Stream, lej eller køb


Jerusalem 1099: crusaders find the Tau cross, but it evaporates the one touching it. Paris 2001: Allan comes to Sydney, sating he has 12 hours before a virus kills him unless he delivers the Tau to a blackmailer who has the antidote

Set in Stone

Hungary, 1595: In a monastery, Knight Gabriel impales a demon, which then turns to stone. 2001: Nigel and Sydney arrive bearing a letter from a monk, but the abbot claims it is a forgery and shuts them out.

The Royal Ring

When the British Museum gets Sidney and Nigel to help search at Tudor sites for a ring of king Henry VIII, Nigel is confronted with his self-confident elder brother, Preston Bailey.

The Executioner's Mask

A model's face is disfigured when she puts on the mask of a French executioner. The only ways to get her beautiful face back are if someone puts on the mask so they will be disfigured, or if the curse is stopped by carrying the mask to the executioner's tomb.

Midnight Flight

Germania, ca. AD 400: an artifact called Gunther's Scepter is sealed in a vault. Kleine Burgh, 2001: Sydney and Nigel are hired to find the Scepter using a crystal and a stone tablet that were recently discovered.

Don't Go Into the Woods

A friend of Sydney phones to inform her that he's discovered information on the Golden Hawk of Maribor, lost since 1711.

French Connection

While on a lecture tour with Nigel in Europe, Sydney is contacted by MI-5 because she is the only one who can prevent an impending high-level assassination, according to a prophecy written by Nostradamus.

Run Sydney Run

Sydney and Nigel are ambushed in Russia. Two weeks later, Sydney wakes up in the house of a man called Tsarlov, who claims to have saved her.

Eyes of Toklamanee

Mississippi Valley, 1605: Indians lock French explorers into a chamber in which they get disintegrated. 2001: Sydney and her student Adam seek his ancestors' fabled Eyes of Toklamanee, but they are pursued by mysterious gunmen.

Out of the Past

Claudia realizes that she was Cleopatra's servant in a past life when she experiences a déjà vu while seeing a catalog about an Ancient Egyptian relics exposition.


Sydney gets kidnapped; Nigel, Claudia and Cate have to go through the list of enemies Sydney has made in the past and deduce which of them is responsible.

The Reel Thing

Egypt, 1516 BC: Amun II is buried with his crook and flail. London, 2001: Working as consultants for an archeology adventure film, Sydney and Nigel realize the Pharaoh's props are genuine, long thought lost relics.

Lost Contact

Sydney, Nigel and billionaire entrepreneur Rod Thorson parachute into the Myanmar jungle to rescue a relic-hunting team hired by Thorson to locate an ancient sacrificial bowl.

Cross of Voodoo

When two graduate students on the trail of the Haitian Cross of Utu disappear in New Orleans, Sydney and Nigel go down on the bayou to find them.

Roman Holiday

Rome, 44 BC: An alchemist creates an impenetrable armor for Caesar. 2000: Sydney and Nigel are on a trip, so Claudia decides to help Sydney's friend Roger to find Caesar's armor.

Three Rivers to Cross

The famed Jade Empress is hidden in a valley that will be flooded when the Three Rivers Dam's flood gates are opened. Sydney's dad asks her to come to Hong Kong to find the statue.

Gypsy Jigsaw

Romania, 1830: The dying Romani king orders the crown to be hidden. 2000: Sydney receives a deck of rare Tarot cards a dead friend.

Fertile Ground

Sydney reunites with her high school sweetheart to track down a Hawaiian fertility idol in Madagascar.

The Legend of the Lost

Sydney and Nigel set out to find if the legend of the lost civilization in Africa is actually true.

Last of the Mochicas

On a search for a South American Mochica Indian relic of protection, Nigel and his colleagues get captured by local guerrillas, and it's up to Sydney to save them.

Dagger of Death

India, AD 500: A precious dagger is used in human sacrifices to goddess Kali. 2000: Dr. Terrace is in a maximum security prison for killing his assistant. The dagger compelled him and now Sydney must return it to its sheath in India.

The Put Back

Kuba, Africa AD 100: Worshippers of Woote curse his idol to protect it. 2000: Ross Crawford comes to Sydney, because he took the idol and the curse has accelerated his aging.