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Four Weddings: More Big Blunders

...And Chocolate Handcuffs

...And a Power Outage

...And Men in Kilts

...And a Unity Fish Bowl

...And a Wishing Lantern

...And a School Bus

...And Bling-Blau

...And a Yellow Brick Road

...And the Reverse Worm

...And a Hurricane

...And a Dance Off

...And a Frog Dance

...And a Thousand Cranes

...And a Bling Team!

...And Two Wedding Crashers

...And a Rockin' Harmonica

...And a Bouncy House

...And a Flirtatious Ape

...And a Pizza Delivery

...And an Awkward Pirate

...And a Dancing Santa

Lauren impresses with an over-the-top spread of food, while Kathiria poursher heart into a sexy Tango. Christina goes for eclectic entertainment at her reception, hiring a pirate and a German oompah band while Jamie shares the aisle with her dog.

...And a Smoking Cocktail

At Kellie’s enchanted Christmas, wedding guests waltz with Santa Claus, while at Erica’s rocked-out reception, the fists are pumping. Liz makes her grand entrance on a retractable staircase and Charelle is serenaded by her loyal sorority sisters.

...And a Shark Tank

Kateryna walks barefoot through the sand to make her ocean-side vows while Kira’s in diamonds in an elegant hotel ballroom. Jenny celebrates her nuptials at her family’s winery and Winnie’s wedding menu includes nouveau cuisine.

...And the Leaning Tower of Eiffel

Celeste’s couture gown has a removable layer that reveals a feathered skirt. Marisol upstages with a reception inside a theater. Ann's dress includes DYI-handiwork and Soo’s day reaches new depths when the certified diver plunges into a shark tank.

...And a Fast Food Diet

Heather heads to the beach for surf and sand nuptials, Shakelia’s big day is inside a Baptist church. Jessica has an open bar and a karaoke mic, while Chimere’s guests sip mocktails under a 12-foot Eiffel Tower outside an ancient Spanish monastery.

...And a Candelabra Hat

Tulisa’s garden nuptials leave her guests in peaceful tranquility while retro-bride Crystal’s rockabilly beach party has guests twisting the night away. Erica is splurging on fine wine, but Alli’s dying for chicken fingers and French fries.

And a Candelabra Hat

The sky's the limit with Deyana’s ten tiers of towering cake, while Danielle’s rotating penthouse party keeps her guests guessing. Deedee’s Thai tabletop gifts impress, but Julianna’s Brazilian carnival has them dancing in the street.

...And Dancing Zombies

Tinisha's hoping to impress with banquet hall surprises while Rachel's upping the ante with a tumbling flower girl and theatrics. Hannah's feels her "Hollowedding" is the one to beat but Janitza's blending of cultures wedding may be the best!

...And a Crying Bride

Heather is a perfectionist with plans for her big banquet hall blowout, while Aretha is relying on help from her friends for her college campus affair. Kelly is a non-traditional bride but the sentimental bride Mary sheds a tear at her wedding.

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