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The Five Dollar Bill

24min - Doris and the entire family face a painful problem: a neighbor lady has accused young Billy of taking five dollars from her wallet.

The Date

24min - A budding romance between housekeeper Juanita and a local merchant is turning into a four-sided entanglement, thanks to continual meddling by Doris and Buck.

The Tiger

24min - Leroy saves the day when an escaped tiger falls into his not-so-capable hands with a little help from Doris.

The Gift

25min - Delicate deception is called for as Doris and the boys try to decide on a practical gift for Leroy. What does he really need and how can they find out--without tipping their hand?

The Still

24min - The elderly McGlinsey sisters have started up their liquor still again and U.S. Treasury agents are hot on their trail when Doris comes to the rescue and winds up in jail.

The Baby Sitter

24min - A harried Doris takes care of three mischievous young children while their mother is in the hospital delivering her fourth child.

The Musical

24min - Buck promises the P.T.A. that Doris will direct the school musical. In the process, Doris upsets the principal because of the way the kids are taught to dance.

The Con Man

24min - Bubbling with enthusiasm, Doris spearheads a drive for civic improvements and falls for a flimflamming scheme to build a community center.

Love Thy Neighbor

23min - Grandpa is on the verge of bankruptcy. He needs a new tractor and several farmers owe him money. Doris decides to collect the money since Buck is too generous and laid back.

The Tournament

24min - Buck and Doc are getting set for a horseshoe tournament when Doc has a mishap because of Leroy, who is then enlisted to take Doc's place.

The Flyboy

24min - Buck is upset with the military base when their pilots' aerial maneuvers frighten the chickens so they won't lay eggs. One of the pilots bets his buddies he'll make a hit with Doris.

The Buddy

24min - Grandpa and Leroy are left in the lurch when Doris and Juanita leave the ranch to help out a new mother. Grandpa's ex-girlfriend Major Emma Flood takes over running the place like a military installation.

The Clock

24min - Doris faces sleepless nights and sluggish days, thanks to a chiming antique clock given to her by Leroy. Problem: How to get rid of the noisemaker without hurting the handyman's feelings.

Let Them Out of the Nest

24min - The boys get a job as egg deliverers and get sick to their stomachs so Doris has to deliver the eggs.

Love a Duck

24min - With Buck and the boys in bed with colds, Doris assumes the task of trapping Tyrone Lovey, a longtime troublemaker who's suspected of poaching on the ranch.

The Relatives

24min - Buck and Leroy take the boys away for a camping trip. Doris and Juanita are set to redecorate the house when they are surprised by Leroy's colorful cousins.

Buck's Girl

24min - Buck has some competition when both he and the veterinarian fall for the new manicurist in town.

The Job

24min - Doris' former boss asks her to return New York for a week to help out and then becomes determined to convince Doris to stay.

The Camping Trip

24min - The Martin boys excitedly prepare for their first camping trip with Grandpa Buck and his old friend Joe Whitecloud but the excursion is threatened by a brewing feud between the veteran outdoorsmen.

The Librarian

24min - Leroy becomes an obsessive bookworm and a fiend for 19th-century verse. His ulterior motive is a lovely librarian who has invited him to a meeting of the local poetry club.

The Black Eye

24min - Billy comes home from school with a black eye. Buck tries to encourage the boy to fight back but Doris steps in to find out exactly what's going on.

LeRoy B. Simpson

24min - Doris and Aggie reminisce about how Leroy showed up at the ranch. The handyman made such a lasting impression on the boys but Grandpa found him to be incompetent.

The Antique

24min - Billy and Toby are conned out of a valuable antique from the attic by two old ladies. Doris plots her own way of retrieving the treasure.

The Songwriter

24min - Leroy has hopes of becoming a country composer when a publisher accepts his song "Weeds in the Garden of My Heart." But the hired hand has paid $50 for the big break, and Doris fears he's the victim of fraud.

The Matchmakers

24min - Thanks to matchmaking sons, Doris is beset with an insufferable suitor, Deputy Sheriff Puckum, who fancies himself the town swinger.

The Friend

24min - Doris is approached by the school committee to enlist businessman Henry R. Pritchard to supply milk to the children at school for free with the condition that she and her boys become part of the advertising campaign.

The Uniform

24min - Envious of Billy's Little League uniform, Toby announces that he has a uniform as well, referring to a choir robe, despite the fact that try-outs for the choir haven't yet taken place.

Dinner for Mom

24min - Toby and Billy take Doris out to dinner for her birthday with money they've earned but aren't prepared for the size of the check.

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