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Graduation: Part 2

Graduation: Part 1

Take My Finals, Please

Despite Mrs. Garrett's objections, the girls settle in for an all-night study session.

Help from Home

Jo returns home for a visit and announces that she has decided to get a job instead of attending college.

Who's on First

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Best Sister: Part 2

Best Sister: Part 1

Let's Party

Teacher's Pet

Under Pressure

Magnificent Obsession

A Royal Pain

Tootie discovers that the new student, a young princess, plans to run away.

September Song

When the girls discover Mrs. Garrett's boyfriend is significantly older than her, they try to warn her that their romance won't last. Refusing to listen to their concerns, Mrs. Garrett soon realizes her relationship won't last because of how different their beliefs are.

For the Asking

Natalie may end up the odd woman out when she boycotts a school dance.

The Big Fight

Natalie has started dating Alfred, a cadet at a nearby Military Academy. When Alfred starts boxing he becomes disheartened over facing a tough boxing opponent, especially in front of his father and Natalie, who's there covering the match for her school newspaper.

Daddy's Girl

Blair discovers she's the unsuspecting victim when a tax audit reveals her father has done some questionable accounting.

A Woman's Place

Jo is forced to make a difficult decision when her exceptional ability at her new job gains her a quick promotion.

Dearest Mommie

Natalie embarks on a desperate search for her natural mother after an emotional confrontation with her adoptive mother.

Different Drummer

Blair tutors a mentally impaired young man.

The Oldest Living Graduate

Jo wins the heart and money of Eastland's oldest living graduate.

The Sound of Silence

Geri tries to give Tootie sound advice when she learns that Tootie is losing her hearing.

The Source

Ain't Miss Beholden