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Back to the Future (Not the Movie)

Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa

The Diffy's head home, but not before Phil and Keely share their first kiss.

Where's the Wizard?

Phil and Keely had better keep a fellow student out of military school, or he'll never meet his future wife and give birth to Barb!

Ill of the Future

Phil, Keely and Pim must work together to get Phil's Wizrd back after Lil' Danny Dawkins finds it and it ultimately falls into Vice Principal Hackett's hands.

Happy Nird-Day

When the Diffy's get a case of a futuristic disease called "Greenemia" which causes each of them to suffer total personality disorders, Lloyd calls for an immediate family shut in to try to shield their secret. However, Mr. Hackett's suspicions are once again raised and he tries to break into the Diffy's to unravel the truth while Keely goes on a date per Phil's advice.

Broadcast Blues

Phil is at a complete loss over what to do for Keely's birthday when all means of future technology are taken away in an attempt to salvage the Time Machine. Pim gets a crush on a new kid, Simon who's much like her.

Stuck in the Meddle with You

Keely is concerned when she realizes everyone watches her news reports just because she's cute.

Christmas Break

When Keely plays matchmaker with two nerdy class- mates, Grady & Grace, her plans veer off course when she learns that Grace actually has her eye on Phil! Meanwhile Pim has duped Hackett into believing that she is clairvoyant.

It's a Wonder-Phil Life

Phil reveals to Keely the truth behind how their paths crossed.

Phil of the Garage

Tired of keeping his secret a secret, Phil imagines what it would be like to tell the world that he's from the future. With all the hype and attention that ensues, he learns that telling all would risk his apecial friendship with Keely and opts to leave things as is. Pim attempts to cheat on a physical ed test with a muscle enhancing futuristic device and learns that cheaters never prosper.

Team Diffy

Phil gets the chance for some independence when an explosion in his room forces him to move in with Curtis in the garage.


Pim beats out Vice Principal Hackett to serve as Principal for a day and Phil and Keely must stop her before her big ideas get too out of control.

Good Phil Hunting

When Phil quietly solves one of Mr. Hackett's impossible math problems, Keely inadvertently blurts out the answer and is bumped to AP math. Phil gives assistance, on the QT, to help Keely out. Curtis helps Pim gives Candida a mega dose of static electricity.


When Phil & Keely babysit Mr. Messerschmitt's naughty 5 yr old nephew, Nathan, Phil resorts to using the New Ager to mature him which ages him up to 80! Phil in turn is inadvertently turned into a 5 year old and Keely is left to resolve the mayhem that ensues. Pim sets up a science project mecca in the Diffy's garage.

Mummy's Boy

Phil substitutes Curtis as a field trip chaperone when Mr. Hackett is too ill to escort their class to the museum. There, Phil retrieves a part needed to fix the Time Machine, Mission Impossible style while Keely and Owen sneak footage of an off limits exhibit. Barb tries to nurse Hackett back to health while Pim meets her match in school substitute, Ms. Mip and leaves Lil' Danny Dawkins smitten with her.

Time Release Capsule

When Lloyd realizes that Mr. Hackett's school Time Capsule is the key to returning the Diffy's to their future, he instructs Phil to place a warning note to stop them from taking their time travel vacation in the year 2121 (unaware that Barb's future self discards the very note!) Pim organizes a telethon with Lil' Danny's help and celebrity Ben Savage's support to save the school mascot, a rodent named Harvey Snifflekins.

Phil Without a Future

Phil takes a stand against the Career Placement Test that Mr. Messerschmitt is insisting on, out of fear of being trapped in a job that he's not suited for...whether in this century or his own. Pim takes a liking to anything that breeds authority and forms her own Pim Brigade with Lil' Danny as her trusty sidekick.

Get Ready to Go-Go

Phil is thrilled when Keely asks him to the upcoming dance but then breaks the news that his dad has fixed the Time Machine and he's going back to the future. The family plans change, but so have Keely's and she winds up taking Owen instead while Phil escorts Via. Pim conjures up a magazine hunk, Jake, with a little help from the Wizard in order to show up Candida. Lil' Danny keeps the party jumpin' as the night's DJ.

Tia, Via, or Me... Uh.

Phil tires of hangin' as Keely's new best girlfriend and instigates Olivia /"Via" to substitute instead. He soon realizes that hangin' with Owen isn't the same as with his pal Keely. Barb helps Pim decorate her room.

Dinner Time

The Diffy's try not to panic when they discover that Mr. Hackett has moved in next door. An attempt to throw a dinner party to show that they are an average American family goes awry when a vortex caused by a malfunctioning Time Crumpler causes mom and dad to disappear! Phil enlists the help of both Keely and Curtis while Pim sets out to sell the house.

The Giggle

When Phil uses the Giggle, an automated history book from the 22nd Century, to learn that he and Keely pass an upcoming exam, they fail to study and in turn fail the test thereby changing the course of their future. Pim uses Curtis to sneak her into an R-rated movie.

Versa Day

Phil takes Keely on a futuristic virtual date via the Virtu-Goggles where they meet a virtual robot, Robby, that she becomes smitten with. After Candida and her friends dis Pim, she sets out to join a cooler group of her own and finally concludes that she's above all.


When Phil and Pim demonstrate a lack of tolerance towards one another Mom and Dad force them to spend 24 hrs walking in each others shoes as the other. Lloyd insists Curtis get a job and ultimately joins him in working at Henrietta's local hardware store.

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