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The Biggest Loser 4 Live Finale

In this must-see, exciting live finale, all of The Biggest Loser contestants from this season return for a special reunion and a chance to weigh in one last time and show America how much they've all lost since beginning their weight-loss journeys. Then it's the moment viewers have been waiting for, when one of the final four will be named this season's Biggest Loser and win the coveted grand prize of $250,000.

Episode #4.14

The stakes have never been higher as the five remaining contestants fight for a spot in next week's Biggest Loser finale. In their last challenge, the contestants take a ride down memory lane to see how far they've come in their 14 weeks on campus. Then one more contestant will be sent home and The Biggest Loser finalists will be revealed.

Episode #4.13

Its back to work for the remaining six contestants this week, as they leave campus to put all theyve learned about staying fit to the test. Can they avoid temptations while working at a pizzeria? At the challenge, the contestants punch their way to new heights for a one-pound weight advantage. Then after a close weigh-in, the players must send another friend packing.

Episode #4.12

This week brings a special workout challenge that viewers at home have chosen. Then the final seven contestants battle it out with only two weigh-ins left before one player wins the coveted title of The Biggest Loser.

Episode #4.11

As a reward for their hard work so far, the players are surprised with a day of star treatment and makeovers on the set of NBC's popular daytime drama Days of our Lives. Behind closed doors, family and friends wait to surprise their beloved losers who they haven't seen in over three months. Alison Sweeney is the host, and trainers Bob Harper, Kim Lyons and Jillian Michaels star.

Episode #4.10

For the first time ever this season, the players start competing as individuals rather than teams. A tantalizing temptation has the contestants overcome by the power of donuts and one player finds a valuable prize, but was it worth risking their diet for? Then a 24-Hour Fitness triathlon challenge allows a contestant to go home for 24 hours and surprise their loved ones but as always theres a twist.

Episode #4.9

Episode #4.8

Episode #4.7

The stakes are higher than ever when host Alison Sweeney introduces the contestants to a unique version of poker, with the winner getting a prize that will completely change the competition for all of the players. Then the game is really on when one contestant shocks everyone when their weight is revealed at the weigh-in, and a dramatic elimination round follows.

Episode #4.6

The three teams join host Alison Sweeney at the beach for a special challenge that tests the contestants' perseverance instead of their speed, with the winning team getting something very special from home. Plus, Jillian gives one of her team members her own version of a makeover with dramatic results. Then it's time for the weigh-in, followed by one of the toughest elimination rounds yet to determine which contestant will go home.

Episode #4.5

This week Alison surprises the three teams with news of an exotic getaway, but they quickly discover their vacation will be more work than play. The contestants are faced with temptations they never had to face back on campus, and later square off in a wild challenge unlike any they've faced before. Then back on the Biggest Loser campus, contestants who lose the weigh-in try to forge alliances before making the difficult decision of who to send home.

Bidding Wars

This week's food temptation puts the trainers to the test instead of the contestants. If Bob, Kim or Jillian give into temptation, they could possibly be giving their team a 15-second advantage that will aid them in the upcoming physical challenge. As much as the trainers want the bonus time, they would not be setting a good example for their teams by choosing the easy way out. In the physical challenge, host Alison Sweeney explains the contestants must race up and down a hill to their team flag in the fastest time. But there's a catch -- the teams will have to try to outbid each other with a faster time, hoping that someone will wager lower and will be unable to succeed. This would result in knocking a team out. The reward for winning will be revealed at the weigh-in and sadly another person will be sent home.

Episode #4.3

The teams are put to the test for the first time with a tempting food competition. Each contestant will need to decide whether it is worth it to participate when they are put in a room full of unhealthy food. They have four minutes to consume or not consume the most calories and the winner will receive a three-pound pass that will be used to their advantage at this week's weigh-in. In the physical challenge, contestants will participate in three different 100-meter heats against the yellow team formed by three kids. Host Alison Sweeney informs them that the winning team will receive a phone call home, making the stakes this week even higher. After the weigh-in one of the teams will have to send someone home.

The Secret Black Team is Revealed!

The countdown to the surprise reveal of the secret black team trained by Jillian Michaels has begun in this action packed two-hour episode! Meanwhile, the blue and red teams continue to work out with their respective trainers, Bob and Kim, and prepare for this week's competition. Immunity is on the line at this week's challenge, which sends the teams racing up the stairs of a ten-story building. As the contestants head into the weigh-in room, they are shocked to see the black team standing in front of them.

Back to Basics

In the two-hour season premiere episode, the contestants are dropped in the middle of the desert and trainers Bob Harper and Kim Lyons dramatically skydive to the ground below about a mile away from them. New host Alison Sweeney explains that the first two contestants to reach the trainers will become team captains and will have the tough decision of picking five team members each. Sadly, they realize that means six people will be going home before the game has even begun. Once the teams are picked, the rejected contestants are heartbroken that their journey is already over. But in the new season twist, former trainer Jillian Michaels returns and the rejected contestants learn they will comprise a secret black team!.