And a Bodyguard

And a Taxi Cab

And a Dracula's Castle

Marie uses her 6-figure budget to create an elaborate Dracula’s Castle, while Zoranda has surprising news to shock her guests. Karen exchanges vows on an island dock and Anumita’s New York wedding is held at a landmark hotel.

And a Giraffe

Amber brings the islands to the mainland at her Hawaiian-themed reception, while Shelly incorporates her Afghan heritage. Whitney is knows her swan dress will turn heads and Christine's earth-friendly theme is showcased at her zoo nuptials

And a Pilgrim

Jessica and her groom unveil their wrist tattoos at during their backyard wedding, while Lynette exchanges rings at a working cattle farm. Wendy’s guests are greeted by pilgrims, while Nicole’s guests are treated to boat cruise around Boston Harbor.

...And Brides on a Vine

Anjali is the princess at her medieval castle wedding, while Cammi serves up bacon during her Harvard U reception. Celeste’s guests sit on hay bales during her backyard fiesta, while Jenna entertains under a whale skeleton at a maritime museum.

And an Army Salute

Kathy’s Coney Island bash showcases NY, while Stacyann treats her guests to traditional Jamaican goat soup and other island cuisine. Amanda receives a special Army salute at her wedding, and Larissa’s butterfly theme makes everyone's heart flutter.

...and a Texas Showdown

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