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Byline, Alias Doris

24min - Scotty, a co-worker of Doris' at Today's World magazine takes credit for her work.

Welcome to Big Sur, Sir

24min - A romantic weekend for Doris and Jonathan turns into a double date with Jackie and her boyfriend.

Meant for Each Other

24min - Doris accepts Jonathan's marriage proposal and makes plans for their wedding.

The Magnificent Fraud

24min - Doris and Cy turn criminal thanks to her uncle, an art forger who involves the unwitting pair in a swindle.

A Small Cure for Big Alimony

24min - Cy is upset when his ex-wife's boyfriend falls for Doris, worrying he'll have to keep paying alimony.

Family Magazine

23min - Cy tries to play matchmaker in order to get the rights to Doris' ex-boyfriend's newest book.

It's a Dog's Life

24min - Doris adopts a couple of stray dogs which causes problems for her and her landlord.

Hospital Benefit

24min - Doris offers to help Peter raise money and operate a fashion show as a hospital fundraiser.

The Last Huzzah

23min - Doris attempts to save an elderly employee's job at Today's World magazine.

The Hoax

24min - In order to expose a phony talent agency for a magazine article, Doris goes undercover as an actress.

Follow That Dog

24min - Doris is caught in the middle of a police investigation when detectives check out the dog she's babysitting.

The New Boss

23min - Doris replaces Cy as editor-in-chief after Colonel Fairburn attempts to give the magazine a fresh look.

Anniversary Gift

24min - Peter gives Doris an antique car to mark their anniversary but the gift brings Doris nothing but trouble.

The Co-Op

24min - Doris and neighbors are upset when a huge conglomerate tries to turn their building into a co-op.

Defective Story

23min - An Eastern European General is investigated by Doris about allegations that he plans to defect.

The Music Man

24min - After interviewing a rock star, Doris discovers the younger music idol is falling in love with her.

Jimmy the Gent

24min - Doris poses as a nurse as she breaks hospital security to interview an injured safecracker.

Debt of Honor

23min - Doris becomes a friend in need as she tries to borrow eleven hundred dollars.

Forgive and Forget

23min - A suspicious Doris believes that boyfriend Peter is secretly romancing a beautiful actress.

Peeping Tom

23min - The police arrest Cy as a peeping Tom, jeopardizing his chance of winning the Man of the Year award.

The Press Secretary

23min - Doris takes a leave of absence to serve as press secretary to a Congressional candidate.

Just a Miss Understanding

24min - Doris moonlights as hostess of an all-night radio show to solve her economic problem.

The Great Talent Raid

23min - Two aggressive bosses cause chaos when they battle to win Doris as a valuable employee.

No More Advice... Please

23min - Doris' boyfriend Peter finds himself on the sidelines while Doris interviews a handsome bachelor.