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Episode 8: Den forbandede skat

16min - Frogs and one wormy fox won’t stop Elhadj Gaye, Anne-Sophie Girard and Guillaume Bats from seeking an evil duke’s loot at the Manor of the Chastenay.

Episode 7: Det forbandede slot

20min - Issa Doumbia plays chilling tricks on Fadily Camara and Laurie Peret in Château-l’Évêque amid strange noises and far too many dark staircases.

Episode 6: Giftmorderne på fortet

21min - At Louis XIV’s Fort Liberia, Jhon Rachid chats with the Sun King, Audrey Pirault locks herself in a cell, and Jeanfi Janssens visits a hospital.

Episode 5: De fordømte elskende

16min - Bérengère Krief, Monsieur Poulpe and Thomas VDB visit Château du Puymartin, where they cheer a sad spirit with visions of peace, light and hot dogs.

Episode 4: Den hjemsøgte krypt

22min - Tania Dutel trades pranks with Jason Brokerss and Hakim Jemili at Château de Fougeret. It's all good fun until a board game gets seriously scary.

Episode 3: Det forladte hospital

22min - In a bleak Charente-Maritime hospital, Lola Dubini strums a ghostly tune as Djimo and Noom Diawara run from rats and romp with a little spirit.

Episode 2: Den Hvide Dame

24min - Natoo joins Mcfly & Carlito at Château d'Esquelbecq, which is known for its White Lady ghost. But where is she? In a coffin? Taking a bath, perhaps?

Episode 1: Det forladte kloster

24min - At the remote Val Monastery, Ornella Fleury finds a horrifying room, Alban Ivanov recites Latin, and Ahmed Sylla screams and screams. Bonus: a wolf.