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There's a Horse Thief in Every Family Tree

23min - Doris' job is in jeopardy when an article about a prominient San Francisco family ancestor does not sit well with the relatives.

Gowns by Louie

23min - Doris persuades a French fashion show director to use Doris' own trendy couturier in the show.

Cover Girl

23min - Doris asks a charming artist to paint a cover for the magazine and cringes when she sees the outcome.

The Crapshooter Who Would Be King

23min - Doris' night on the town with a butler posing as a prince lands her in deep water at a casino.

Doris' House Guest

23min - Doris' guest Thelma finds herself In a love triangle when a flirtatious neighbor goes after her boyfriend.

Who's Got the Trenchcoat?

23min - Jackie gets into trouble when she donates Cy's trenchcoat to a thrift shop leading Doris to hunt it down.

The Blessed Event

23min - Angie is expecting a litter of pups from her dog Sophie and Doris decides to throw a baby shower.

The Sorrow of Sangapur

23min - On a train trip in France Doris gets involved in foreign intrigue when the theft of a diamond takes place.

Doris at Sea

23min - Doris is recruited by Peter into service as a surgical nurse for an emergency operation.

The Wings of an Angel

23min - Doris visits a penitentiary for a criminal's deathbed confession while Cy is concerned about security leaks.

Whodunnit, Doris

23min - Doris plays Santa to clear another St. Nick who is charged with murder.

Happiness Is Not Being Fired

23min - Doris and Angie become witnesses to an attempted theft of art objects during their preview of the exhibit.

Doris and the Doctor

23min - Dashing and debonair Dr. Peter Lawrence is interested in his medical patient Doris.

The Sheik of Araby

23min - Doris is mistakenly kidnapped by revolutionaries in the Middle East as a romantic interest for the Sultan.

To England with Doris

23min - Traveling to England on assignment, Doris tries to sell an author serialization rights to his book.

Have I Got a Fellow for You!

23min - Angie fixes Doris up with a handsome airline pilot, but Doris thinks Angie's matchmaking abilities are lacking.

The Albatross

23min - Doris' cousin Charlie gets her involved in an espionage plot following his visit to the Far East.

A Fine Romance

23min - Doris' dating service computer match turns out to be more than just a lonely bachelor.

The People's Choice

23min - Doris persuades her finicky neighbord Mr. Jarvis to run for a seat on the city council.

A Weighty Problem

23min - Angie goes to a spa with Doris who's on an undercover assignment spying on the wife of a convict.

Charity Begins in the Office

23min - Doris must cancel her vacation to assist the magazine owner's wife with her annual charity ball.

When in Rome, Don't

23min - Doris falls in love with an Italian in Rome and is heartbroken when a difference comes between them.

Mr. and Mrs. Raffles

23min - Doris and Mr. Jarvis wind up in jail after they are suspected of robbing a jewelry store.

And Here's... Doris

23min - Doris' ego-tripping boss complicates her efforts to line up an interview with a TV talk-show host.