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Episode #4.8

Season 4. Justin discovers the truth about Brian's phony trip to Ibiza; Michael and Justin meet with a Hollywood producer about 'Rage;' Debbie has a heart-to-heart with Horvath.

Episode #4.7

Season 4. Brian is diagnosed with testicular cancer; Ted falls back into old habits; Debbie tries to make up for the awful things she said to Vic before his death.

Episode #4.6

Season 4. Michael and Justin receive an offer to turn 'Rage' into a live-action feature film; Ted delivers his letter of amends to Emmett; Debbie and Vic get into a heated argument that will change their lives; Brian receives shocking news.

Episode #4.5

Season 4. Ted accepts Brian's offer of a job; Cody takes Justin to the firing range; Melanie lends her support to the custody case after Ted helps her see what's important.

Episode #4.4

Season 4. Brian turns to Ted for help with his new agency; Justin and Cody take the Pink Posse to a violent level; a social worker's visit with Michael and Ben doesn't quite go as planned.

Episode #4.3

Season 4. Brian warns Justin about his involvement with Cody and the Pink Posse; Ted continues to push his friends away as he begins a new job; Vic and Rodney decide to move in together.

Episode #4.2

Season 4. Brian decides to start his own ad agency; Ted struggles to re-enter life after rehab; Emmett and Michael discover their "inner faerie"; Justin encourages a friend to fight back against his bashers.

Episode #4.1

In the fourth season opener, Brian is deeply in debt and faces giving up the lifestyle to which he's grown accustomed; Michael and Hunter return to Pittsburgh to face the custody hearing; Emmett visits Ted in rehab.