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Seeing Stars

Captain Kiddo comes from a long line of pirates, but he's not very good at being one. If he can't find a way to do something useful, he won't be allowed to go on his pirate ship anymore. The Movers try to think of a pirate activity Kiddo might be good at.

Mouse Day

Sir Fearsalot is charged with rescuing the Princess of his kingdom, who is being held by an evil Queen. To get there he must journey through the Scary Dark Forest. The Movers must find ways to help him not be afraid and save the princess!

The Tale of Captain Kiddo

While celebrating "Bright Idea Day," a holiday celebrated every year by great thinkers all around the globe, Warehouse Mouse wishes he had a holiday. Mouse creates the holiday "Mouse Day" and the Movers help him think up ideas of ways to celebrate.

Knight Time

Stanley Spillburger, the world famous movie director, starts filming his new movie tomorrow, but the star of the film has come down with chicken pox! The Movers help him find a new leading man for his movie.

Nina Gets the Giggles

Gunther the Great, the circus strongman, asks the Movers for help when he realizes that he is not as strong as he used to be!

Give Me Strength

Nina comes in carrying her harp for her first recital that night. She is very excited, but everytime she plays the harp she giggles! The movers must help her find a way to not giggle during her big recital.

Trouble in Paradise

Nina is going to Hawaii for her grandmother's 75th birthday party on the beach. Since her grandma loves it when the family celebrates "Hawaiian" style, Nina asks the Movers to help her figure out something to do for the party.


Dr. Flutter, a flustered scientist, who is in charge of the museum's new butterfly conservatory announces that one of the butterflies has escaped and flown into the Warehouse. She desperately needs the Mover's help to capture this rare butterfly.

Bye Bye Butterfly

Joey Giordano, the shortstop for the Sox, has a big playoff game, but his son's big birthday party is at the same time. It's impossible for Joey to be in two places at once, so the Movers try to come up with a solution.

Power Play

When the Movers realize they are using too much electricity, they try to figure out how to cut down on the amount of electricity they use so they don't run out of power.

Out of Tunes

T-Bone Crosby, the famous blues musician, comes to the Warehouse and explains that after years of writing songs, he seems to be out of ideas! Can the Movers help him come up with new songs to put on his CD?

Ace Mulligan

When the famous golfer Ace Mulligan loses his lucky golf hat and can't putt anymore, the Movers must find Ace another hat.

Tooth Fairy

A fill-in tooth fairy has to learn how to fill-in for the job. She's new and just started the night before, and is upset because all the kids that she went to retrieve teeth from woke up and she never had a chance to take the teeth or leave money.

Farmhouse Mouse

When Warehouse Mouse's cousin Farmhouse Mouse comes for vacation, they can't seem to find anything they have in common!

Muffin Man

Baker Ben Boudreaux, the Muffin Man comes to the Warehouse and has created a batch of perfect muffins. But he can't remember which special ingredient he used to make this batch and needs the Mover's help!

Snow Day

Nina goes to leave the Warehouse to take pictures for the evening paper. But when she opens the front door, snow completely fills the doorway! The Movers try several other exits, but there's a wall of snow.

Happy Ha-Ha Holidays

Santa Claus is supposed to be appearing at the mall up the street but his 'Ho-Ho-Ho' is not sounding right. Instead, Santa lets out a tiny, high-pitched 'he-he-he.' With a laugh like that he'll disappoint all the children.

Mouse and Home

The Movers help build Warehouse Mouse's new bed in the Warehouse, but when they go to put it inside the lair they realize the bed is WAY too big. Not wanting him to go back to his old bed, the Movers suggest Mouse move into the Think Tank.

A Fairy Tale Ending

The Movers must convince Cinderella to return home so she can have a happy, fairy tale ending.

A Monster Problem

It's Halloween and Eddie, a huge hulking monster, comes to the Movers. He doesn't want to scare people anymore. All he wants to do is eat candy, go trick-or-treating, and meet people, but he scares everybody!

Second Chance Pants

Pants Armstrong, the famous bicycle racer, limps in to the Warehouse with a broken bike and explains that he's just taken a bad spill. Dave repairs the broken bike, but Pants is reluctant to get back on, still rattled from his earlier spill.

Slip Slidin' Away

Dave waxes the entire Warehouse with his Super Sparkly Fantastic Floor Wax. The Warehouse looks great, but it's too slippery!


Warehouse Mouse is mousesitting his nephew Gouda, who won't stop crying. The Movers offer to help and realize they've got to figure out what's bothering Gouda.

It's a Mystery

When the Movers' snacks keep disappearing, they must solve the mystery and find out where their strawberry and broccoli has gone!

Captain Terrific

The Movers must help Captain Terrific regain his ability to fly.