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...And a Ball and Chain

...And Something Blue

Keshia plans to dazzle with an aqua blue dress, while Danielle plans on doing everything by the book. Meanwhile Tonya's having a destination beach wedding in the Florida Keys while Emilee's planned a chic and modern evening in a Japanese garden.

...And a Bubble Man

Lisa's big night comes with an assortment of circus performers and celebrity impersonators, but will it receive high marks over Jennifer's springtime brunch celebration. Meanwhile, Alexis and Jayne feel their weddings are the one to beat.

...And Three Raccoons

Raiza's serving takeout pizza and beer at her laid-back wedding, while Karen's guests will be sipping champagne. Meanwhile, Ana Maria's ceremony will be an all-Spanish affair while Bridgette's big day will include a Venetian masquerade reception.

...And a Street Parade

Holly has plans for a 1940's themed wedding, but will it earn high scores from Lauren who hates themed weddings? Meanwhile, Nikki has called on friends to help her with with her big day while Melanie is planning the perfect first dance as newlyweds.

...And Fireworks

Limor, 24, is throwing a lavish wedding complete with an 8-piece orchestra and fireworks display. But will it be too over-the-top for Selicia's, 38, traditional taste? Cathy, 32, and Lauren, 27, believe their fun filled weddings are the one to beat.

...And a Haunted House

Melissa is going all out for her Cinderella themed wedding, but will it be enough to beat Ariana's traditional Jewish ceremony? Francine believes her red wedding dress is a sure hit while Sharon hopes her wedding will leave all the brides screaming.

...And a Snow Machine

Amber, 31, has created an elegant black tie affair themed wedding for her big day, but will it beat Kristin's, 28, custom crafted wedding? Anastasia, 28, and Jena, 28, also think their winter wonderland themed weddings are the one to beat.

...And a Boat to Catch

Karen's, 34, dream wedding features a rotating reception room for her 75 guests. But will it be enough to top Vidya, 29, and her grand entrance down the aisle. Maria, 29, and Nataly, 28, will have something to say about that.

...And a Racetrack

Nicole, 40, has spent the last 3 months planning a non-cookie-cutter wedding at Belmont Racetrack. But will this win over Nadine, 30, who is a wedding perfectionist? Meanwhile, Nic, 27 and Dimitra, 24, also believe their weddings are the one to beat.

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