Around

Jo's plan to reunite her parents runs into trouble.

Store Games

The girls go to war with the shop's competition.

Small But Dangerous

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Jo and Blair bring Mrs. Garrett to an exotic dance club for her birthday.

Advance Placement

Natalie feels superior when she is allowed to take a course at Langley College.

The Halloween Show

A customer mysteriously vanishes on Halloween.

What Price Glory?

After Tootie's crush, the star quarterback of Eastland's football team comes into Mrs. Garrett's café, she discovers that he can't read. Tootie's ethics are soon tested when he asks her to help cheat on an upcoming big test. When she decides to not help him do that and offers to help learn how to read. Meanwhile, Blair volunteers her cousin Geri to perform at an upcoming charity show for her sorority and is in a bind when Geri is hesitant to help out.

Just My Bill

Jo's going out with a new guy. When she learns from Blair that he's the son of a prominent judge and an ambassador the afternoon she gets invited to dinner with them, she goes out of her way to make them feel uncomfortable at dinner.

Gamma Gamma or Bust

Blair fires sorority-party caterer Mrs. Garrett.

Brave New World: Part 2

Brave New World: Part 1