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The Apartment

Natalie and Tootie make some discoveries when they move into an apartment together.

The Graduate

Tootie seems more concerned with a theatrical audition than with her upcoming high-school graduation.

Big Time Charlie

The Candidate

Angry Natalie decides to run for mayor of Peekskill.

The Lady Who Came to Dinner

The girls have an unexpected guest when they celebrate Blair's 21st birthday.

Atlantic City


The Reunion

The Agent

Stake-Out Blues

When the police stake out the shop in an effort to catch a group of counterfeiters, the girls decide not to tell Mrs. Garrett.

Tootie Drives

Mrs. Garrett helps a nervous Tootie prepare for her driving test.

Christmas Baby

Blair is unexpectedly called in as a birthing coach when her mother delivers her baby on Christmas Day.

Ballroom Dance

When Jo decides to take dancing lessons, she attempts to hide the fact from her friends.

We Get Letters

Mrs. Garrett's former college friend accuses her of once having an affair with her husband.

3, 2, 1

Jo and Blair attempt to stage a live newscast from the store.

Born Too Late

Tootie becomes the object of Andy's affections.

Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green

Natalie travels to a truck stop where she involves her friends in an unusual musical fantasy.


The girls hastily form a singing act after Andy enters them in a band contest.

A New Life

Blair fears the worst when she discovers her mother is pregnant.

Men for All Seasons

Langley administrators are upset over the publication of a calendar featuring beefcake photos of the boys swim team.

Teacher, Teacher

Jo must make a decision between a teaching job and an offer from a major corporation.

Grand Opening

Into the Frying Pan

Out of the Fire...