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Young Love

23min - Doris' young niece pays a middle-of-the-night visit to seek her advice on how to patch up her marriage.

The Father-Son Weekend

23min - Doris invades an all male camp-out when Grandpa can't make the trip with the boys.

Skiing Anyone?

23min - A handsome doctor takes an interest in Doris after meeting her on vacation at a ski resort.

Doris Goes to Hollywood

23min - Doris is surprised to learn that she has won a Doris Day Look-Alike Contest which the boys entered her in without her knowledge.

Billy's First Date

23min - A widower whose daughter is going on her first date with Billy falls for Billy's mother Doris.

Colonel Fairburn Jr.

23min - Doris is surprised to find that Colonel Fairburn's son is a hippie.

Lassoin' Leroy

23min - Doris comes to Leroy's aid when he starts squandering his rodeo prize winnings.

Jarvis' Uncle

23min - Doris is surprised when Jarvis gets a visit from his uncle who is surprisingly unlike Jarvis in every way.

Duke's Girlfriend

23min - Doris tries to rescue the love-smitten Duke from a blonde socialite whom Doris believes is a gold digger.

The Forward Pass

23min - Doris is used as bait by colleague Ron in order to get an interview with a quarterback.

Doris vs. Pollution

23min - Colonel Fairburn is in the hot seat when Doris launches her own campaign against air pollution.

It's Christmas Time in the City

23min - Mr. Jarvis disrupts Doris' Christmas Party when he turns into a Scrooge and threatens to shut it down.

Buck Visits the Big City

23min - When Doris' father Buck comes for a visit, she wonders how he will adjust to city life.

Love Makes the Pizza Go Round

23min - Doris tries to help Angie and Louie's marriage and inadvertently sets off a chain of events that might lead them into the opposite direction.

Cousin Charlie

23min - Doris's seafaring cousin Charlie shows up and his top-secret government work invites alot of complications.

Tony Bennett Is Eating Here

23min - Doris brings Tony to Pallucci's restaurant for a quiet dinner away from his adoring fans. But owner Angie gets so excited she broadcasts the singer's visit throughout the neighborhood.

Doris the Spy

23min - After a briefcase mixup, Doris is subjected to an intensive security check by government agents.

Duke the Performer

23min - A nightclub act is front and center for Doris and her ex-boxer friend Duke .

Lost and Found

23min - Doris and Myrna search for a lost manuscript and wind up auditioning for a night club as go-go dancers.

The Fashion Show

23min - French couturier Montagne goes to lengths to repeat an earlier success getting Doris to model his fashions.

Doris Leaves Today's World: Part 2

23min - Doris can't stop worrying about her family back home and realizes she may have made a wrong decision.

Doris Leaves Today's World: Part 1

23min - Billionaire William Tyler tries to lure Doris away from Today's World for a job travelling around the world.

Dinner for One

23min - Trying to help Angie and Louie's restaurant get some publicity and much needed customers, Doris pitches in and almost gets the place shut down.

How Can I Ignore the Man Next Door?

23min - Doris' worst nightmare comes true when Mr. Jarvis moves into the apartment next to hers.

The Feminist

23min - Doris masquerades as a cigar-smoking feminist to get the magazine rights to a book authored by an outspoken women's liberation leader.

Doris Finds an Apartment

23min - Doris lands a fantastic apartment in San Francisco. But a chaotic moving day jeopardizes her lease as friends, dogs and weirdos turn the place into a madhouse.