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Episode 5: Vichnaya Pamyat

1h 12min - Valery, Boris and Ulana risk their lives and reputations to expose the truth about Chernobyl.

Episode 4: The Happiness of All Mankind

1h 2min - Ulana runs into problems as she investigates the explosion. Valery Legasov and Boris Shcherbina come up with a life-saving idea.

Episode 3: Open Wide, O Earth

59min - Valery Legasov draws up a plan, but it comes with great human risks. Lyudmilla ignores warnings about her firefighter husband's contamination.

Episode 2: Please Remain Calm

1h 2min - Ulana races to warn fellow Soviet nuclear physicist Valery Legasov about the threat of second, devastating explosion.

Episode 1: 1:23:45

56min - Jared Harris, Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard star in the 10-time Emmy Award-winning Sky original about those who sacrificed it all to save Europe.