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Episode 7: Glassbilen

7min - A boiling-hot day in Bumperton Hills has everyone feeling overheated. Cue the sweet song of an ice cream truck ... if Cory and his friends can find it.

Episode 6: Morfars skatt

8min - Special clues are everywhere when Mama and Papa take Cory and Chrissy on a treasure hunt to remember their grandfather on his birthday.

Episode 5: Billys nya sovrum

7min - To escape a clingy Chrissy, Cory asks his parents for his own room. But when he finally gets one, something doesn't feel quite right.

Episode 4: Punkteringen

7min - Cory gets a flat tire while practicing bumper ball with his friends — and the big game's just hours away! Can Dr. Wiperglass get him patched up to play?

Episode 3: Mikes spelhall

7min - Cory's training so hard to win the upcoming Go! Go! Dance Party contest that he takes all the fun out of it for Freddie, his frustrated dance partner.

Episode 2: Bröllopsdagen

7min - It's an afternoon full of surprises when Cory and Chrissy pitch in to help a stressed-out Mama make Papa a special anniversary dinner.

Episode 1: Härmapan Chrissy

7min - Little sister Chrissy wants to copy everything Cory does — and it's getting annoying! But sometimes copying someone is the best way to learn.