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Episode #9.19

Episode #9.18

The final four contestants go home to prepare for a marathon, but some of the players have trouble staying on track when surrounded by all of the distractions of home. And one contestant gets a special visit from chef Curtis Stone. Later, they return to the ranch to run the 26.2 miles, cheered on by family members as well as each of their favorite past season contestants - season 5 winner Ali Vincent, Season 2 winner Matt Hoover, and Season 7 contestants Mike Morelli and Sione Fa. The winner finishes in record time, breaking a "Biggest Loser" marathon record. Then it's the very last "last chance workouts" with trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels before a final weigh in determines who the two definite finalists will be - and which two contestants fall below the dreaded yellow line, leaving America to vote which one will be the third finalist to compete for the grand prize of $250,000.

Episode #9.17

This week, the remaining five contestants are surprised by a visit from Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who gives them an inspiring pep talk before taking the players on a hike. They also get a visit from season seven winner Helen Phillips and season three winner Erik Chopin, who talk to them about the challenges and strategies for keeping the weight off once they leave the ranch. A health update with Dr. Huizenga reveals startling visuals of how their bodies look now --inside and out - compared to when they first arrived at the ranch. Then the contestants face what could be their toughest challenge yet - putting all of their weight back on and racing up and down sixteen hills of sand while dropping their weekly weight loss incrementally as it was lost during the season. Later, the final five see just how far they've really come watching emotional videos of each of their weight-loss journeys at the ranch with trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. Then the five players weigh in, but this time, a red line will determine this season's final four, so whoever has the lowest percentage of weight loss will automatically go home.

Episode #9.16

It's one of the most eagerly anticipated events every season - "The Biggest Loser' makeover episode! First, the remaining six contestants get $1,000 shopping sprees at their favorite stores before heading to the salon to meet celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Antin and begin their makeovers. Then it's time for amazing reveals and emotional surprise reunions, when the made-over players show off their incredible new looks to loved ones flown in to help them celebrate their big day. Later the contestants and their guests are treated to an unforgettable concert from recording artist Ashanti, who shares her inspirational music. This week's challenge finds the players climbing Jacob's Ladder cardio machines while suspended over a pool, with the winner getting a weigh-in related prize. And finally, two contestants fall below the yellow line at weigh-in, leading to a very emotional elimination as another contestant is sent home.

Episode #9.15

It's an exciting week for the remaining seven contestants as they head to Dallas to inspire Texans to get healthy and join them as they run a 5K at the Cotton Bowl. Then it's off to a rodeo for a wild challenge involving wrangling calves that will grant immunity to the lucky winner at this week's weigh-in. And with only seven contestants left, it becomes clearer than ever who is willing to do whatever it takes to be in the final four. Also, season eight fan favorite Abby Rike makes a special appearance this week and invites Jillian to speak at her old high school. Later, back at the ranch, another elimination leaves one player feeling very much alone.

Episode #9.14

This week, contestants learn that the kitchen will be closed for a day and they'll have to eat their meals from a buffet table offering both high and low calorie choices. Whoever eats the most calories will win a coveted prize - the only vote at elimination. Then it's off to a circuit beach workout with pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, and later, the players face off in a building block challenge testing their design and climbing skills. Also, Dr. Huizenga stops by to give updated 'Know Your Number' health scores and reveals how many years the contestants have added to their lives since starting the show. And one player gets devastating news before the weigh-in, followed by an elimination that sends another contestant home.

Episode #9.13

This week's pop challenge finds the contestants piling quarters, each worth $10, on to platters, and then trying to balance the platters as long as they can to win the money they're holding. Aftwards, financial expert Suze Orman talks with the contestants about their financial health, along with season 8 winner Danny Cahill, who she predicted would win last season. It's a wake-up call for many of them struggling with their personal finances, especially when Orman shares her prediction for who will win this season. Then a wild challenge in the pouring rain finds contestants racing to find the right keys that will open this season's biggest prize yet for two lucky contestants - brand new cars! Later, trainer Bob Harper takes the players outside for a workout in the mud, which leads to a wild mud-wrestling fight and a lively chase to bring trainer Jillian Michaels into the fray.

Episode #9.12

The competition heats up when the players learn that whoever loses 2% of their body weight first this week gets immunity. The catch is that only one person gets immunity and they only get one shot to weigh in whenever they think they've reached that goal. Later, the players head to the pool for a swimming challenge involving weights. After each contestant finishes the race, they are allowed to go back and help others finish, which proves very revealing about who the players want to stay in the game -- and who they don't.

Episode #9.11

The final nine contestants are delighted to learn from host Alison Sweeney that the game is now going to singles and they'll all compete as individuals for the rest of the competition. Then she reveals a big surprise - the eliminated contestants have returned to try and win a spot back in the game. But for the first time in Biggest Loser history, the player chosen won't be determined by weight loss, but rather by popular vote. After that contestant is voted in, the remaining eliminated players get to battle it out for another spot back in the game - going to whoever wins a 1,000 step-ups challenge. Later, a close friendship starts to unravel, and after a tense weigh-in, another contestant is sent home.

Episode #9.10

This week, the contestants return to their hometowns to visit family and friends. But with those happy reunions comes the challenge of continuing to eat right and exercise despite all of the distractions and temptations away from the ranch. After arriving home, the players also get a surprise - a gift crate with a stationary bicycle and a DVD of host Alison Sweeney explaining the at-home temptation and challenge that awaits them. Each contestant will ride the length of a full marathon (26.2 miles) on their new stationary bike - but they are also provided with a temptation in the form of 48 mini-cupcakes. For every cupcake a contestant may choose to eat, they can apply five minutes to the final ride time of any other player during the bike challenge - a twist that could have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the game. Later, the weigh-in back at the ranch reveals how they all did at home before another contestant is eliminated and sent home for good.

Episode #9.9

This week, the blue team squares off against the black team in a food trivia pop challenge that will send the winning team via limo to a day of pampering and luxury while the losing team has to stay behind and clean up the kitchen and the gym! Then popular chef Curtis Stone stops by to help host Alison Sweeney judge a food cook-off challenge. Each team has 30 minutes to make an appetizer, entrée and dessert using only 12 ingredients, and the team who wins the taste test gets a big advantage at this week's weigh in. Then an emotional elimination round sends another player home.

Episode #9.8

This week kicks off with a wild challenge that will test the strength of both the blue and the black teams when each team has to pull a truck - and then put together a large puzzle with the crates they had to stop and load along the way. The winning team gets an amazing prize. Then it's work week for the contestants, with each working eight-hour shifts at the food bank while also fitting in workouts in a specific time frame, a real-world task that proves very challenging for some. Later, the blue team squares off against the black team at a tense weigh in before another player is sent home.

Episode #9.7

After viewers learn who was eliminated after the Olympic challenge cliffhanger from the previous episode, host Alison Sweeney tells all the contestants they are switching to blue vs. black teams. And the winner of this week's temptation will control the fate of all of the contestants, getting to choose which players go on the blue team with trainer Bob Harper and the black team with trainer Jillian Michaels, as well as which player gets immunity. But after proving victorious at the high-calorie temptation that put their memory to the test, the winner quickly finds their game-changing choices alienating several players - and one of the trainers. Later, the newly-formed teams face off on the roof of a very tall building for a pulling challenge that will bring the lucky winners a special prize from home. Then Dr. Huizenga meets with contestants to give them their updated "Know Your Number" scores revealing how dramatically their health has improved in just seven weeks on othe ranch. Finally, a tense weigh-in pits blue team against black before another player is sent packing.

Episode #9.6

It's a star-studded Olympic-themed episode of "The Biggest Loser: Couples" to help kick off the winter games! This week, the contestants head to Colorado to train like Olympic athletes at the U.S. Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs. Host Alison Sweeney tells them the game is going from teams to singles, and multiple medal-winning paralympic athlete Allison Jones warmly welcomes them to the U.S.O.C. campus. Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels invite two Olympians to help work out the contestants - gold medalist skier Julia Mancuso and Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, the freestyle skier famous for his "hurricane" jump. Then it's off to a pop challenge involving a slide board, where U.S. Olympic speed skater J.R. Celski cheers them on. Later, they engage in a biathlon challenge before moving on to this week's last chance workout -- with pairs figure skater Rockne Brubaker! Then their exciting week comes to an end as two more players are sent packing.

Episode #9.5

This week, contestants are surprised by the return of the blue and yellow teams, who were sent home after the first challenge of the season. Now they're back, 30 days later, to weigh in and try to earn a spot back on the ranch. Then a vigorous football challenge tests everyone's stamina, except for one player sidelined with medical issues, and provides immunity for the winner - but a big disadvantage for the losing team. Later, after another elimination round sends a player home, host Alison Sweeney surprises the contestants with exciting news.

Episode #9.4

This week starts off with a high-stakes pop challenge in which contestants race for the prize of immunity - and the winning team also gets three envelopes to give to the teams of their choice with instructions that could have a dramatic impact at this week's weigh in. Also, tensions are high between the trainers and one team suspected of game play, and a lifting competition rewards the winning team with a prize that everyone wants.

Episode #9.3

Host Alison Sweeney surprises the contestants with the news that this will be student/teacher week, with the contestants on each team assuming the role of either teacher or student. The teachers get to continue working out with trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, but then have to teach what they've learned to their teammates or students, who don't get to work out with the trainers. First, a temptation determines who will decide who the student and teacher are on each team, and later, contestants have to unravel their way through a challenge that grants immunity to the lucky winning team. Also, one player threatens to leave after the trainers try to determine what is causing her negative attitude, and an accusation about game play flies during a tense weigh-in, after which another contestant is sent home.

Episode #9.2

This week, Dr. Huizenga delivers the sobering news that this season of contestants is the most unhealthy ever on the show, and more at risk for catastrophic diseases than any previous cast. To illustrate his point, he gives each team a medical task that proves to be a real eye-opener as to what their poor health is really costing them, and how important it is to make healthy changes in their lives. Later, a balance challenge over a pool offers the best prize of all for the winning team, but an unexpected event affects the ending of the competition. Later, trainer Jillian Michaels tries to get one contestant to face one of her biggest fears, and then an elimination after weigh-in sends another contestant packing.

Episode #9.1

It is the heaviest cast ever when season nine kicks off with twenty two contestants - eleven family teams of two - coming to The Biggest Loser ranch hoping to transform their bodies, their health and ultimately, their lives. The new season players include Maria and Michael, an Italian mother-son duo who have always put others first while Michael's weight soared to 526 lbs., identical twins James and John, who together weigh close to half a ton, Tongan cousins Sam and Koli, who hope to inspire others in their culture like Sione and Filipe Fa did in season seven, and Cherita, a competitive mother who has already beat cancer and is ready to take on obesity along with her determined daughter, Vicky. Before coming to the ranch, all of the contestants have to weigh in - but for the first time ever, it will be in their hometowns in front of friends, families and neighbors. Then they arrive on campus and are faced with a strenuous bike challenge their first day - and a shocking surprise from host Alison Sweeney.