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Save the Warehouse

The Movers panic when they overhear Nina's moving to Hawaii.

Aloha Nina (1)

The Movers try to save the Warehouse from being demolished.

Scott and the Beanstalk

The Movers help a cowboy cross a canyon.


Warehouse Mouse is training to be a Mouse Scout, but at the last moment he gets cold feet.

Aloha Nina

The Movers must help a famous ballet duo prepare for their performance at the Town Theater.

Shall We Dance

Dave's machine goes awry, causing Rich and Mouse to switch bodies.

Scott and the Beanstalk (1)

The Movers are overrun by fuzzy creatures.

Mouse Scouts Clip Show

The Movers need to find a way to rescue Scott's teddy bear from a Giant at the top of a beanstalk.

How the West Was Fun

The Movers need to help Princess Dalia catch a unicorn.

Say Cheese

The Movers help a farmer to get his goat to give milk.

Nina's Day Off

The Movers help Nina take a break.

Award to the Wise

The Movers help Dave find something for which he can win a trophy.

Walkaway Walkie

The Movers have to find Dave's missing walkie talkie.

Snorey Morrie

Dave's uncle's snoring keeps the Movers from getting things done.

Haunted Halloween

The Movers need to help Carol, an Elf-in-training, pass her test so she can get her Elf bells and deliver presents Christmas Eve with Santa.


When Warehouse Mouse is convinced he's seen a ghost, the Movers must prove to Warehouse Mouse and themselves that the Warehouse isn't haunted on Halloween.

Fathers Know Best

When the Movers go looking for Hawaiian flowers, shells and fresh fruit for Hawaiian Day, they get stuck on a deserted island.

The Frog Prince

On Father's Day, the Movers' Dads come for a visit, but when they arrive at the Idea Warehouse, their Mover sons are gone. The Dads must find Warehouse Mouse so that they can read a note that the Movers left for them.

One Cool Mover (1)

The Movers must break the spell of an Evil Queen to turn a Prince named Jeremiah back into a frog.

Slam Dunk Solution

A cool biker named Clutch rumbles into the Idea CafŽ and the Movers have to help him get rid of the squeak in his motorcycle.

Wishful Thinking

The Movers install a basketball hoop in the Idea Warehouse and all the Movers can't wait to play basketball, except for Smitty, who makes up an excuse that he can't play because he has to water his plants.

One Cool Mover

A Genie named Al appears while Scott is cleaning an old brass oil lamp that he plans to give to Nina for her birthday. The Genie tells Scott he has three wishes, but when Scott tries to make a wish, Al discovers his wish granting power is out of wack.

The Idea Cafe

The Movers discover Bernie's Cafe has been packed into boxes because Bernie's retiring! While reminiscing about the good food and times they had at Bernie's, the movers decide they need to find a way to replace all the things they love about the cafe!

Goldilocks and the Four Movers

The Movers must help Goldilocks fix her friendship with the three bears. After they Brainstorm, Nina enters and suggests that Goldilocks and the Movers invite the bears to a picnic.