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Episode 7: Fartgrænser

8min - When fun-loving Cory takes a turn as class safety monitor, he gets rid of all the rules -- only to realize that they're there for a reason.

Episode 6: Pyjamasparty

8min - Cory can't wait to spend the night at Kimmy and Timmy's house. But everything’s different when he gets there, and it doesn't feel like home.

Episode 5: Olieudslip

8min - Mama and Papa are going on a date, so Cory and Chrissy have a babysitter. But Cory's convinced he's a big kid who doesn't really need one.

Episode 4: Brandstationen

8min - A tour of the firehouse led by Freddie's mom sounds exciting until a real-life emergency -- and Cory's behavior -- puts everyone at risk.

Episode 3: Affaldsdag

7min - Cory's thrilled when his favorite trash truck makes him a "Junior Garbage Apprentice" for the day. He's making the rounds -- and learning a lot!

Episode 2: Julles bedste ven

7min - Cory's little sister has a new friend: a shiny red balloon named Loony. But for big brother Cory, keeping Loony safe is a full-time job.

Episode 1: Billys första dag

8min - Cory's got big plans for his first day at Motorssori School. First on the agenda? Making friends. But it all feels a bit overwhelming.