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Episode 8: Avsnitt 8

46min - Eric's arrest leads Marcella to Gail's workplace, where she makes a dreadful discovery about Joel. Under hypnosis, Marcella remembers Juliet's death.

Episode 7: Avsnitt 7

44min - After learning why Nigel lied, the police launch a rescue operation. When KidsCall is linked to another body, Marcella figures out the killer's motive.

Episode 6: Avsnitt 6

46min - A lineup leads to the arrest of a suspect, who drops a bombshell on Marcella. A confession letter arrives. Marcella develops a new theory on the killer.

Episode 5: Avsnitt 5

46min - The blue lorry's tachograph allows police to home in on the area where Adam was held captive. Caregiver Gail receives a message from her patient Joel.

Episode 4: Avsnitt 4

45min - Marcella links a teen's disappearance to Reg Reynolds and recovers a shocking memory from her last blackout. A vengeful Dawkins targets Marcella's son.

Episode 3: Avsnitt 3

46min - Phil Dawkins's address is leaked to the press. Jason makes an announcement that spurs Marcella to see a hypnotherapist. The killer's captive escapes.

Episode 2: Avsnitt 2

46min - Marcella learns pedophile Phil Dawkins is linked to senile rocker Reg Reynolds. A second body is found. Leo's postmortem turns up an eerie discovery.

Episode 1: Avsnitt 1

46min - A gruesome find inside the wall of a flat opens an old wound in Marcella's son. After learning of Marcella's blackouts, Jason issues an ultimatum.