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Episode #2.36

Vanishing into the Cosmos

Mana, Angel of Love

Ryoma, Heart Ablaze

Ryoma VS Miroku

What I must do, only I know.

Target: Mana Anima

Lucy VS Yomi

Yomi, Assassin of the Underworld

Saving Mana

Mana's Hidden Truth

An Overwhelming Gap in Strength! Miroku Stands in the Way

The Beginning of the End

The Last Guardian

The Truth Behind Maso

Blackbeard's Plan

Killer Admiral Nevis

Pirate Queen Awilda's Last Stand

Tsukuyomi VS Tsukuyomi: Zero

The Moon's Eternal Dreamer

Hero of the Forest Robin Hood

Each of Their Feelings

The Eternal Endless Cycle

The Great Seer Nostradamus

The King of Terror

Even the Fortune Teller Is Baffled! Where's the Energy Point?

8min - Episode 11

The Singularity of All Creation

6min - Episode 10

A World with No Fighting

6min - Episode 9

CEO Madarame

6min - Episode 8

The Beautiful Angel's Steamy Case File

6min - Episode 7

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