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Episode 10: Must/Can't

50min - The group finds itself in a climactic showdown in their last-ditch effort to root out El Coco. Gripping conclusion to Stephen King's horror-mystery.

Episode 9: Tigers And Bears

49min - As Claude struggles to deal with the weight of his role, the group considers their next move.

Episode 8: Foxhead

54min - Sensing something ominous is afoot, Claude reaches out to his brother. Determined to thwart the force's next kill, Holly and co follow him.

Episode 7: In the Pines, In the Pine

46min - Holly tries to help Jack. But Ralph and Alec are tracking their whereabouts.

Episode 6: The One About the the Yiddish Vampire

55min - Holly gets a mixed response as she shares her theory about the link between the Peterson case and the two other child murders.

Episode 5: The Tea Drinker

50min - Holly desperately hunts for clues connected to the Dayton case. Meanwhile, Jeannie gives Ralph an ominous warning.

Episode 4: Que Viene El Coco

55min - Holly digs into an eerily similar case, Meanwhile, Jack's behaviour grows even more erratic.

Episode 3: Dark Uncle

56min - Confounded by the conflicting evidence, Ralph contacts unorthodox PI Holly Gibney, who promises to bring fresh a perspective to the case.

Episode 2: Roanoke

53min - Detective Hoskins returns to work after a tragedy throws Ralph's investigation into a tailspin. A girl claims to be visited by a strange man at night.

Episode 1: Fish in a Barrel

57min - A detective digs into a grisly murder but is stumped by the suspect's cast-iron alibi. Chilling Stephen King adaptation with Ben Mendelsohn.