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43min - In the Season 4 finale, Dreyfuss finally has enough power to infiltrate the White House, and his group of minions now has the strength to take action, so it's up to Team Witness to stop him once and for all.


43min - A glimpse of the future reveals a dystopian world if Dreyfuss comes to power, but Team Witness, having learned more about Lara in the process, now has a clearer picture of what it will take to stop the billionaire madman.

The Way of the Gun

43min - A mysterious woman's identity and allegiances test the team's cognitive abilities when she wanders into the vault, while Alex struggles with her complex feelings after finding herself in quite a predicament.


43min - Diana concludes that the team must channel their powers toward stopping Dreyfuss when one of her mentors is targeted.

Child's Play

43min - A monster appears that resembles Molly's childhood imaginary friend.

Sick Burn

43min - When internet sensation Logan Macdonald comes to town, a supernatural infection hits, via a viral video.

Loco Parentis

43min - Just before Molly’s 11th birthday, her father returns from duty.


43min - When the team realizes that the talisman which Dreyfuss seeks might be hidden in the most obvious of places, they race against the clock to find it.

Blood from a Stone

43min - As Dreyfuss gets closer to making progress on his mission, important parts of his past come to light.

The People v. Ichabod Crane

43min - When a monster makes its victims live out their most personal and haunting memories hits D.C., the team must find its weakness to save one of their own.

Heads of State

43min - When one of Crane’s greatest foes comes to town to threaten the safety of Washington’s highest officials.

In Plain Sight

42min - The team investigates a new case that could involve witchcraft.


44min - After escaping his captors in DC, Ichabod teams up with Homeland Security Agent Diana Thomas, who just lost her partner to a demon attack. Together they find what remains of George Washington's Agency 355 and try to stop the demon. Meanwhile, Ichabod tries to find the new Witness.