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Episode #1.52

Strike Shot! An End and New Beginnings

Of Light and Flame

Karma, Light of War

Oraternative Memories

Ziggurat of Chaos

The Descent of Angels

World Ender Babel

An End to the Past

An Offering to Orochi

The Sun Sets on Orochi


Gather in Kaminohara!

Akira and Haruma

The Truth of K

In Darkness, Ryoma

The Imprisoned Lily

Death's Embrace

Ryoma VS Lucy

The Indomitable Dragon

The Flock of Bahamut

Blade Versus Gun

The Scarlet Shrine Maiden

Alice in a Mad Wonderland

Booya! Return to Shibuya

An Accidental Double Date

Assemble, Assault, and Assail

Nirvana, Inferno of War

Melodious Snow Bow

Dark Usurper Zeus

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