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And in the End

49min - Frankie comes to Dylan's aid after he winds up in hospital. Meanwhile, Lewis decides to start over and applies for his driver's licence. Charlie and Julia go out together, leaving Simone at home with Toby. Frankie and Lewis confront their true feelings about each other and contemplate their future.

Running with Crabs

47min - Now living with Di, Frankie plunges herself back into her art as a means to dealing with her separation from Lewis. Meanwhile, Lewis suffers a dangerous relapse. Julia shares a wild girls night out with her sister Simone, who tells her one of her biggest secrets.

Cars Without Brakes

48min - Frankie takes the rap for Lewis' car accident and loses her licence in the process, pushing their marriage to breaking point. Dylan gets involved in internet drag sites. Tom's continued social antics frustrate his family and Billie. Julia and Charlie get a difficult houseguest.

The Cemetery Gates

47min - Dylan explores his newfound freedom by taking a walk on the wildside. Tess and Lewis take off in search of the - now missing - Dylan and form an unexpected bond. Frankie finally meets her father and Tom and Billie continue their flirtation.

Together Apart

46min - Charlie and Julia's get a surprise when Tom comes to their dinner with Simone. Dylan confronts Tom about his feelings for Tom. Lewis is trying to lower his debts. Caroline is all stressed out, and is breaking down.

Say What You Mean

48min - Julia and her estranged sister Simone share a surprise encounter. Frankie is overwhelmed by her hew job and horrified when she discovers how much financial debt Lewis is in. While celebrating his birthday, Gerry makes a surprise announcement. Dylan and Tom bond over restaurant work and staff parties.

Cold Blooded Creatures

48min - Tom moves back to Sydney with a new lease on life, a new job and a new love interest. Frankie and Lewis are at odds after suffering a traumatic loss. Frankie starts a new job and embarks on a secret search for her long lost father. On Lewis' advice, Dylan explores the geography of teenage sexuality.

I'm the King of the Castle

50min - Lewis and Frankie move into their new home and are confronted by a shocking twist of fate.Tess and Caroline have trouble adjusting to Sydney life. Julia and Charlie finally find the house of their dreams and Tom's trip back to the US takes an unexpected turn.