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The Phil of the Future Movie

Team Diffy

When family friend Andy Baxley (Guest Star Orlando Brown) turns up in Pickford while on vacation, the Diffy's immediately secure a ride home on his Time Machine. However, when Phil refuses to go along with Andy's pranks on the town Mayor, Andy takes off leaving the Diffy's still stuck in Pickford. Pim scrambles to recover the videotape she made with the help of Curtis that serves to insult the inferior 21st century student body of H.G. Wells!

Corner Pocket

Phil helps Keely stage a cheerleading event to impress her ultra pep squad mom, Mandy Teslow. Shortly into her fake performance, Keely admits that she didn't truly make the squad. Pim sets out to taunt Debbie with the one thing she doesn't like....raisins.

Milkin' It

Phil and Keely enter a science fair featuring next Century's "milk engine" sending Lloyd into a state of panic that the Diffy's will be discovered. With plans of a family exodus in motion, Phil and Keely sneak into the fair to retrieve the evidence so the Diffy's can remain in Pickford. Pim accidentally misplaces Barb's head and finds it at Lana's birthday party.

Double Trouble

Phil comes to Pim's aide when he learns she's being bullied only to encounter the bully's older brother, Myron an even bigger bully. With the use of their futuristic Invisi Spray, they overcome their troubles. Lloyd is busy trying to replace Mandy Teslow's lawn ornaments that Curtis decided to bring home.


Phil is smitten with a beauty named Alice and goes out of his way to impress her. However, when he escorts her to the Mayor's Ball, things go haywire as the malfunctioning Wizard randomly causes Phil and Curtis to switch personalities! Barb makes Pim take a Yoga class to learn to manage her contempt towards Debbie and the instructor is none other than...Berwick!

Age Before Beauty

Phil uses the New-Ager to age the Plumen Tree he and Keely grew for their science project sparking Keely's curiosity to use it on herself. When 25 yr. old Keely lands a date with a despondent Mr. Hackett, Phil ages himself to offer him some encouraging words of wisdom. Pim & Bradley are caught taking bribes in exchange for good reviews on their school news show.


Phil saves Halloween in this fictitious tale of Debbie Berwick.

We'll Fix It in Editing

Phil's passion for his school video project causes him to overlook Keely, Tia and Seth's feelings. When they all bail, Phil replicates himself and realizes his wrong- doings once he begins to dictate to himself. Pim is recruited to compete in a track meet as a result of her cheating in fast-walking during her PE class.

Doggie Day-Care

Phil and Keely start a Doggy Day Care service to make money for concert tickets. When cornered atop a doghouse, Phil uses the Wizard to translate Mad Max's viscous bark and learns that he's been lonely since his master went off to college. Keely learns that Max has run away the same night of the concert, and opts to look for him, challenging Phil to care enough to do the same. Phil realizes that it was not just a job after all, but a commitment to friendship, both Max & Keely's. Meanwhile, Pim fakes an injury in order to milk Debbie's willingness to wait on her hand and foot.

You Say Toe-Mato

Phil stalls with Keely in committing to stomp tomatoes at a local farm because he's embarrassed he has only 4 toes! Lloyd solves the dilemma with a falsie, but when Keely finds it floating in the tub, Phil decides to come clean about being from the future. Pim & Debbie have rival fundraisers on behalf of Mr. Hackett.

Future Jock

With the help of a futuristic gadget, the penny missile, Phil's suddenly got skills and decides to compete in the school's gymnastics tournament in order to impress Keely. Pim's impressed that her brother would do something as devious as her to get what he wants.

Future Tutor

Phil and Pim's 1st day of school in the 21st Century finds Phil demonstrating his math genius much to the admiration of popular girl, Keely, and Pim striking a rivalry with goody-two shoes Debbie Berwick in the name of becoming class chalk monitor!

Pheromonally Yours

When Southern Belle Marla is captivated by Phil's natural charm, he uses a futuristic DNA scrambler to make himself look deformed. That doesn't sway her, so Keely advises Phil to let her down easy. However, his written poem proves to be hard knocks when read aloud to the class at Marla's expense. Pim joins the orchestra and tries to sabotage Debbie's solo.

Daddy Dearest

Lloyd commits to performing American folk music at an assembly at Pickford High much to Phil and Pim's chagrin. After "Replicating" Lloyd, Phil and Pim teach him to be cool enough to perform but ultimately realize, their real dad is fine just the way he is. Barb takes Curtis to the dentist for a toothache.

My Way

Phil helps Keely overcome stagefright by shrinking himself to sit on the mic during her performance. Though her arch rival places first in the school's Star of the Future contest, Keely wins too, having successfully delivered her song even after Phil flies off the mic! Pim and Bradley co-parent a bag of flour.

Raging Bull

When Phil uses his Wizard to prevent a charging bull from running over Myron at a school dance, he must then zap Myron to keep him from revealing his secret! "A Weekend At Bernie's" romp ensues as Phil and Keely sneak Myron out of the dance and into the Diffy home to convince him that they were abducted by aliens! Pim enlists Curtis to play the role of "Dad" when Ms. Winston arrives for a parent conference.


Phil's poor penmanship lands him back in Miss Winston's 2nd grade class and in Tanner's hot seat to expose embarrassing moments. While there he is videotaped by a 2nd grader named Crash, unaware that he's Tanner's younger sibling. Pim's new found guilty conscience gets the best of her when she uses Debbie Berwick to cheat.

Phillin' In

Sibling rivalry comes into play when Phil and Pim are left home alone and Phil is in charge. In an effort to prevent Phil from receiving the afterburners he longs for if things run smoothly, Pim runs, well flies, away on the skyak. After crashing, Phil rescues her from a cliff and Pim realizes how much he cares. Lloyd and Barbara take an old fashioned "road trip."

Meet the Curtis

Phil uses the "insta morph" to duplicate the image of Keely's new crush.

Unification Day

Phil blows off the family's annual Unification Day celebration to attend a cool 11th grade party with Seth, Keely & Tia. The girls get in and the guys are only welcome if they can fix the backed up plumbing so Phil returns home and realizes that playing a traditional game of laser squash with Dad is truly more fulfilling. Pim's cheat on her home-ec assignment to make a home-cooked meal turns into a 400-pound Uni loaf!

Your Cheatin' Heart

When the Diffys find a Caveman who stowed away in their Time Machine, they agree to make him a part of the family. But after Curtis attacks Mr. Hackett at school, Lloyd decides he must go. Lloyd gets lost while scouting a new location but Curtis' instincts lead Phil and Keely directly to him. In turn, Lloyd brings Curtis back home. Pim attends Debbie's sleepover.