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Mala Sangre

Sayer's endgame is revealed and Tony's relationships change forever in the series finale.

Dead Dreaming in Bagan

Tony ends up behind enemy lines and the locals must help uncover Sayer's plan. Meanwhile, Annie attempts to find Tony, and Galan deals with the consequences of his confrontation with Reyna Flores.

Riot 'Til I Die

Galan delivers a personal package to Sayer and Tony must make a dangerous decision.

Night of the Whale

Tony and Galan reach common ground over a body in the trunk. Meanwhile, the CIA reach out to Sayer, hoping to thwart his plan.

The Anguish of Rosarito

Matador and Galan are at odds after Samuel uncovers Tony's past. Meanwhile, Dr. Lucien Sayer's secret is discovered by the CIA.

Everything Old Is New Again

Tony and Annie are on a manhunt to find whomever stole data from the medi-spa while Samuel dives deeper into Tony's backstory.

Mano A Mano


Tony is asked to deliver a package and is followed by Reyna. Meanwhile, the CIA rescues an anthropology professor with knowledge about the pre-Olmec civilizations.

Enter the Worm

Tony gets caught up with a drug cartel leader in Nicaragua.

Code Red Card

Tony's appearance on LA Riot is compromised when Senna ends up in trouble. Meanwhile, Annie and Noah find out more information on Galan.

Idol Worship

Tony accompanies Margot to an auction, where he bonds with Galan. Meanwhile, reporter Reyna Flores investigates Tony.

The Naked and the Dead

The team tracks a hired assassin called the Apothecary in order to retrieve codes stolen from Gideon Khan's tablet.

Quid Go Pro

DEA agent Tony Bravo is recruited to investigate the L.A. Riot soccer team by going undercover as one of the players.