Episode 101: Season 15 First Look

1min - Here is the first look of the final season of Criminal Minds.

And in the End

41min - Rossi develops some new theories about Everett Lynch, aka The Chameleon.

Face Off

41min - Rossi develops some new theories about Everett Lynch, aka The Chameleon.

Family Tree

40min - The BAU travels to Texas to investigate the murders of a series of businessmen.


41min - The BAU team travels to Denver to investigate several murders.

Date Night

41min - After a father and daughter get kidnapped, a former foe returns with very specific demands.


38min - The BAU team travels to Illinois to investigate what appears to be a copycat serial killer.


41min - The team members enjoy a Saturday off in vastly different ways; Garcia leads a hacking competition.

Spectator Slowing

39min - The BAU team investigates a series of fatal explosions throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.


39min - The team searches for Everett Lynch and his daughter; Spencer visits with his mother.

Under the Skin

41min - The team investigates an unsub with striking similarities to "The Chameleon."

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